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When Finding Bigger Gold, Is It Best To Not Show It Off?

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Best to keep quiet till the trip is over. However if you have not finished with the patch wait till you have, as someone might of seen your vehicle at that spot or somewhere else. human nature will mean they will hit were you have been sighted. 😬

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   Security is definitely going to be more important as the price rises! 👍👍

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I like the pictures.   They encourage me when my workload is too high to get out myself.


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These days I am very reluctant to show off finds. Some years back a mate of mine showed some serious gold to a female he was trying to impress. (I purposely avoided calling her a lady) This woman had some nasty acquaintances who paid my friend a visit at his secluded farm house armed with shotguns. To prove they were serious, they blew a hole in the wall above his head. Gold gone. Now I only ever show photos after the gold has been sold, as I too was robbed of about six ounces a couple of years ago.

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  That's a beautiful piece!!

  I know what you mean! I know some young family members who don't know how to use a rotary phone!☎️  What a pager is!📟 Or how to use a flip phone! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  Detector technology is slow compared to communications technology! Probably in relation to the amount of users each has!!👍👍

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I had a forum member start ringing and emailing me 3 months before his annual trip to the gold fields, carried on like the friendship was more important than the gold.  Every conversation included how we must go detecting together.

When he arrived I put him up at the homestead for the night, if I recall correctly I provided dinner for him and his wife. Again, he emphasized how we must go detecting together.

The next day I escorted them 60klms across the station, found them a camping spot then popped him in my vehicle, drove him about pointing out at least 6 or 7 spots where I had found gold as well as a number of spots I thought worthy of a try.  Again, we must go detecting together.

Called in a few times over the next couple of weeks to make sure they were okay (elderly couple) each time telling me we must go detecting together.

One day I called in and said I've got a few hours to spare and brought my detector with me, how about we go detecting together.

" Please don't take offense Steve, but we just found 3 little sub grammers and it might be the start of a patch so we'd rather keep it to ourselves"

It was on a spot I pointed out to them!

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    I'm guessing that you are no longer facebook friends with them!😜👍👍

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Yeah Phrunt I understand where you are, many years back I`d agree and even argued with you 100%, but as Steve states is a quandary I just hope you go through without being "seasoned" as Gerry aptly posts, no doubt you add a lot of positive content to DP, perhaps us old campaigners have grown too cynical, isn`t wisdom at all.

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One of my biggest regrets is telling a couple of fellow club members about where I found a larger nugget. After all, one of the club’s mottos is “no secrets”! In trying to be careful, I gave the name of a small claim that was nearby and seldom visited. Later on, I decided the claim name I had given would be a desirable location to look into in more depth due to being closer to the source in the same drainage. Upon revisiting the “decoy” claim, the landscape had been totally changed. It had been intensely creviced and dredged to smithereens. Needless to say, I’m a lot more careful about sharing info with club members now. You live and learn, right?

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