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Premium Sand Scoop
Stainless Steel
2-piece handle for easy transportation
3-Way Adjustable Angle
7/16" (11mm) Laser Cut Holes
Sharp Front Edge
Perfect 9" Size Opening




nokta-makro-premium-sand-scoop-3-in-1-set-2 (1).jpg

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Looks good, you guys coming out with one with smaller holes or smaller holes near the front and bottom? That is similar to my RTG wire scoop and the tiny stuff falls through and is tricky when in the water.

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This is an interesting product.  I looked on the website and didn't see any instruction booklet or assembly instructions.

Maybe it's so simple that none are needed.

However, I was hoping to read them so I could understand better how the adjustment mechanism works, and how long I could extend the long handle, and whether any longer extension might be available (or possible for the user to rig together).  I'm tall, and "normal" length products often don't fit me.

Also, of course, I'd be happy to offer edits to the instructions if I thought any would be useful.  I've done that for previous Nokta Makro products. (Dilek has quickly incorporated my suggestions, so I guess they were welcome.)  And now that I live near the beach, I could actually do some thorough testing!

Are instructions coming?

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This would never hold up to water hunting. Dry sand only would be my guess.

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It looks as if a lot of thinking went into the adjustment you have for the angle of the handle. I’ve had one with that size holes before and found it wasn’t for me .

 To see if it would hold up to pushing it with my foot only time would tell.


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I suppose if you change it up a bit and had a solid strip on the bottom and just off the sides it would hold up better in some the gravely waters we have in the NE here. I do like the handle system, looks well thought out.

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