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Some Old Rusties


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  • strick changed the title to Some Old Rusties

That is some good relics there. Nice clean up.

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Reverse electrolysis works well on iron. I have plumbers wrenches similar to the one you found. They used to have nice wood handles.

Great stuff.

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I'm pretty sure that adjustable wrench was not intended for plumbing. The jaws are flat for machine bolts.

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My brother was up in Oregon a few weeks ago and seen some of these wrenches in an antique shop...yep they had a nice wood handle. I used to pass up the big iron sounding stuff but now at least dig to see what it is...everything tells a story about the place you are hunting and I’m learning to stop and smell the roses a little...it’s not all about finding silver and gold. 


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3 hours ago, strick said:

...Everything tells a story about the place you are hunting and I’m learning to stop and smell the roses a little...it’s not all about finding silver and gold.

It also tells me a lot about when a site was inhabited/used and what other finds might be lurking within coil range.  Most people get annoyed finding ring-and-beavertail pulltabs.  I relish seeing them (well, at least the first one :unsure:).  ==> 1975 or earlier and I'm getting close to the silver coin era.  Just found one yesterday (in the 4th hour of a hunt).  I was at an older site but one which had been extentensively reworked, meaning dirt moved around and thus piled on top of the 'paydirt'.  The R&B pulltab told me I had found a spot which hadn't been covered over and that I should spend more time there.

But I understand your point.  For many this hobby/endeavor involves history and those old relics remind us and teach us about that.  Good stuff, strick.

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Thanks this was my first time trying the vinegar bath method..have used electrolysis as well....I'm not sure what works better thinking electrolysis maybe ...I still have to wire brush these off when I get time. 


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  • Similar Content

    • By Tometusns
      I decided to get the old map out and find some farm houses that have long since disappeared. Took a little while at each one to locate where the house was but I got a couple good finds. My first artillery eagle  button and a sterling US Navy ring.

    • By strick
      I was trying to find my doctor Scholl's foot insert for a for f350's thred and had to empty my box of junk to find it..only one silver out of all these...couple are engraved. One with the USS Maine. Was fun going through them. 

