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Thought I Would Introduce Myself..

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New to the forum, just wanted to say hello before I started to ask questions here haha. Several years ago I bought a junker metal detector to test out the hobby, it died a couple years later now I'm back.

Wondering how good Kellyco customer service is. Ordered a new MD from them and after 10 days of patiently waiting, I was sent what Is obviously a used machine. I paid for a new one so I'm a bit irritated about it. It's Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow to call. I could have ordered one through Amazon, but thought I'd give them a try. Any issues with Kellyco before? Not looking to bad mouth anyone, just wondering if this is common business practice. They have been around a long time I see, so I guess I expected more from them. 

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Welcome to the forum and since I do not know the answer to your question I would suggest posting on the advice and comparison section for a quicker answer.

Good luck.

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You are much more likely to get the response you need from Kelly Co themselves.

Years ago a friend asked me where to buy a detector to give as a gift.  He wanted to call up a store and have someone suggest a detector for someone new to detecting and within certain price ranges.  It was going to be primarily a beach machine.

Most everyone on this forum has nugget hunting detectors so I told this friend who is in the entertainment business to call Kelly Co.  They did and they were very satisfied with the entire transaction.  The buyer and the recipient of his gift had never used a metal detector before.

It was a new detector and I don't know what kind now.

You should contact KellycoDetectors here on Steve's site.  That is a user's name.


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Kellyco also have an inventory of used detectors as well, so hopefully there wasn't a mix up on what was originally purchased.  Which detector did you end up purchasing?

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Thanks for the response, I'm sure it was just a mix up. Things happen I was just excited to receive my first metal detector....well besides the harbor freight thing I bought years ago Haha. I ordered the Gold Kruzer, thought I would learn that one to the best of my ability then see where it takes me. Honestly I could be happy with a lot of different MD's I just couldn't justify buying the mine lab gold monster yet. Could have ordered the equinox 600 but I want to focus on prospecting.  From what I understand, washington state where I am has gold but pretty small stuff. 

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Welcome to the forum. It's been a long time since I did business with Kellyco but never had a problem with them. They have a good reputation and I'm sure that they will make things right.

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Was it used or just an open box/demo? One way to tell is check the coil bottom and see if there are any scuffs at all.

I have bought quite a bit from Kellyco, Serious Detecting and Big Boy Hobbies and haven't had any issues from any of them.

In your case call them up and talk to a rep, they should resolve it quickly for ya.

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Welcome to DP! Possibly just a mix up. Good luck!

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Hello B,

   Welcome to the forum!

   Like most any company, Kellyco has their issues! They are relatively close to me, so i have bought a few detectors, and several parts from them over the years! They are by no means the only source around! I personally have had only minor issues! Do your due diligence! And shop wisely!👍👍

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      Geof_junk had suggested a method described by Garrett to make a 90 degree X
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      The Garrett description says to use the line where the target is loudest, but often a target is pretty much the same intensity over the whole body of the coil. And a lot of prospectors just use the lines for anywhere the coil sounds, but depending on the size of your target, whether the target is sounding on the front edge or the back edge, or anywhere in between, your "imaginary line" can be almost twice the width of the coil. Then cross that with an "imaginary line" at 90 to the first one, you now have a circle roughly twice the diameter of the coil in which the target could be located. The smaller the coil, the smaller the circle of possibility - so pinpointing with a small coil is just naturally easier. On the other hand, if you are swinging the GPX with a standard coil, that circle is up to 28 inches, and because you need to swing the coil through the hole over the target, now you need a hole of about 42 inches and if its deep, that is going to be a real crater!

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      Any other thoughts about pinpointing?
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