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    Bipolar technology does not look like this at all. Mine is much more effective.
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    XP DEUS / XP ORX Search Coil Chart Low Frequency (LF) Search Coils 4, 8, 12, 18 kHz 9" round, 11" round, 13" x 11" (discontinued September 2018) XP DEUS Only X35 Search Coils 4, 8 ,12 ,18, 25 kHz 9" round, 11" round, 13" x 11" XP DEUS and XP ORX High Frequency (HF) Search Coils 9" round 15, 30, 50 kHz and 10" x 5" 15, 30, 80 kHz XP DEUS and XP ORX
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    Tim requested that I return the detector on 9 Jan. I did so the next day. In our conversation on the 9th, he mentioned the certification issues and gave me no great amount of detail. Even if he had, I doubt I would be allowed to publicly post it. Tom Walsh owns FTP, not me. I never made any pretense of considering myself qualified by either my inland location or my relatively limited beach hunting experience. I leave expert testing to those more favorably qualified and located. Should Tim have sold the machine to someone else - guess you have to ask him. My intention with having the AQ was to enable me to totally familiarize me with its operating characteristics, including the action of the various controls and their interaction with each other. This would be building on the few days I had in 2018 and May 2019 with prototypes. I believe that I achieved some useful progress with this as detailed in my lengthy post on this forum about the controls and their function and effects. One of the reasons this was important to me is that I have been invited to review and comment on the user documentation which under development. Also during this period I have spent approximately 3 hours on Skype video calls with Alexandre Tartar durning which he went into great depth on various aspects of the AQ’s key characteristics involving sampling of target and ground signals and how the channels are used to provide information to the user - especially the function of the pulse delay and rejection controls and how they modify the timings. Much of this information is proprietary and I am bound by NDA regarding it. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but it’s been a tough end to 2019 and start to 2020. Long simmering gastric problem put me in the hospital for 3 days this last week - I got out on Tuesday. Long recovery from urinary tract surgery in mid November climaxed yesterday with another long night in the emergency room and one of those fun catheters to walk around with till I can get to my urologist - hopefully tomorrow unless he has MLK day off. Meanwhile, here are some pictures Alexandre asked me to take since even he does not have a production unit in hand. You may uses them for this forum in any way you like with attribution.
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    No point starting a whole new thread for 1 pic of some gold - hope it is alright to attach it to the end of this thread JP? Found with an Equinox 800 in Gold Mode 1 in amongst some trash next to a relatively large old timers hole. Essentially right on top and an easily found target but I honestly probably wouldn't have found it without a VLF. So much trash around I doubt that I would've persevered with a PI. Smack on 1 gram 🙂
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    Thanks Steve, I've got 15 from this beach since July. It was the type of ring that was popular for that time period. (And maybe that area) Most are not stamped with a fineness mark .....so it dates them to the late 1800's to early 1900's. You really have to look close to make out the initials ......Also took me a second to figure out how to shoot a photo, slanted them downward in the front. I love this beach for there are so many things that personalize the rings that I find here.
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    Me. Think CTX 3030 and Equinox. Was anyone interested in paying for a lighter housing and a little bit of new tech on a machine that's already essentially out there? I ditched my CTX 3030 the minute I got my hands on an Equinox. I also have an iPhone now instead of a rotary phone, but I am sure my iPhone is no better at making phone calls.
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    Back out again for 5 hours during a nice lowtide.
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    A decent video comparing targets on the Vanquish Vs the Equinox. The Vanquish really looks like the perfect first detector for someone, easy to use, built based on the Equinox so performance is pretty damn impressive.
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    This is the beauty of the forum. If someone builds it someones will buy it and test it and report back. All I have to do is be patient.
