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Steve Herschbach

Minelab Equinox - The Best All Around Detector I Have Ever Used!

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Right now the only thing I can't do with it is USE IT !!!  But I'm pretty sure I will survive until it gets here. If Steve is excited about it then I'm nearly apoplectic.

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2 hours ago, Mountain Mike said:

Steve made a comment that I have been wondering about for a while. The EQ is so good that it actually surprised Minelab. I have been wondering about this. Obviously Minelab has realized that they could have easily priced this detector at $1500 and still would be sold out with preorders. People say "Obviously Minelab wouldn't put out a $900 detector that would obsolete their high end treasure machines". I am wondering if they have but only by accident. By all accounts this detector is really good and probably shouldn't be $900. Or is it just  that technology gets cheaper every year (cell phones, tvs, computers, etc) and Minelab is just getting ahead of the competition. Maybe Minelab has an idea of what other manufacturers are working on and the new trend will be excellent treasure machines under $1000. At this point I think there is a possibility they accidently made it to good and I'm gonna get one while I can. I do worry that they are going to overprice the extra coils now that they realize the EQ has become a monster. We will all know soon enough.

I think your right. I also think it's the nature of technology for example a laptop last year with the best Intel i7 process was on performance consider high end and in computers in the 1000 range. Now 1 yr later from a performance stand point of just the cpu. The new Intel i5 8250 "mid range " not high-end out performs last year's high-end but is found in laptops sub $600 range. So when we talk about performance it's very reasonable the new multi iq can indeed out perform older VLf  or even FBS why well even the ctx is using FBS 2 that is 6 yr old tech that's a lifetime in the tech world. Also look at the AT series the gti2500 was Garrett flagship but at 599 AT pro was a better machine less bells and whistles but in the end it was faster lighter and just better.  So just like minelab seems to do when they say it's new and a gamer changer it usually is. 

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There is really nothing I can add of value to this thread that hasn't already been said, and even more true... nothing that could be added past Steve's opening post.  He said it all with resonance to us all.

Having said that... I will add a few of my own comments because this is a forum afterall and usually even things not needing to be said... are said anyway ;)

This forum is called the Minelab Equinox Fan Club.  And Mr. Herschbach opened this forum early on by self proclaiming himself an Equinox Fan Boy.. even before he made it official that he was a part of the design and testing team with an Equinox in hand.   I have followed Steve's posts on many other forums in the past and it wasn't long before I knew that when I saw that icon of Steve hunting against a blue sky... I was getting an honest and experienced opinion on whichever topic he was posting about.  I am confident if I posted a question on Detector Prospector about a Radio Shack detector from the mid 70's, I would get a comment from Steve on how he would approach setting up... and even more importantly (and why I trust his comments so much)... not how I should set it up... but how he would approach it, and what he looks for in the machines response, and what that might tell him.... and then tell me to go out and dig targets to learn what the machine is telling me.  (That has actually happened a few different times.. ;)).  When Steve says the Equinox is the best all-around detector he has ever used, I trust that comment.

So, I am coming out and officially declaring myself a Steve Herschbach Fan Boy. 

This is an Equinox forum, so I will say that I can't wait to have the E800 in my hands and understand why Steve calls it the best all around detector he has ever used... and hope to make the same claim very soon.

Thank you Steve, for all you do for detecting and your loyal followers.



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Looking forward to getting my E800 and appreciate the opportunity to read and learn behind you Steve. Question if you don't mind...My E-trac and CTX3030 runs good in auto ground tracking. Since the NOX default for detecting coins in an old park is manual GB, have you noticed much of a difference between manual and auto GB? I've always heard that a little positive GB in manual can get a little more depth. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

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Nothing much beyond what I posted above. To me presets don't mean much. The preset for Gold Mode is ground tracking, and generally the first thing I am going to do is go to manual, ground balance slightly positive, and get too it. The thing about Equinox is that it is dangerous to assume old ways apply... my GPZ 7000 for instance almost never leaves auto ground track mode. Ground tracking to me is more an efficiency thing for variable ground, but when the ground is relatively homogenous I personally still prefer manual.

I have used ground tracking while park hunting a couple times, and it seemed to work just fine. It's something I will have to build confidence in over time as to when and when not to apply it.

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23 hours ago, Skate said:

I just sold my Surf PI and I'm down to my excal II and my xp deus. If the Equinox works out for me as I hope I will sell one of the two and purchase a second equinox as a back up machine. I envision a day when I can have an equinox in both automobiles so I can be ready to detect whenever the opportunity arises. 


I envision the day when you can have an Equinox in each hand!

You were an easy target. I couldn't resist. (Maybe someone beat me to it.)


