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Well This Is Not Good!

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And he had explosives!?!

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All I can say is what was that man thinking.

I hope he gets some serious time for his destruction of such a place of importance.


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There is nothing to say for me, as all used words won't be family friendly. 🤬

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He's clearly an idiot for metal detecting on a STONE AGE site, that dates from about 3000 BC, all he's going to find is modern rubbish.
And regarding the 'unlicenced explosives' : Salisbury Plain was ( and still is ) used by the military as a training ground. My guess is he's dug up a live round of some kind, anything from WW2 vintage .303 or .500 calibre through to modern stuff. And instead of re-burying it deeper for simplicity/safety, he's stuck it in his pocket with the ringpulls and bottle tops left by the tourists.
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1 hour ago, PimentoUK said:

He's clearly an idiot for metal detecting on a STONE AGE site, that dates from about 3000 BC, all he's going to find is modern rubbish.


Persons in England and Europe detect "Stone Age sites" all the time.   It's just that *some* are sensitive protected historical sites, and others aren't.  


And I got a chuckle out of the idea that he'd just be getting tourist junk anyhow.   Haha.  Because, yes :  There's lots of tourists that visit this particular site, right ?  Hence bottle caps & pulltabs.    But if you talk to the hardcore guys that hit the farmer's fields of England and Europe (where stone age to Roman era villas once stood) they will tell you that they can some times go ALL DAY and not find any modern object Ie.:  no pulltabs or bottle caps or modern coins.   


Thus , yes, this guy is a Rookie for his ability to choose which sites to hit !  🤣


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Quote:"Persons in England and Europe detect "Stone Age sites" all the time"

You're missing my point...
If you have a METAL detector, you're going to take it to a place where there is metal to be found. Assuming you have total disregard for any rules/restrictions/trespass/theft laws like this fool, you're going to aim for "Site of Roman Villa" / "medieval Fort" / "Abandoned Saxon Village" / "Civil War camp" / "Ruined Castle" etc , and the last place you would choose is a 5000+ year old temple that PRE-DATES the use of metal objects by a few thousand years.

And if you weren't familiar with my postings, I called myself Pimento UK to draw attention to the fact I'm in The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


And regarding the modern detritus, it's been a popular tourist site for a long time, but since the 1960's there's been huge festivals, hippy gatherings to celebrate solstices, and all manner of anarchist/anti-establishment groups seem drawn to the place.

See here, for example:









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The guy in the article seems to fit in with so many these days only interested in #1... historic sites are typically protected in every country afaik.

That said , The site was built before metal was much in use but that doesn't take into account who might have been there since and what might have been buried/lost since then.  (as in the links posted)  

I'm hoping the guy had a cheapo detector though cuz the authorities probably kept it !  😛

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11 hours ago, PimentoUK said:

....., and the last place you would choose is a 5000+ year old temple that PRE-DATES the use of metal objects by a few thousand years.....


Thanx PimentoUK .  Now I understand.

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