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    During the winter here in the Chesapeake bay my main goal is to watch for the best conditions, then try put and myself in the right location to find gold. I seen a Opp coming Monday mornings lowtide, No winds and calm water. Perfect conditions and I knew where to go, a spot that has been very good to me since July 2019. First target of the day a Nice 14k cigar band, 45 minutes later gold ring number two for the day. A Victorian ladies gold ring, no fineness mark. Ring was badly stained. Third and final gold came as water was starting to get rough. Cutting across in the water and headed in I got a strong signal, two scoops and out came a badly stained gold band. Unmarked / No fineness mark which is very common for this beach since it opened in the 1880's. Not many targets this hunt, 3 gold rings, 2 coins, several sinkers and a few pieces of brass in a little over 3.5 hours. Water temps are now in the low 40's, a month from now should really be some great hunting with constant lowtides and NW winds......water will be in the lower 30's but I can do about 4 good hours with my drysuit setup....Thanks for looking...Joe
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    No problem Steve. Your inquiry and comments were totally legit and caused me to think clearly back on how I ended up where I am with this. I re-read my post and wish I had let a bit less annoyance creep in - thanks for the prod. After going on three years as gadfly and cheerleader, I am about to launch a new effort as a dealer - likely restricted to the Impulse line as it develops. My objective in the whole AQ thing at this point is to build my competence and knowledge of the device so that I can leverage my understanding of these things as well as my ability to “reach back” to FTP - all in order to make folks interested in choosing me as their dealer when they decide to buy one
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    I'm back. I'm sure glad to know you are back at it around here. I had wondered about the mysterious man from down under. I saw some good gold from Norm and company at Tom Wells Road. Lu won a salt lamp with a token. I got Curtis out there picking up coins. Last year he just sat in his stroller. Next year he will probably find more than me! Mitchel
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    I'm going to make my prediction now. GPX 6000, mostly the same as the 5000, other than the chip system to prevent off brand coils 😀
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    I am after some advice, I purchased a GPZ 7000 late yesterday and of course I am keen to take it out today for a test drive. I am pretty clueless with this machine, although I've watched JW use it many times I've not paid any attention to how he runs it or what he does with it as I never thought I'd be buying one. I think his settings may not be ideal for me yet anyway as he runs it crazy hot, being a beginner I'd probably need more tame stable settings 🙂 JW is unable to be contacted this weekend, Queenstown's big music festival of the year which JW always attends going on for the weekend so he's off at that so I can't get any advice off him for my mission today. I was hoping GPZ users here would be able to give me some advice on what to do. I don't have time to properly read the manual today as I've got a big drive to get to a gold spot, I was thinking I'd just do a quick start and get going but if there is something obvious I should be doing to use it in mild soils please let me know. If the default settings are more suitable for tough soils I'd be wasting my time. I'll have to start reading the manual tonight after I've used it today 🙂 I've ordered a 10" and 12" X-coil for it which I believe to be the best two coils for use in NZ with JW's results. I'm also going to use the Chet method of a longer style adapter patch cable for it, I like the idea of his method and it also makes changing coils easier which I like the idea of. Here's my new toy. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    X-coils have shipping included in their price. The price you see on the X-coils website is the price you'll pay to have it delivered. The GPX/QED coils are $650 AUD with worldwide shipping included, there is no variance in price between sizes. Comparisons of coils is such a difficult thing to do unless you're doing it yourself as different ground gives different results. I have no problems burying a nugget or two and waving my QED or GPX over it and doing a video of the process with any coil you'd like to me to do it with out of my range of coils. I do have mild soils, so it shows the coils being used in optimal conditions. The coils I have available to do this are the Nugget Finder 14x9" Evo, Coiltek 10x5" Joey, 11" Commander Mono, Detech 15x8" Mono, 11" Commander DD and the 15x12" Commander DD so not an ideal collection of coils to compare against the spiral wound X-coils with the only competitive one being the NF 14x9" Evo. The GPX/QED X-coils I have are 12x6", 15x14", 15x10", 10" Round, and 12" Round. I've stuffed my back at the moment though so my days are spent on a chair until it recovers! 😞
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    I have to be honest and say something seems odd about all this Rick. Given your original excited post about unboxing videos and such it sure fizzled out quick. I understand you were not well for a time, but it also seems there was no rush to return the detector to FT so quickly if it’s just going to sit there waiting to be updated. I know if I had had my hands on the detector it would have been like any other detector I’ve got my hands on. Closeup good photos of the machine from every angle possible, including coil, battery, and rod as separate items. Weights and lengths on all components, etc. There is a lot that you could have shared about the machine without it ever leaving your house. See my Nokta/Makro Gold Kruzer Review of an example of what I am talking about. And while you don’t live at the beach, no air tests on coins? No tests on a buried nickel? It just all seems weird to me that you had this machine in your hands, and then so little ultimately was said before you sent it back to FT. You get this first example of a long anticipated detector, and basically just post a couple pictures of it and send it back? I can’t help but get the feeling there is more to the story than you are letting on here. I’m not questioning your word on anything you have said at all. I’m just wondering why so little has been said. The lack of any more photos is especially puzzling to me. It’s like you were all excited, literally a kid with a new toy under the Christmas tree wanting to tell everyone about it, and then completely lost interest in sharing about the new toy.