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21 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

Holy crap Steve.  If your words of wisdom have not started a new frenzy of late EQ sales, I honestly don't know what will.  Funny how I had 2 calls and 3 emails this evening...but I did not answer them as the Super Bowl was airing.

Now there is a way to make a bigger splash for next year, a commercial during the Super Bowl showing you using the new Minelab CSI  (Clear Screen Imagery). How has it been working out so far and do you think "seeing the actual target on the display screen" worth the upgrade and price.  I was told $2500+.  I don't care if they offer it for $5000, I'm in.


I'm a few steps ahead of you.  I know there is going to be a virtual detecting 'game' and real finds by way of using Google Earth.  You'll be able to take your detector and go to anywhere in the world.  It will already be scanned to a depth of 6 feet or so and you can find the minerals on your computer.

News flash ... you can now make finds with your Smart Phone.  The vocabulary has not been invented yet to describe the thrill of this type of virtual detecting.  And the beach finds ... you get the idea.


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    • By Walter S. Fowler
      Just throwing this out in case anyone else has had this problem or for future reference.in case anyone has it in the future.  I bought my Equinox 800 in April 2018 and it has been great with no problems until  a month ago. I started getting problems ground balancing and getting very different ground balancing numbers even over the same ground.  I tried factory reset but didn't help .  Also, it didn't always have the problem. I called Minelab and they had me send control pod and 11" coil to their service center in PA. in early June as it was under warranty.  (thankfully). After getting message they had it and processing might be delayed due to Colvid-19 issues I finally heard back from them July 7.  They indicated "after much testing the unit has begun showing issues.  However, the issue is very sporadic and does it when it decides too.  The issue is a ground balance issue. When trying to ground balance the unit it will ground balance correctly.  The unit will be wildly off in the 80's.  Next it will ground bale to 0, all in the same location of a couple of feet. The difficulty of pin pointing it however is that it seems to do it even when replacing an item.  Our test coil will experience the same issue on the customer's pod.  The I tried the customer's coil on our control pod and will experience the issue again.  I have done factory resets and reloaded the latest firmware to insure it was not just a software problem. Out of an abundance of caution, I strongly recommend the replacement of both the coil and the control pod.   NOTE: There will be a delay on the control pod as there are parts difficulties due to Covid-19. Once art is received  we will update the ticket and return the unit to the customer."  This all was very weird.  I recontacted Minelab about what the new timeframe might be for getting my detector back and why I just couldn't have them send me a brand new detector(minus wireless headphones] .  No response back as yet.  
    • By CmonNow
      Found a 1926-D Mercury dime and a 1908 Barber dime today. Just about passed out from heat stroke in the process, but I got 'em.

      They were about eight feet apart and both about four inches under the surface. The Merc is in pretty good shape. It rang up 25-26 on the Equinox.  The Barber is more worn and has a gouge in the rim on the lower right in the pic.  That one rang a little higher at 26-27.

      Also found a very green 1936 Wheatie about a foot from the Barber dime.