    • By F350Platinum
      Last night It was warm so I took my off road mower out across the fields to the racetrack farmhouse. It's about a mile and a half from my house, and I don't have to drive on public roads to get there.
      Headed up there this morning, it was a beautiful day. Got up to 74 today, Indian summer in the mid Atlantic. This is the place that had the long grass from two posts ago. Because the grass was so high I knew that if I cut it down I would find more, and as usual I was not disappointed. I cut it to 4.75 in. because I feared there would be obstacles for the mower, luckily there weren't except for the well.
      It was easy to get the coil close to the ground. Today I went low and slow, only got through half of it. The finds were pretty interesting, I wonder how I missed them. Most were pretty deep, about 6".
      Dug a brass skeleton key stamped 48, a piece of shoe buckle, a lead ox knob, an interesting rein guide in great shape. 4 wheats, oldest 1932, newest 1950. A copper button with no shank, the back is pretty corroded but there is a maker mark, I'll have to clean it more. A really interesting button that was shot with a .22, the bullet is still in it. It is very ornate, appears to be two piece, and has an indistinguishable backmark. The last coin is an 1895 IHP.
      Here is a closer look at the button with the bullet in it:
      And the back:
      Pretty good shot. 😀 Shame though, it's one unique button. Anyone recognize it?
    • By F350Platinum
      Went up to the racetrack again yesterday, thought these finds deserve a post of their own. There is a small plot of land next to where the house stood. It had a barn and the cemetery behind it. It's about a half acre. Lots of corn stalks 😵
      At first the going was kinda risky, the wind was blowing about 20 mph, big low off the coast. I had to search under trees in the background and these were falling everywhere.
      If any of you have ever been hit in the head by one of these Black Walnuts, you know what the fun part is. They were coming down like rain. I suppose I could have waited a few more days but hunting season starts soon. The trees are about 50' or more, and they get a bit of velocity. 😀
      I really didn't expect to find much at all, a scout search last spring gave no indication there was anything good here, but I was determined to grid something out of it after my finds from previous days.
      This is another example of "persistence pays off". All of these relics are very old. A pistol ball, an as yet unidentified fired ~45 cal bullet (the sharp end is throwing me off).
      The first button says "Gilt Colour" and something else on the back and still has some thread. Second has a triangle on the front and possibly some other marks, and says "Plated" on the back. The third is my favorite, an ancient convex Tombac with some off-center engraving. It has a square shank boss on the back.
      By afternoon someone was shooting a handgun in my direction, must have fired about 100 rounds. I didn't hear any "snaps" so I presumed the shooter was on a lower elevation and hoped there was a backstop. 🙄 Guess I'm gonna have to get a boat horn. 😵
      Another bit of excitement was coming across two of these "little" guys building webs across the corn stalks in front of me.
      The Yellow Garden Spider can grow to 1 1/2 inches in body length. They rarely bite but if they do you know it, those fangs flip out. I'm glad that metal detectors are out in front. 😀 I let them both carry on... 😬
    • By F350Platinum
      Went out yesterday and today grid searching the racetrack area and the old farmhouse. Yesterday I didn't find much, a couple of old wheats and a pistol ball, a pocket watch adjusting weight and a very small button, what may have been on a shirt or shoe. I let the person that was shooting know that I was going to leave a flag out when I am out on the field near the gate.
      This morning I went out again, another blustery fall day. Didn't think I'd find much more but boy was I wrong. Today I hunted an area behind where the farmhouse was, there were two sheds as well. All is gone but the well now, luckily they filled it in because it can't be seen. The area is only about an acre.
      About halfway through the day I noticed I was already down a third on the Equinox battery, so I flew back to the house and grabbed my PD battery pack because I started finding coins and wanted to finish the field. I bungeed it to the shaft. It doesn't weigh that much so while the detector is charging I can drive on. It will charge the machine fully at least twice.
      It was a great day. Got an 1897 IHP, a 1908 V Nickel, 3 old wheats (1917,1919,1920), another old button, an iron hunting overall button marked "SWEET ORR", a musket ball and an adjustment tool of some kind not shown.
      The tiny thing at the bottom was the big find of the day, 1/3-ish of an 1852 Trime.
      It's difficult enough to find a Trime, but at least I got the good part! It appears to have either been clipped or broken, I could not find any of the other pieces.
    • By F350Platinum
      We had a monster storm yesterday that dumped almost 3" of rain on us, but Thursday I got out for a little while, and went back to the same place today. I'm gridding a really hard hit area at the old horse race track. 
      Where the grass is an old house and a couple of barns stood. It's at the end of the track, a half mile straight. There was another big barn here too that I posted finds from previously.
      I didn't find much but what I did find was good. Thursday in 3 hours I got these:
      3 wheats, 1918, 1919, and a 1957. A small Baptist Sunday School attendance pin, silver plated and enameled. A nickel plated D buckle, and a couple of whatzits. I think the object on the right is just a splattered bullet.
      Today I got out there again, it was a pretty dangerous day. While I was hunting I kept hearing black powder gunshots, almost all in my direction. I did range work in the Army, and sure know when I'm being fired at. Have to say it made me a little nervous. 😬 Luckily I didn't hear any 'snaps', nor the sound of anything passing.
      Did pretty good, got an old fancy pocket knife, a re-purposed old sinker, and another whatzit.
      If you look close at the knife it's decorated 1800s style, lots of figuring around the brass scales.
      Today's finds were scant but better, a 1917 wheat, a 1905 IHP, an 1800s round ball two piece button, and a flattened thimble marked "Singer Sewing Machines".
      Not a great couple of hunts but good enough for me. The IHP was an interesting find, I dug because I got iron tones and ID's with a 21/24 mixed in. Upon pulling the plug the high tones disappeared, and all I heard was iron. I put the plug back and went on, but something told me to go back. I pulled the plug out again, checked it with my pinpointer, plucked some nails, and when I broke the plug open, the penny dropped out. 😀 Drove back up the road on my golf cart, and when I got to the end there was a guy zeroing the scope on a Black Powder rifle, pointed right at me behind his target. He apologized for not knowing I was there. Good thing he didn't pull the trigger.
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