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    Patients for new tech is a forced financial given for me, and many others! But those of you that can muster the cash, make great testers and reporters of products!! Oops, sorry Lacky, i just rephrased what you said above🤣 I was multitasking🤯 That only works for my wife!! Keep being you!! 👍👍
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    I would just be happy to see the stock machine released. Rick's production unit had to be sent back to meet regulatory certifcation upgrades. Looks like we are still several months away from release. So talking about aftermarket coils seems like next year's issue, at this point.
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    I tried multi and individual freqs, but it wouldn't settle down until I switched to the 6" coil. You have to understand this is in the heard of SF, next to an overhead electric Muni transit line, probably about the worst EMI you could imagine. Not only that, but there were about sixother hunters there, so there was definitely some serious crosstalk going on there.
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    I thought that is similar to what I had read somewhere. Perhaps from JP on here? Perhaps heard it on the GPZ Minelab vids? I can’t remember. I am having 2 guesses about the future announcement. 1) An updated 5000 simply in a better housing with built in battery and wireless audio, etc. 2) An updated 7000 in a lighter housing with a little bit of new tech involved. Not announcing either properly now so they don’t hurt current sales of their 2 flagship detectors.
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    I didn't get to do a proper prospecting trip today as my back was still sore from my days of sluicing so my wife decided I needed to rest rather than make my back worse. I don't know which was more painful... my back or not being allowed to go use my new toy. 🙂 I took the detector down to the river behind my house to have a swing over some little nuggets. First impression..... The screen is great, I love the modern design and easy to use interface, a vast improvement over the GPX with it's knobs and switches. Felt far more modern than the GPX. The screen is also bad, as it's damn hard to see it in bright sunlight, I did notice it has brightness controls so maybe I need to play with it a bit more to adjust it, after all I was in default everything. The detector itself seems easy to use and understand, I was using it like I'd been using it for months on my first time. No difficulties understanding anything and it has a very nice interface. The threshold was very stable, far more so than I'm used to with the GPX Ran near the power lines fine, no issues at all, a feature that I see as a real benefit for my detecting locations. It felt heavier than the GPX, maybe due to the bigger coil, I prefer smaller coils on the GPX for most of my detecting I love the swing arm, why did I take so long to get one these things, what a feature! brilliant. Used the settings suggested above and was able to detect all of my test nuggets, wasn't as good as I hoped on very small nuggets but I am sure once I put the 10" X-coil on it that will dramatically change. I can't wait to get that coil, it's the main reason I wanted a GPZ. Audio was nice, it sounds slightly different to the GPX but similar enough you get used to it very quickly, in fact it sounded better. Sensitivity and depth on bigger targets... incredible. Gain? Max was possible, wasn't too bad at all, the threshold became a little unstable but targets still really stood out Ground balance wasn't an issue, my soil was invisible to it without doing anything. Of course I will do the procedure but I didn't need to Overall impression, love it. I can't wait to take it for a proper detect..... So am I very happy with the purchase? You bet I am, extremely happy and very thankful to a very special person who made it possible. I did not expect to ever own a GPZ and it's not even my birthday for a couple of weeks yet! 🙂 👍 I'm not bothered by a pending new detector that could be better than the GPZ or I would have held off on the purchase just in case.. The GPZ + 10" and 12" X-coil is my dream combination and that's becoming a reality for me. Happy as can be!
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    Hello everybody yesterday was the best beach handing day so far. Why? Because I chose the right place. What was the right place? The beach in front of a close for winter beach bar. The result was 38.40 euros and a silver cross. Think that I search only the half beach (I didn’t have enough time) looking only for coins and silver with discrimination -10 to +17. If I can make it, I will go soon at the same place and I will tell you the results.
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    Jerry is super knowledgeable and after reading a few of his posts back in the day I sought out and read all I could find. I’m glad to hear he is doing well. Thanks Mark.
