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Two days out and each of you gets a half dollar?!  I'm envious.

I think you are right about the key fob having an Oldsmobile emblem.  Lots of similar designs can be found on Google Images.  I thought it might be old (pre-50's) but I noticed a zip code which means 1963 or later.  (The two letter state abreviations also were introduced at the same time.)  I have something similar from GMAC (the banking division that did GM's internal financing) from back in the late '80s with that postage guarantee.  I wonder why Milwaukee; could it have been a dealership's address?  Just a WAG on my part.  I find lots of keys (and assume all park detectorists do) but not anything quite like that.  It's surprising there wasn't a key attached.

Rare to find an unsearched park.  And so many potential silver targets that you treated copper pennies as trash?  Mind if I come along behind you and sweep up the dregs?

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I'd welcome you anytime!!! GB As always thanks for your help on the finds.

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Thats a descent haul, trade hunting grounds? You can sharpen your skills on sparse targets in iron and trash riddled spots others gave up on 🙂

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Excellent finds and pictures dog!💰

   I forgot where that park was; can you tell me again!🤣 👍👍

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Great finds for sure and wish you the best of luck on your next hunt.

Old parks and churches are the best.

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    • By kac
      The rubber boot cover for the trigger on my Gold Racer fell off somewhere. Are they sold separately?

    • By rod-pa
      I know I moan now and then about not having access to many of the S or D mint coins here in Pennsylvania, but this spring I have been on a number of new permissions that have really added quite a bit to the type set I have been building of my dug coins.  It does make me appreciate the wide range of mint years and coins in my area.  Yes, coppers come out pretty ragged some times, but since they aren't getting sold, its no matter.  These weren't all gotten this spring, but ill put an x next to those.  
      x New Jersey Copper
      Spanish period counterfeit copper
      x Half cent Classic head 1809-29
      Large cent Liberty Caps, including a 1795 lettered edge
      Large cent Draped busts
      Large cent Classic heads
      Large cent Matron heads
      x Large cent Braided hair
      Flying eagle
      a whole tribe of Indian cents
      x Two Cent
      Shield Nickel - no rays
      Liberty head nickels
      herd of buffalos
      war nickels
      Liberty seated half dime
      Liberty seated dime
      Barber dimes
      Barber Quarter
      Standing Liberty Quarters
      Walking Liberty Halves 
      Franklin Half
      Peace dollar
      NON-US Mints
      1786 Half Reale x2
      x 1801 Reale
      Canadian large cents
      Canadian Bank Tokens
      This is not a plug for the company or any sort of recommendation to buy stuff, but on libertycoinservice.com, they have a free PDF archive of type set documents that are really nice to summarize things if anyone is interested in type coins.
      happy hunting, stay hydrated out there!
    • By Glenn in CO
      Well our club held it first club outing last week since the pandemic began last year. The club has had Zoom meetings every month for those who wanted to keep in touch, but everyone was itching to get together and enjoy some relic hunting. The club trip leader announced that this outing would be the thirty-fifth time the club has been to this site, the last time was 2018 and many coins (Seated Quarter, Indian Heads, Shield Nickels) tokens and relics were found. This club outing V-Nickels, Shield Nickels, Seated Dime, Indian Heads, Wheat Cents, tokens and relics were found. You would think after thirty-five times to this site it would be some what hunted out, but the site keeps producing or is our metal detectors technology getting better? Mostly Equinox's, Garrett's, XP Deus's , Whites were being used. My wife was using a XP Deus and I was using a Nokta Kruzer with a five inch coil. Looking forward to the next club outing the first part of June and other outings for the rest of the year.
      Club members getting ready to head out to the Ghost Town

      Beautiful day to be relic hunting

      Here are some of the tokens and relics I and my wife found

    • By Jeff McClendon
      A "new", easier to operate, gold probability scale 61 kHz nugget prospecting detector using the Anfibio platform from Nokta Makro. I did not see this coming......

    • By Dances With Doves
      I was checking  CNBC and copper hit 4.599 cents per pound.That  puts the copper penny at over 3 cents for each one. Save your copper it is the  new  oil according to a article on CNBC  plus recycling is always good.  
    • By Tahoegold
      So, I really like the Makro Gold Racer. I keep finding more things about it. Recently, I found a really tiny 14k gold chain visually, just lying on the ground.  I had my compadre and it couldnt pick it up. I took the chain home and tried it on my GR. I had the factory settings, 10 on disc, using Disc 2 the deeper one, and tone break at 30. Nothing, I couldn't get it to detect it.
      So, while I was waving this chain in front of the 10" DD coil I started lowering the disc, I realized the ID number was about 3. So, I experimented with going one number at a time all the way to 0. At 1 I could get a somewhat clear signal. At zero it was a nice signal. Even the big coil coild pick it up at about an inch.
      I have been trying to find micro jewelery with no luck. Maybe this is why. I have not used the disc mode in all metal. You see, I really like the clear signal the disc modes give. I have a hard time "reading" the all metal mode. I can really hear the signals in the disc modes. Why is the all metal mode so hard to understand? So very faint target sounds compared to the really obvious ones in disc.
      So, am I searching in all metal when disc is at 0? It sure seems as deep and sensitive as all metal. I get much more audible info than all metal in my opinion. However, I have to state here, I'm not an expert. I know the all metal has a way of indicating a target with thresh hold sounds too, or, the silence of the thresh hold sometimes on tiny targets. But, it's not as easy as this method. I really could hear this tiny chain this way.
      Can I hunt just as effectively like this or should I keep trying to learn the all metal mode? What's your opinions? And, please, lets keep this discussion to the Gold racer and those who have one. 
      I'm actually really glad to have discovered this. I'm fortunate to have this chain to test.
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