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Wow, I`m in OZ an old fella and I can tell you that comprehensive data you are saving will be worth its weight in gold as you age. Just blows me away to see what a massive tool all this technology can be. WTG

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I will have to try and find out how much if any lidar Australia has run.   I know New Zealand has a good bit, but i havent attempted to play with any of theirs.  

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Where'd you get the lidar pics to overlay?

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I make them.  The raw data is generally out there for free, but you have to have the right programs and knowledge to be able to turn the raw data into something useful.  Took me about 2 years to figure it out and im still refining it and learning better ways to do things.  

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13 hours ago, Norvic said:

Yeah, save you some time Lidar coverage of OZ has been carried out from 2001. 

Eg.  https://ecat.ga.gov.au/geonetwork/srv/eng/catalog.search?node=srv#/metadata/89644

I've been looking for coverage of the Victorian Goldfields for ages but haven't found any available publicly. I had been watching a doco on people surveying South America years ago and thought it would be a great tool to use. 

Many need to get a few people together and fund some private surveying 

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6 hours ago, SteelPhase said:

Many need to get a few people together and fund some private surveying 



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