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    From the same doc referenced by Dave above "Another disadvantage of PI is its capability at detecting very large nuggets compared to CW metal detectors, such as ZVT. CW means Continuous Wave and includes all technologies that do not have zero transmit periods (almost all technologies other than PI). Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT) – ZVT has the same major advantage as PI for ground balancing in not detecting the major soil component X, but has the same advantage of CW metal detector technologies compared to PI for detecting very large nuggets because ZVT is CW (unlike PI that is not CW ), and also the same advantage as PI for being relatively insensitive to saline soils compared to VLF.
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    Regards Rick, I hope better soon !!!! I heard unofficially that Fisher informed the distributors of Europe that in May it will be on sale !!!
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    Thank you LE.JAG for bothering to put the subtitles in Spanish. Great find
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    You are probably wondering why I haven’t been sharing experiences of using the AQ here in Gold Canyon. Good question. After New Years, it became clear that some relatively minor modifications to the production configuration of the AQ were going to be made in order for it to meet all the certification tests required to meet the requirements of each of the required agencies. In conversation with Tim Mallory, I agreed that the best course of action was for my AQ to be retuned to El Paso and returned to me when it was identical to the final production configuration. Add to that, the fact that I spent last weekend and a good part of this week in a local hospital enjoying “bowel rest” after an intestinal blockage, and I have been pretty “non-productive” - lol - (that was the problem, anyway!!!). Everything is fine now with me but my AQ is still with the crew in El Paso. Meanwhile, the days are sunny, but the evenings are chilly - I’m enjoying Long walks in the sunny mornings and relaxing evenings watching the fire warm the living room, burning the dead palo verde, mesquite and Ironwood that I gather in the desert. Most of it was cut years ago by the power company when they removed trees from under their transmission lines.
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    Did you ask Minelab if ZVT is just another "acronym" for an evolution of PI technology? https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/254716/KBA 24-1 Basics of the GPZ 7000 Technology Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT).pdf "It should be noted that the PI receive period is half that of the ZVT period, because the PI system shown in figure 2 transmits for half the time and receives for the other half of the time, unlike ZVT that transmits and receives simultaneously just about all of the time."
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    It's the new generation of coils that far exceed stock coils in my opinion, the change from bundle wound to flat wound on coils is a real stand out to me when it comes to performance, especially sensitivity to smaller targets which as you know is vital for me with our giant NZ gold 🙂 and you're completely right, I love new toys and innovation.
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    I've never been disappointed with an aftermarket coil purchase yet, I rarely run an OEM coil on any of my detectors that have aftermarket options as I've ALWAYS found aftermarket coils are better. The Minelab GPX is a prime example of aftermarket coils far exceeding that of OEM coils, a lot of people never even use their stock coil, some leave it behind at the dealer for a discount on an aftermarket coil at the time of detector purchase while others just keep it as a decoration like I did 🙂 These Equinox coils are very new and obviously have their limitations with the adapter taking away the waterproof side of things although a waterproof adapter could be easily made if one really wanted one. I'm very happy these guys are giving it a go, making coils for a detector that otherwise has been abandoned when it comes to coil choice, which seems to be Minelab's standard operation now. I can't believe Minelab still release the GPX4500/5000 with the same crusty old 11" Commander coil they first sold with it over a decade ago even though they're very aware people now mostly run the new flat wire coils and don't use their Commander, the GPX coils have changed a lot over the years with the aftermarket guys innovation. Why haven't Minelab made new Commander coils to suit today's needs? I'm glad they're not Car manufacturers... they'd make great Cars but we'd still have Fred Flintstones concrete wheels on them..... I look forward to seeing how these new Equinox coils progress over the coming year. What I can't believe is Minelab appear to be completely blind to their customers wants and needs forcing people to innovate and do it themselves. What these Equinox aftermarket coil guys have shown and also X-coils is if Minelab think they'll throw chips in coils to stop aftermarket coils, it won't. They can try all they like to stop aftermarket coils but every method they try will just be a game of whack a mole 🙂 Lack of competition has caused this.
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    Hit a demo park scrape in San Francisco, reales, gold rush era buckles, seated liberty coins, large cents, you name it, it was coming out of this park. Largest problem at this inner city spot was EMI. I couldn't get the EQ800 to calm down with the stock 11" coil, but it worked like a charm with the 6" coil. I dug 9 silver coins that hunt, more than my buddy with his Exp2 (he only dug a couple), matter of fact it was more than anyone else on that hunt (there were several of us detecting). It never lacked depth, I had no issues working the iron, it definitely didn't have any issues bringing home the goods!
