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Condor's 2022 Australia Gold Adventure


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27 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

will not have time to be hooking up with anyone for any detecting while I’m there, but will be making an effort to do a meet and greet if possible.

Aye that meet and greet sounds tops. If your in JPs backyard, tis OK with JP and the stars align be keen to come down for a flying visit with son, wee bit warm for detecting in October but we`ll throw the detectors in case there`s a few clouds about. 

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4 hours ago, Condor said:

I arrived in Perth with all luggage intact.   Caught the Skipper flight to Leonora and my ride was waiting.   We pitched camp between Leonora and Leinster and hit a well detected patch.  The 6k and 14x9 Coiltek were awesome at sniffing out some incredibly tiny gold.  I had 15 crumbs just shy of 2 grams.  My partner had an extra half day of detecting and pulled close to 4 grams. 

We packed up to head north for some 40e spots we had logged.  Unfortunately, my partner sprained his detecting wing while loading the truck.  We've holed up in the lodge in Leinster,  hoping for some mending time, however; we got some pointy fingers from forum members Gone Bush and Dave D.  Their guidance produced another couple grams in the poke and we're just getting started.  

We could not have organized this adventure without our Aussie prospecting brothers on this forum.

Bravo Zulu to Tony in Perth for storing our gear and helping us at every step. 

Bravo Zulu to Gone Bush and Dave D, for unselfishly giving us the pointy fingers to productive areas us poor Yanks might never find.

I'll get some photos and nugget weights out tomorrow.   I hear the beer time bell at the pub across the street.   Don't want to be late for beer time. 

See you fukkas soon.

Thats great to hear the luggage is all there.  Was even more amazing is the friendships built from being on DP and the willingness to help a couple Yanks and put some gold within reach.  DP has helped many folks in times past and many friendships made.  That's part of why we enjoy this hobby is the helping and camaraderie.

When I was in the Leonora & Kalgoorlie area, we had these little pubs to swing in the evening and grab some grub.  Watch out for the college girls trying to pay their tuition.  Pasties have a different meaning over there.

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Thanks for the visuals.  You'll hear some bigger chunks, I think.

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Thanks for keeping us with you on your trip.
It's fun to hear how you are doing and what you are thinking.

Best of luck.

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Nice looking bits of gold, when are we going to see some of the monster nuggets that are from there. I would like to see them soon so get back out there and find them.

All kidding aside nice work and best of luck on finding some of the giant nuggets from there.

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  • The title was changed to Condor's 2022 Australia Adventure
  • The title was changed to Condor's 2022 Australia Gold Adventure

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