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XP Deus Vs Minelab Equinox Vs Makro Kruzer

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Hi! Help determine whether it is worth buying this metal detector? It is difficult to determine because it is not cheap. Previously, I wanted to buy an XP Deus 22 or another new cool metal detector Makro Multi Kruzer. Found on the Internet comparison Minelab Equinox 800 vs Makro Multi Kruzer. Now I do not know which of the three detectors to choose :) Does someone already have experience of using them?


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First off. Welcome to the Forum, Andrew!

You came to the perfect place to ask your question.

Funny you say it is not cheap yet you mention Deus in the next breath :wink: which costs a cool $600 US more than the Equinox 800. Not cheap, yes (what metal detector worth its salt is) but it is a tremendous bang for your buck with Mult IQ.

What is the advantage of that?  Well different types of targets respond better (i.e., are easier to detect) at different frequencies.  Silver and big targets tend to respond better at the lower frequencies.  Gold and tiny objects tend to respond better at the higher frequencies.  That is why the Multi- Kruzer and Deus have different frequencies you can select one at a time (hence the Multi in Multi Kruzer and the "us" in Deus, ok JK about that last one :smile:).  So you can focus on one type of target (e.g., silver coins) in one detecting session, then another type in a separate detecting session (e.g., gold jewelry) by individually selecting a different frequency.

Now imagine being able to operate the Multi-Kruzer at all its available frequencies at once and then add two more frequencies, that is what the Equinox 600 can do.  It enables you to focus on silver, gold, big, small and everything in between all at once.  Marry the Multi Kruzer with the Gold Kruzer and you have the Equinox 800 and you can add gold nuggets to your detecting fun.

Beside light weight and wireless technology, the Deus is known for its speed, i.e., ability to discern two targets lying next to each other (e.g., a nail and coin).  Slower detectors might only "see" the much easier to detect but junk nail.  Well in practice, both Equinox models have proven themselves to be about as fast as Deus with wireless audio and only weighing about a pound more than Deus.  As a Deus user for several years without encountering a detector as fast during that time, the Equinox performance astounded me.

So now if you can imagine the Equinox as taking the best of the Deus, Multi Kruzer and Gold Kruzer you can start to understand the power of the Equinox 800.  

Still think it's not cheap? Well they aren't cheap, but either the 600 or 800 are tremendous values.

Read this comparison between the two to see which is right for you.

Be warned, though. Thousands of experienced and inexperienced detectorists have already figured out the value of Equinox, so you will really have to shop around to find someone who has one in stock.

Pic of my first keeper beach find below (third target ever detected on the beach) with the Equinox 800. Yeah, that's gold.

Good luck in your metal detector quest whatever you decide.



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First off I'm a White's guy.... Been running White's machines since the early 70's.

Now with that said if I were you I think I would go with the E-800.

From the user input I have read so far it is gonna be a tough machine to beat especially considering your other two choices.

If I were able to get out more than I do and I was looking at another machine the E-800 would be very high on a very short list.

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I have Equinox 800, and Deus, I have not ran Kruzer unit.

Comparing Deus and Equinox.

Equinox easier to learn.  Will get you hunting at rather high proficiency level faster.

About all I can say.

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I hunt both on land and at salt water beaches.  I own the Deus, have tested the Kruzer on land and at a salt water beach and extensively researched the Equinox 800.  My personal conclusions in order of preference:

1. Equinox 800: Best on both land and beach.  Waterproof and extremely sensitive to small targets, proven Minelab technology

2. XP Deus:  Lighter but more complex than the Equinox and the control box isn't waterproof, 5 year warranty

3. Macro Kruzer:  A distant third place; performed much better on a salt water beach than on land...which was surprising

I will soon be selling my Deus and Excalibur II, keeping my CTX 3030 and Equinox 800 for all my hunting.

Just the view from my personal foxhole...

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So what type of detecting is important to you Andrew87? Is it important the detector be waterproof? Is saltwater performance important? Are you mostly chasing silver or mostly chasing gold? Coins or relics? Is accurate target id in parks important?

What are you looking for in a detector?

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      Thanks everyone for the amazing information and for taking the time to write it all down. Today I went back to the same spot that I had iron falsing and now I know the difference in tones. The main green is littered with iron too but there is a distinct difference in tone that was mentioned in your responses. The tone is higher and more abrupt. I walked into the spot where I found the 44 merc and got a nice tone and 24-26 vdi using park 2 with the minimum sweep and recovery speeds and a sensitivity of 22. Amazingly I got my first seated in many years, an 1872. There are a lot of signals with park 2 so I tried field 2 and it is awesome. There is less lag time with responses and signals are narrowed down more than in park. I hunted with field 2 and then switched to park 2 to see if the signal is still there. They are similar but field 2 is easier on my ears :-) I then found a 1902 barber quarter and later on an 1899 Indian down 9 or 10". The compact or watch or photo frame was from another area and was at a similar depth. I do not find much silver anymore and never found a lot to begin with so finding silver 2 days in a row has made me a believer of all the rave reviews I had read and seen about the Equinoxes :-)