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    JP did get those small bits at depth in Australian soil. That was me just tweaking a friend! Everyone says they hate hype so I have been underselling the capability of the Equinox in nearly all regards. Part of the fun of the intro has been sitting back and letting people discover this machine for themselves. I think Equinox will end up displacing most single frequency gold nugget detectors eventually but it may take a model make specifically for prospecting for that to really happen, or at least some coils made specifically for the purpose. The power is there for sure, Multi-IQ is really powerful. Just mind my caveat - it is not a GPX 5000 or a GPZ 7000. However when it comes to weight and price that’s not entirely a bad thing. When it comes to gold in Australian soil however I have learned to never speak for Aussies so I can promise JP will be saying a lot more on the subject soon. Just hang in there folks!
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    Had the great pleasure to chat with Jerry *** aka tinfoil. For those who might not know this guy, back in the day, 20+ years ago he was one of the treasure hunters who wrote a lot on finding gold. He wanted me to mention that he and Pat are doing good. That he doesn't get to hunt anymore but remembers posting many years ago. He says hi to Steve too.
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    G'day Northeast If I were to loan you a 15x10 spiral x-coil to test on your QED what coils would you be comparing this coil against? You would also have to guarantee return postage back to me. I don't have a QED, I have a gpx4500 and I have had someone run a 15x10 spiral x-coil on there gpx5000 with excellent results, so good they bought the coil.and they were comparing it against NF evo coils which they really like. If your interested then send me PM and we can make the arrangements cheers dave
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    Very nice 👍 Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉 😎
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    Yes, A friend have a 4500 too. We tried all, the problem come from the box... Inside nothing looks strange...
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    Awesome, thanks for the prompt reply and good information! Gotta love this forum. I still have both kidneys too!
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    Robert Verish is a Gold Basin meteorite expert. He has published many articles on the finds made there. Here is an article where he 'puts it all together' and lets you know what you have found or what you could find in Gold Basin. There are more updates if you are interested in the area but this is a primer. I know I could say that I've found over a pound of meteorites from there over the years. http://meteorite-recovery.tripod.com/2008/aug08.htm Mitchel
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    Thank you....Here is some info on the sifter, McMaster Carr is where I get the mesh when I first started..............some one just asked a few weeks ago so I did a vid for them also.. Also a friend of mine got me something called Rockshield Mesh...which has been the best I've used...he works construction, they cover the pipes with it then fill in with rock, the mesh protects the pipes. http://www.typargeosynthetics.com/products/pipe-protection-underground-marking/protectamesh-hd-rockshield-mesh.html
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    Hello Simon, glad to see you're still out detecting, which 10-inch GPX are you referring to please? All the best, Lanny
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    I've been hunting a lake nearby for the last week, so far, every hunt has produce some nice silver or gold jewelry. Today I was able to retrieve 3 more rings, 2 silver and 1 junk. I found something else, but, I'm not sure what it is. Here's my setting: Park 2 Manual GB Sens 22 2 tones Iron bias 0 Tone break +5 up Tons of trash to wade through to find a keeper, but, very satisfying when it happens.
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    Now all us goldfield 'nuts' will be eagerly awaiting the Gold prospecting version of this..... please....anything to give Minelab a run for its money and bring some sanity to pricing 😁
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    Here are some results after 7 days underwater only detection on volcanic beaches (tests carried out by PERMIT on the "Reunion island"). Where the EXCALIBUR is not able to detect a 15grs gold ring put above the volcanic sand ... The beaches are very polluted, and the IMPULSE AQ has done well. The gold weight speaks for itself ... We see the waste, the coins and everything is there ... There is no ferrous or very little It's the old IMPULSE AQ mechanical parts...
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    I also have the equinox 600 and XP Orx as my main (and only) detectors, which I use for relic hunting. More and more I see hunters liking the Nox /Orx pair having found that they compliment one another quite well.
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    Yep..... It's a good one .....
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    err ummm, well it is pretty old so I might have liberated it for further analysis.
