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Rechargeable " Canned Air " Blower

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Just to clarify my post above....  I use an electric blower, open both doors, the big exhaust fan at one door ends up creating a good draft that carries a lot of the dust out the door.  Still just re-arranging dust but if you stand outside the door and sun hitting just right you can see TONS of dust leaving the shack.

Raking and burning slash today so haven't tried mucking out the work rig yet.....

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4 hours ago, mn90403 said:

Cars in a city like Santa Monica get street crud and the blooming trees this time of year will match just about anything a desert has.  This old 4Runner has been over the dirt roads of California, Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming but these trees and birds here give it a patina unlike those roads.  The Jacaranda is a dirty tree.


I thought I recognised those purple flowers in the background. Jacarandas are horrible trees. Those flowers when it’s wet just turn to mush, same with Hibiscus flowers. 

As for the bush patina on cars, that’s exactly why I just bought a plain white four wheel drive. That poor things is going to see some horrible conditions in the near future but having the white paint will help hide a bit of damage. Great ideas for the blowers too.

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Taskmaster got a "deal" on a DeWalt blower and that little thing came in handy as can be,

It worked a treat when we were dry blowing!!!!!!

We would use it to blow off the backhoe and it worked great on the air filters---- plus he used it on me a few times too..My lungs show opacity since i have been going to WA for some reason...🤠. I was the dry blowing monkey who cleaned out the feeds from the hopper to the Keenes... but i didnt have the heart to tell the doc....

We used the Dewalt for many different things and were really impressed upon how handy it was. 

The last picture is my favorite--- all done and dusted and 4X time---- with a  brilliant lounger seat donated by Condor!!!!  Condor that seat made the Taskmaster happy!!!!! 






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Wish I had one this morning when I noticed I'd left my passenger side window down all night (and, yes, it rained...  :sad:)  I'd like to say that's never happened before, but I don't like to lie.

I gotta get one of those blowers for my shop and dispense with the canned air.  Being able to take it along on detecting excursions will be a bonus.

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  I just turn this around, and open the doors!      👍👍


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NZ tourist shops sell canned air to the tourists for as high as $143 a can.  They buy it too, a lot of it! now that Covid is around they're probably paying a lot more for some fresh air 😛



Would you believe it was a hot selling thing? forgot chocolate bars, kiwi fruit, wines, stuffed toy kiwi's and other things, the tourists wanted the canned air 🙂


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