    • By Dances With Doves
      In my now bone  dry ground I buried this target at  about 3inches,maybe a tad more.With the earring  lying flat on the ground and the post facing me I might get a weak signal one way but it is so  soft and not   repeatable that it would be hard to hunt this way with the GMX and 4by6 coil.It is hard also to  tell it from a false  signal.This coil with the cover on is a fail for me in this test.The earring is 10k at 2.8 grains.
    • By Argyris
      Hey guys,
      I've been using my Nox 800 underwater (salt water) for some days now (7 underwater hunts total, about 2 hours each), and thought I could share some first results, plus give a nice and cheap alternative to the minelab yellow headphones for underwater use if anyone interested.
      My first ever snorkel-dive with Nox in my usual pebble beach was by using just the speaker (no headphones) with my head submerged, and as expected, I soon realized that this wasn't enough...even with my head underwater was very difficult to hear through the speaker due to extremely low volume even in calm sea...(however, as already posted in my first topic in the forum, I was still able to get my first whote gold ring with Nox using just the speaker 🙂). Anyway, in my second hunt I bought the Minelab's yellows, but to my experience with them, again I wasn't able to hear the signals good enough underwater due to their low vol especially after some minutes underwater when the soft earpads and the space between was geting full of water. Furthermore, the yellows are huge headphones and I need to be more descret in my beaches this time of year. In my last hunts however, I tried something different and wanted to share my experience...I bought a pair of 100% waterproof and submersible swimming in-ear headphones especially designed for swimming and watersports that had some quite good reviews from athletes around... the product is the "H2O Surge+ waterpoof headphones" (company is "H2O") and bought them for $40 through Amazon...(arrived from amazon UK). Well guys, in my last underwater hunts with them, my experience is tremendously good....their sound quality underwater and their volume is honestly out of this world, and I'm not kidding...especially when comparing to Minelab's yellows. Volume is high enough to hear even the tinniest faint signal and you feel the tone inside your ear like hell... their earplugs completelly seal the external sounds also, and their sound-tones & bass quality is very immpresive for such a small pair of headphones. These small earbuds come with a 3.6ft straight cord so at least for me were comfortable enough while snorkelling and still able to leave the Nox in the bottom (chest depth max) while relaxing in the surface with my mask waiting for the "recovery fog" to leave. Their speakers are 100% waterpoof (IPX8 rating) and can be submerged to 3.5m depth no prob. The company states that maybe sometimes they need equalization (blowing air inside them) but sinnce now I didn't need it. However the cord is thin so you mast be carefull not to stretch it, and if you feel to you can make an easy mod to seal the hole-plug of the Nox where they are inserted (I made a simple yet effective mod by drilling a small hall to the original plastic protective threaded plug of the nox, and used 2 perfect fit o-rings inside to seal the 3.5mm jack connection while screwing the plastic plug...you already know that the nox is waterproof in that point also, but better safe than sorry and made the extra mile to seal it better). As already stated, the H2O earbuds are designed for athletes (especially designed for swimming and watersports) and come 5 sets of earplugs to fit perfectly in every ear...in my ears they fit so nice and they completely seal external sounds and water from my ear canal. Don't wanna say much more about them, and waiting to see how they handle overtime, but as for now I'm totally impressed with them and their volume and sound quality, and my finds went immediatelly up.
      Furthermore, In fear of flooding the Nox in the future as many other members experienced, and in order to make it more usable underwater while snorkelling, I made some extra mods. I totally water-sealed the machine by: a) using silicon paste inside the battery compartment inside the handle (removable if needed but should be a pain to remove)...b) used marine epoxy paste to seal the control box and screen perimeter where the plastic parts join together, and also sealed the point that the control pad meets the handle (critical point there).... c) completelly sealed and eliminated the external speaker (will never use it anyway)...d) made a custom shaft by modifying the original lower shaft to shorten it and also drilled a small drain hole near the bottom...I know I may void the warranty with my mods, but took the risk and now I'm using the machine underwater with piece of mind.
      Results: As already said, I have used my Nox underwater for 7 hunts till now...about 2 hours each. Attached some photos of the finds. In these +/- 14 hours I have:
      - 4 gold rings: All are solid gold (14k & 9k the smallest one), except the large and heavy one wich is bi-metal silver with 14k gold piece on top. (ps. the top white 14k gold ring with small diamonds is the one I posted some days ago)
      - 1 crusifix (silver with gold Christ) 
      - Almost €22 in change
      - 82(!) old clad coins (all are pre-euro drachmas..no worth unfortunatelly, but yeap 82 of them in these 14 hours)
      - Good amount of lead sinkers (including some huge ones)
      - 2 spoons, 3 keys, a jank pin jewel piece, a junk watch, and a live HXP-95 military cartridge (strange to find it underwater though..!)
      - Aluminum junk: MINIMUM!..we're talking almost no junk comparing to dry hunt!!! I think I gonna love this underwater thing!!!!! 😄
      Ps. My Nox settings if someone's interested are: Beach 2, Recovery @5, Iron Bias F2@0 , 2 tones only (pitch 1 for iron / pitch 23 for non-fe), notch only -9 to -7 to avoid ground/ceramic rocks underwater (all other is open and able to hear iron from -6 to 0 in low vol pitch 1), tone break @0, sensitivity @17, GB manual by pumping sideways (have uneven bottom), no threshold.
      That's all 🙂
      Happy hunting everyone!

    • By Kaolin washer
      its just an old brass shotgun shell , but if you knew how hammered this spot is you would be impressed to . Took the 600 and small coil out to iron hill and nver exepted it to pull another target out of this pounded spot but it did, i was using the 6" coil and had it in park 1 sweep speed 3, and 0 iron bias , all metal and you get low and high tones of the ends of the cut nails but only in one derection. wel in the mist of this mayhem i got a mid tone but was weak in one derection but becuase it seems more solid i dug it and from 6" down comes a very old brass shot shell . wich blew me away because ive hit this spot so hard its a grassy ovel about 30ft long and 25 ft wide just amazed

    • By PPP
      HI Guys!
      I know it's comparison apples with oranges but was curious about depth in mild ground between these two machines.I know in mineralized ground ATX is deeper than Equinox,thats for sure.I'm going to hunt a lake with no mineralized ground and in this condition I will know which detector is deeper.Any tips???
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