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    That's a shame, because dollar for dollar, the TDI series are among the best PIs available. In my mind, the logical progression of the TDI SL would be to drop the electronics into a waterproof housing (similar to what was done with the MX-S). Keep the adjustable pulse delay, the target conductivity switch and bring back the T-Foot coil that the late Dan Geyer used to build. That would be one of the best saltwater beach set-ups available at any price. If White's priced that package around $1,000 they would hit a home run! They already have the technology at their disposal. White's should be consulting with people, like Reg, who actually use this equipment in the field. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. A few tweaks and some repackaging would take the TDI to a new level with minimal engineering costs.
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    I have been holding off posting this, as I worry it could get people who do it into trouble, or cause people running the way I do to blame my settings on the GPZ itself. Reality is what it is however and my journey with the GPZ 7000 has taken me to interesting extremes. I decided it is time to just tell you what I have been using for settings and let the cards fall where they may. My early posts on the Zed all advised taking it easy with the settings early on, especially for beginners. I took my own advice and slowly ramped things up over time. The entire time however I have been going in just the opposite direction from where I headed with the Minelab PI detectors. The goal with the GPX 5000 and its predecessors was to seek the smoothest, quietest threshold possible. Every advance the units made moved in that direction, until with the GPX we reached the pinnacle of smooth, well behaved performance. The GPZ 7000 experience for me has been more like a return to my roots running hot VLF detectors. Most common and very sensible advice including that I have offered myself always has been about trying to get the machines to obtain a smooth steady threshold if possible. And good advice it is. The funny thing is, I usually never run my machines like that myself. I crank them up and run them hot and noisy. A novice listening to me run a Gold Bug 2 in bad ground would be baffled by all the sounds the machine is making. To me however after decades of detecting it is all just feedback about what is going on under the coil, with the key thing being that the magic sound of a real target just jumps out at me out of all the ground and hot rock sounds. The first thing I did with my GPZ 7000 was pay close attention to every tidbit Jonathan Porter would reveal. Two things got my attention. First was his mention of how the Zed has a livelier response to the ground when in operation. The second was his obvious dislike for audio smoothing. The first thing I did was turn audio smoothing off and I have basically never used it. The second step was in determining that in most ground I worked the Normal ground setting was far more powerful than the default Difficult setting. I used Difficult a bit initially, and fell back to it a few times, but going to Normal was something that happened very early on, and if you look at my earliest posts on the GPZ 7000 I advised people to always at least give Normal a try before going back to Difficult if need be. High Yield is the default GPZ gold mode and I have always stayed with it. Minelabs unfortunate naming of the gold modes make people think the other modes are deeper but they only are so in a relative sense, relative to the ground you are in and the gold you are hunting. More details on this thread at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1236-gpz-high-yield-general-or-extra-deep/ High Yield is the high frequency mode on the GPZ with the transmitted field switching pole directions three times faster than in General or Extra Deep. You could say there really are only two modes because General and Extra Deep are just two versions of the same mode. Yes, yes, yes, before people chime in, I am very aware there are times and places for General and even Extra Deep. In fact, I will always downshift to General before I will come off the Normal ground setting. For me default mode is Normal/High Yield and if things get difficult then go to Normal/General. The next shift down would be to Difficult/High Yield and then finally Difficult/General. I doubt I will ever use Extra Deep until a larger coil is on my GPZ. And even then not much. The last step was the Gain. I ran 12 a long time, then 14. Then two months ago I just jumped to 20. The GPZ the way I run is almost always making some kind of noise, all of which lumped together is what I use as a threshold sound. I control things mostly through three audio settings. To preserve my sanity I keep settings low. I never use headphones these days unless the wind is really bad, other wise I keep the wireless module on my upper left chest closer to my better ear. One oddity on the GPZ 7000 is that there really is not a basic volume control so you have to fiddle with several settings to get comfortable sound levels. What they call Volume on the GPZ 7000 should have been called Audio Boost. From the owners manual" "Volume controls the amplification of a target’s audio response, relative to the target signal strength. This audio setting is most similar to volume adjustments in other devices (e.g. radio or television volume controls). The Volume control has a range from 1 to 20 with a default setting of 8. With a setting of 1, weak target signals will sound quiet, medium target signals will sound mid-range and strong target signals will sound loud. There will be greater differentiation between target signal strengths; however, weak signals