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Hello, Can anyone tell me if this is a meteorite? It is the first “possible” meteorite I have found, so excuse me if this sounds somewhat ignorant.

I found it on the coast in DownEast, Maine. I did the only tests I know of, which are magnet and porcelain; it is magnetic and does not mark unglazed porcelain. It weighs 6.5 oz. Help.

Thank you for your input!









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Only way to know for sure, is to cut a small piece off and send to a place that can tell for sure.  Good luck, you might have a good one.

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Not that I am a meteorite expert but I am not seeing any reason why this would be a suspect meteorite. Zero sign of a fusion crust, just looks like a common rock to me.

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save your money...I don't see any indication of it being a meteorite.

You might grind down an edge to check for chondules and nickel flecks...

not likely


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I don't know much about rocks from deep within the earth, but that looks like a garnet-rich rock from the lower crust or upper mantle.

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Thank you all for your help.

It turns out that it is just a nasty old rock. I figured it out when I found another one on the beach today. Oh well, I’ll keep trying!

Thanks again.

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Oldmancoyote may have a point, does look a bit like eclogite


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    • By nordic
      Perhaps not enough information, but how does it look to you?
      It's about 15mm in size.
      Thanks in advance

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      https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?sea=Spain&sfor=places&ants=&nwas=&falls=&valids=&stype=contains&lrec=50&map=ge&browse=&country=All&srt=name&categ=All&mblist=All&rect=&phot=&strewn=&snew=0&pnt=Normal table&code=16715
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      Hello all,
      My soon-to-be-fiancée and I are heading to Arizona in a few weeks. She's a Science teacher and loves ALL things space. I want to take her meteorite hunting but have NO clue where to start. For the folks whose ever been to Holbrook, I have a few questions:
      1. Are there metal detector rental places nearby? We're flying in from Florida so I'd like to purchase/rent when we get there.
      2. If we drive into Holbrook, are there maps telling you where to go hunt? I'll continue to look for GPS coordinates before I go. I've read folks talking about railroad tracks...
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      My son had his first official hunt today on some private property in New Mexico. He was looking for old coins with the whites sst I gave him earlier this year, no coins but he dug this 9 1/2 ounce possible meteorite about 10 inches down. My son said a two pound confirmed meteorite was found very nearby fairly recently that looks exactly the same. 
      My son said the detector just screamed when the coil went over it.

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      Make them into swords? Turn down your volume, kinda loud....
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      I went to Gold Basin with the IDEA of finding gold.  That proved futile so I went back to a couple of places where I've found meteorites.  I managed to eek out a couple (10g partial sunbaker and 2.7g from near the helicopter pad) before I headed home via Franconia on Thursday morning.

      This is the patina you expect on a sunbaker meteorite.  I haven't cleaned it and I'll let this one stay with the little bit of dirt.  I heard it but didn't see it before I scooped it.  I also didn't have my camera with me to take a picture.
      I have not been in Franconia with the 7000 since it came out.  On that trip I got a couple of nice chondrites and about 20 irons.  The picture and story won Minelab find of the month.  I was hoping for a repeat but I also wanted to target a different area.  Part of that plan worked and part didn't.  The first half of the walk I didn't find any irons and found one deep target that is not a meteorite even tho I've found a meteorite there at a similar depth.  Here are the beginning panoramas for Franconia.

      It was a good 'second half' of the trip because I swung down to where the irons fell and found a few on the patina patches I had missed before.  They are not very big but they sound off really good. 

      Beginning at 1 o'clock on the dime and going to 12 the ten meteorites are: .06, .06, .07, .07, .10, .18, ,25, ,28, .32, and .34 grams.

      Just like gold the meteorites in Franconia are harder to find!
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