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Two days out and each of you gets a half dollar?!  I'm envious.

I think you are right about the key fob having an Oldsmobile emblem.  Lots of similar designs can be found on Google Images.  I thought it might be old (pre-50's) but I noticed a zip code which means 1963 or later.  (The two letter state abreviations also were introduced at the same time.)  I have something similar from GMAC (the banking division that did GM's internal financing) from back in the late '80s with that postage guarantee.  I wonder why Milwaukee; could it have been a dealership's address?  Just a WAG on my part.  I find lots of keys (and assume all park detectorists do) but not anything quite like that.  It's surprising there wasn't a key attached.

Rare to find an unsearched park.  And so many potential silver targets that you treated copper pennies as trash?  Mind if I come along behind you and sweep up the dregs?

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I'd welcome you anytime!!! GB As always thanks for your help on the finds.

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Thats a descent haul, trade hunting grounds? You can sharpen your skills on sparse targets in iron and trash riddled spots others gave up on 🙂

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Excellent finds and pictures dog!💰

   I forgot where that park was; can you tell me again!🤣 👍👍

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Great finds for sure and wish you the best of luck on your next hunt.

Old parks and churches are the best.

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    • By phrunt
      The 24k was relatively short lived by comparison of other US made detectors that seem to hang about on the market for 10 to 25 years, being a US detector it was a bit difficult for me to ever get my hands on one and I guess I was just too slow at making the move on one.  So I'm considering an alternative.  I like my Gold Monster but it is a bit simplified and I prefer more options so I just use it as a pinpointer, at the moment my primary prospecting VLF is the Equinox, I rarely use anything else.  I have a Gold Bug 2 but find it a bit primitive especially with features and I'd prefer a detector with Target ID's and the tiny gold improvement over the Nox I find is very minimal, the Nox has a great range of features and does a pretty good job but I'm wondering If I'd get a bit more out of a dedicated prospecting VLF with a higher frequency.  Am I losing much not using a 24k and sticking with my Equinox?
      The Nokta Gold Kruzer seems a viable choice, it's extremely cheap and sitting in stock at my local dealer, it has Nel coil support which I absolutely think is a major bonus, the Nel snake coil is made for it, and to me this seems the ultimate prospecting coil. I have it for my Fisher Gold Bug Pro but that detector just doesn't cut it for depth on small gold for me as I live in a place with a majority of the gold being very small.   I need a the best VLF for hot rocks possible.
      Why is it that Nokta detectors just aren't as popular, they seem to make a great range.  The Gold Kruzer and Gold Racer are what people have wanted in VLF prospecting detectors, aftermarket coil support, features dripping off them, quality builds and water proof and so on yet you don't see them as detectors people are using.  Why is this?  Steve H had a Gold Kruzer, Gold Monster etc, etc.... yet ended up settling on the 24k instead.  Is the 24k that much better than the Nokta?  What made the 24k the keeper and the Nokta the one to go.
      Would I be better off waiting to see what Garrett come out with, with any luck Nel will make coils for Garrett's version of a 24k.
      I've never owned a Notka, I am a bit puzzled why they make such feature packed and on paper great looking detectors yet people aren't using them. 
    • By Againstmywill
      This is a rare day for me...3 silver dimes (first time ever)! I went back out for another hour at sunset to see what else could be found in the area I found the Barber this morning. I would never have guessed it would be another Barber day, and the first year of issue at that! The settings stayed the same, and the tones were about the same. I have gone over this area in the past, but when it gets hot and humid in FL, digging a dime isn't worth the effort sometimes. Well, I won't be passing up jumpy dime signals in that area again! It has been very dry here, so I will be hitting this patch of grass again when it rains and lowering the recovery speed. Also, I dug a coin(?) that is 3.1 grams(penny), and it looks to be squashed. However, the thickness is very consistent, unlike a train running over the coin. From one angle, it appears to say 1877 or 1827. Anyone have an idea?
       Equinox 800, 15", Park 1, 7 recovery, 22 sensitivity

    • By Dancer
      Running the Biggin today, reached down for some feint dimes and one nice 9" coin spill.     Real nice coil, cleaning up what was left.
      That spill had 5 nickels 2 dimes and a quarter all stacked.   Numbers were all over the place. But in disc mode easily made out the chimes with the nickel bongs.   Doesn't always turn out that way. High, low or deep, the Biggin was snagging them today.  The spill coins are near the tip of the shovel.

    • By F350Platinum
      Extended at the park one more day and I'm glad I did. Got a ton of practice looking at depth and analyzing targets before digging. Got really good at plugs.
      I only looked a bit around the farmhouse, got mostly trash and a couple of pennies. I did dig an old large cent, unfortunately no details. 😵 It's 1 1/8" wide, thick and heavy. Looks like someone tried to put a hole in it.

      Next I went to the canal and old dock:

      Coins everywhere. I also visited the volleyball court to do the other half.
      Didn't find anything stellar, 3 wheats, the oldest is 1924. Oldest quarter was 1967. 25 modern coins today! It was quantity, not quality. 😀 Feel like this was a beach trip, but overall it was a total blast and I met a lot of nice people.

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