will be harder to hear. With a setting of 20, all target signals will be amplified to a loud audio response. At this setting there may be less differentiation between medium and strong signals, but weak target signals will be easier to hear." That last note might make you think more volume is better - you do not want to miss those weak signals! I tend the other way as I want my targets to exhibit as much audio variation as possible. This is one setting I still need to possibly tweak but for now I seem to have settled into 4 as the one that works best for my ear. Volume Limit is much more like a regular volume control. I would have put Volume Limit on the main settings page, then relabled Volume as Audio Boost and put it on the secondary page. Future update hint Minelab? Again, from the manual: "The Volume Limit sets the maximum volume for target signals. When detecting, the sound produced by a target can be very loud. Adjust the Volume Limit to ensure that loud targets do not hurt your ears. The Volume Limit has a range of 1-20, with a preset of 12." More like a blast limiter than a volume control but this control is the one you really need to use to control how loud the GPZ is. I find 12 to be way too high for me, and by coincidence 4 turned out to also work for me there. The final piece of the puzzle is the actual threshold setting. I find 22 works well for me when I am in very quiet locations, and I bump to 25 if there is noise from wind or whatever around me. There are other audio settings but I try to mess with as little as possible to keep changes simple if I do a master reset. On full reset I: Main Settings (Detect) Page 1. Switch from default Difficult ground setting to Normal 2. Sensitivity from default 9 to 20 3. Volume (Audio Boost) from default 8 to 4 Next Page - Detect Plus 4. Threshold from default 27 to 22-25 depending 5. Volume Limit from default 12 to 4 6. Audio Smoothing Off Next page - Settings 7. GPS from default off to Enhanced 8. Wireless from default Off to On 9. Connect to WM12 wireless module 10. Finally, go to Map Menu under View and turn View Geotrail from Default off to On Only after all this is done do I go through the Quick Start frequency scan and ground balance (with ferrite). These settings all will be retained with power off so done once and I am pretty well set. All I do from then on is fire up in morning and do the Quick Start routine, which I will repeat at lunch time or if I move to a new area. The only thing I have to really remind myself to do is when starting each hunt to go to the Create Geodata page to initiate saving my path to memory. If you are reading Minelab, why can't I assign this to the user button? And, if I forget and walk 1/4 mile before before doing it, it sure would be nice to be offered the option to pick up and save that last 1/4 mile, which is clearly there on screen and in memory, instead of losing it. But I digress....... Again, once all this gets set up it is retained on power off and repower, so for me I fire the GPZ 7000 up, do the Quick Start, go to Create Geodata, and start my hunt. The only setting I mess with may be the threshold, which I use as a sort of final audio sensitivity control. The secret to all this pretty much boils down to a hundred hours or more of using the GPZ to get used to the audio and the way the machine responds to the ground. In doing so it all becomes about coil control and sweep speed. When I run into ground noise, hot rocks, or other issues like salt ground, the only thing that normally changes is how fast I hunt. Everything quiet I go faster, more sounds I slow down. In salt ground I am moving at a crawl, letting the audio feedback dictate the sweep speed. I set up an artificial threshold of rising high tones and descending low tones by using a carefully controlled slow sweep. Even small nuggets still pop for me in salt ground. In other ground no matter what else is going on with these settings a nugget just goes "BANG"!! Chris Ralph and I hunt together a lot. He tried not even the full bore version of this, and immediately went back to his quieter settings. WARNING! I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THESE SETTINGS! All I am doing is telling you what I am doing. I am not saying they are the “best” settings or any such nonsense. They clearly will not work for many people and in many locations etc. etc. whatever. Running too hot can be counter productive. The happiest thing about the GPZ 7000 is in most cases it gets the gold if you get the coil over it using almost any settings. Chris certainly does as well as I using the settings he uses and he is happier for it. There are various “quiet” settings being used by others out there and they are finding lots of gold doing what they do. You do have to put the coil over the nugget first and foremost, and I am not going to be a settings snob and claim I know best for anyone besides myself. I have no doubt someday I will run into ground where I do something completely different. Always remember, there is never one magic setting for all times and places, otherwise all we would need is an on/off knob. Use what works for your ground and your own personal comfort level. But now at least nobody can say I did not tell you what settings I am using. Last warning though – getting a new GPZ 7000 and doing this would be like buying a new race car having never driven one, then getting in and just flooring it. You are going to crash and burn. If you are new to the GPZ, do please take it easy and give it time. It is one of those machines that really grows on you with time. Anyone giving up on it with under 50-100 hours really has not even tried. Or maybe GPX style hunting is just better for them. Just my opinion. Again, whatever works.
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