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48 minutes ago, Chase Goldman said:

We do have it, I don't recommend it either at this time for the OP's situation.  I think having a controller (Orx or Deus) is essential for full featured hunting, including pinpoint feature and ability to do updates.  Orx a better value than Deus lite IMO.

Ok for the Deus Lite avail. in the US

Actually my seller wanted to sell me the controller when I bought the Deus in 2013 but I found the single controller   a little bit too expensive at more than 500euros  ...  🙂      

 As I almost do not change the "Deus fast" mode factory settings ( except for fulltones once and frequency in the field depending on the iron trash ) I do not really need the controller . The software internet updates are done by my seller.  But probably I am the only one , most of the Deus users have the controller over here ... 🙂

Yes I agree the Orx is certainly a better value than the Deus Lite , the Orx controller is more friendly to use than the WS4 little screen and buttons ..

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On 8/24/2020 at 12:09 AM, Jeff McClendon said:

I have owned the Deus, the ORX and still own the Equinox 600 and 800. I like all four detectors. The Equinox just fits my needs better than the Deus and ORX.

So to me, it all depends on what kind of detecting you do since the Deus/ORX were not designed to be "do it all well" detectors.

If you are a beach person mostly, I cannot see any reason why you would want a Deus/Orx as a backup since they are not waterproof and you cannot even submerge the coils in water without losing the wireless connection from the coil to the remote control unless you use the waterproofing kit that includes a wire that runs from the coil to the control unit.

If you hunt in thick human produced nail and other iron trashy areas the Deus would be a great alternative to the Equinox. The ORX would be a workable alternative but it does not have adjustable iron tone volume or a pitch mode in its discrimination modes like the Deus does. It is three tones only.

If you hunt in large amounts of modern aluminum trash mostly, I cannot see how the Deus/Orx would really be a workable backup to your Equinox. To me that is the weakest part of the Deus/ORX since numerical target ID is not their strong suite. They are great tone detectors but picking through tons of aluminum trash without accurate target ID is no fun with any detector.

If you are a relic hunter in open fields with lower amounts of shallow iron or aluminum trash, the Deus or Orx would be a great detector for sifting out good targets in between the trash. The Equinox is really good at this too.

If you are a gold prospector, the Deus and even more so the ORX are excellent alternatives to the outstanding Equinox for a lightweight VLF gold prospecting detector.

The Deus and Orx are not going to become the same detector no matter what software changes are made since they do not share even the same display or button functions. They do share some coils and some DNA and features. However, the Deus is highly adjustable and the ORX has basic features. The Deus is an outstanding relic detector and the best VLF there is in thick iron nail beds, it is pretty good for coins and jewelry in aluminum trashy parks and also pretty good at gold prospecting. For beach work in the surf............I wouldn't do it. The ORX is also an outstanding relic detector with less features and adjustments compared to the Deus, is pretty good for coins and jewelry and is outstanding as a gold prospecting detector which is what it was made for originally. Again, for saltwater surf .........I wouldn't do it. Again, in my opinion there are other detectors that can handle aluminum trashy parks much better than the Deus/ORX.

The Equinox 600 and 800 are exactly the same detector except the 800 has more features and one extra button for the User Profile. In 1 tone or 50 tones, set up the same way in Park, Field, and Beach modes they are absolutely identical. 

If I wanted a backup aluminum trashy park and beach detector, I would buy the Nox 600, a Vanquish 540 basic model (since you already have bluetooth headphones from the 800 which will work on the 540), look at the Garrett APEX or the Nokta Makro Simplex, Kruzers or Anfibios. Those NokMak detectors have almost Deus-like lightening fast recovery speeds and are fully waterproof with saltwater beach capabilities including the handle vibrate mode for underwater target responses, so no waterproof headphones are necessary.


If someone needed do it all capability including placer prospecting, I'm curious which option you would recommend.  ORX + Simplex for beach or NOX 800 plus 6" coil.  

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If “do it all” includes salt beach detecting, ORX w/ Elliptical 9x5 + Vanquish 440/540 or Nox 600 (not Simplex - Simultaneous multi frequency gives superior stability and depth in salt, if fresh water only, the single frequency Simplex is fine) or the Equinox 800 + the upcoming 10x5 Coiltek (provided its performance is proven out in real world tests) instead of the 6” coil.  

I hesitate to mention this in an XP thread :smile: but you could conceivably get away with just the Equinox 600 run in Park 2 or Field 2 mode for placer gold and using just the stock coil or invest in a 6” or the forthcoming Coiltek 10x5” coil I recommended above.

See the following post for gold hunting with Equinox, including tips I excerpted below on how to get it done on the 600 even without the Gold modes:

Finally, for the worst ground and for EQUINOX 600 owners we have other alternatives. There is no reason at all why the other modes cannot be used to nugget hunt. Park 2 and Field 2 are both very hot on small targets and offer the ability to use tones while nugget hunting. Prospectors who encounter salt lakes/salt flat situations would do well to remember the Beach modes as possible last ditch settings.

“Either Park 2 or Field 2 can make for very good nugget hunting modes. I prefer to use Park 2 as a base because by default Field 2 blocks out or rejects the key target id numbers 1 and 2. Small gold nuggets read there, so using Park 2 makes sure somebody will not accidentally reject nuggets in that range. You can use Field 2, but beware those blocked numbers and adjust accordingly.”  



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Thanks.  I ordered an XP ORX last night.  I know the NOX might seem like a more obvious choice, but I really like the light weight and higher frequency options.  I'm going with the 11" coil for general purpose and 9.5" HF coil for gold/separation.  I'll probably add one of the vanquish models as a backup/beach detector.  

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Those are the same reasons why I bought my ORX about 5 months ago. A few items that I found helpful:

-XP posted a very helpful video on installing the battery for the XP HF coils.

-I found the small type and images in the ORX printed manual very hard to read. Download the manual from the XP site and view on your computer.

-You'll probably want to purchase one of the XP pinpointers.

Have fun!


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