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2 hours ago, Dances With Doves said:

Chains are tough   targets so anytime you get one is a special day.I wonder if an excal or FBS would have hit that at the depth you  dug it?

If you see the picture I got two chains!  haha  That was going to be part of my title but the little one was special.  It was not deep.  It was within the first scoop so it was 2 inches.  Chains like that 'float' in the waves and don't get buried.  This was up near the top of the high tide and just got left there and didn't 'float' back down into the waves.

I once found an 18" gold chain floating free in the little surf waves.  It was still washing around in them.

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7 hours ago, mn90403 said:

GB, I was using my 800/15 in my go to settings of 23/6/tracking off.  The rings show no evidence of precocious metal.  One is corroded.  One is very thin and the other one is a little toe ring or ?.  They all were 10's before I dug them.

You caused me to go back and take more detailed pictures of the one ring because it is 'marked' as 2K 19 which means nothing to me.  It's size and shape remind me of a pipe compression ring but the material is brassy.




When I saw the pictures was thinking bird band ... except most of them are aluminum and have more digits than 2K19. Would be about the right size for a goose leg band ... but not sure. Nice find what ever it really is. 

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Nice! gotta dig those ones on the beach thats for sure!


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Thanks everyone who looked and liked.  I thought it might get 'Find of the Day' but that's not the way the votes are tabulated here.  We go by liked content.

I had another chance to go back to the same beach but this time there were people everywhere so I was left to grid the open places in between.  Slow was the word on this detect.  I got another tiny chain.  I've gotten enough of them lately that I'm going to call their sound 'muddy.'

There was nothing very valuable this hunt but I was once again thinking about the 'lessons' I have been conveying to Adam on another thread.  It describes how to find a good beach with the use of surf and wave reports.  I concluded with the idea that there is no substitute for local knowledge.

When I used my 3030 on a regular basis I would mark all of the rings I was finding.  One of the things that I noticed about tracking those finds which are still on my 3030 is that the same beaches produce jewelry and sometimes the same areas within 50-100 feet.  I now go back to producing beaches often and learn more and more.


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Makes sense chains would stay on top, never really thought about that.

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4 minutes ago, kac said:

Makes sense chains would stay on top, never really thought about that.

Now ... a heavy chain ... 🤩 ... it could be anywhere!  That steel chain I found in the top pictures was at the bottom of the slope.

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On 1/16/2021 at 3:02 PM, mn90403 said:

When I used my 3030 on a regular basis I would mark all of the rings I was finding.  One of the things that I noticed about tracking those finds which are still on my 3030 is that the same beaches produce jewelry and sometimes the same areas within 50-100 feet.  I now go back to producing beaches often and learn more and more.

That piece of information makes an excellent case for keeping a log of some sort; either on paper or in memory like you did with the CTX. I have not  been doing so, just keeping mental notes. I may have to start an actual log.

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Nice finds!

I dug my first 0-1 today with the Equinox 600 in the farm. Haven't seen a number like that since I got it, so I was curious. It was a  vertically buried 2' piece of rebar. Might have saved the farmer a bit of a problem!

I'm looking forward to some beach hunting in GA early April. Haven't ever done it.

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      I dug another fake Cartier LOVE ring yesterday.  Second one dug on this beach.  Even though I could not read the hallmark inside the ring (gotta have my cheaters for that) I knew it was just like two others that I dug last year and the year before.  I do have one real one though.  I dug it last year.  All the white gold ones are fake.  The gold colored one is real.  These are getting to be a little to plentiful.  LOL 

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      Do you have any old detecting photos that would show your beaches 20, 30 or 40 years ago?
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