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My Nugget Detecting Kit

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Don't forget the HIP STICK made by Chris Porter!! This will save your back. I have used it in Alaska,

England, and the States and swear by it. I couldn't detect with out it!!

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  • Nice post. I was out prospecting a local river this weekend and actually had my Canon camera out and in my hand, ready to go. I noticed a large bird swooping across the river, thought it was just a vulture, until I saw the white tail feathers and realized I had just missed a bald eagle shot.
  • Is that the waterproof orange Garrett pinpointer? Any advantage to a waterproof pinpointer in the dry desert?

      -Tom V.

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Hi Ivan,

The number one difference for me from my days in Alaska is how close I can get to most stuff with my 4-Runner. In Nevada I am often parked 5 minutes away!! But I do like to go on walkabouts and the program there is to go that way for a couple hours before looping back to my vehicle so I often get a couple hours detecting distance from the rig. But that is swinging the detector. Actual distance would almost never be more than a couple miles from my truck.

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Great post, Steve.

My set up is very much like yours but after seeing some of your kit I will add some things to mine. Thank you!

I don't pack my pin pointer when prospecting as the SDC, with it's small coil, pin points very well. It would have come in handy this past weekend though so I may have to start bringing it. Not for nuggets, but for the relics around the old mining camps using the Nokta. I would imagine it must help with the 7000 and it's large coil?



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Hi Steve,


I like the hydro pack you wear.

It is pretty hard to find an outfit that will sell just one.

Any suggestions?




* Added Nov. 27th: I finally was able to bag one from a place

that agreed to sell me just one.

It is a well made, well thought out pack.

I'm happy.

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