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  1. It's like any piece of tech , use it and the way will come to you.
  2. Good advice ^ from VL. Welcome aboard , and prepare to LEARN A LOT there's so much already posted . Ask anything you want to find out about. I find going to the door and knocking is a good start sometimes. Have a few rehearsed lines ready. (Dressing a couple levels up from usual helps too.) Maybe have a "card" made up . Offer to give a demo of how your dug holes disappear due to your "immense experience and skill" , OK you may need to practice that ,,,now , go get a permission....(if they say no , keep trying , start next door . Once you are in at one place you can work the neighborhood using the first place as a reference....
  3. Been living on wheels for ~40 years , seen the flooding thing a number of times. Not me but lets call them "other's clues".. I typically only stay in a campground if I'm working there (more stories on that another time but my pirate job is in there ! ) Now I just fill my tank and disconnect the hose , If I want to spoil myself with higher pressure than my pump can do , I stay hooked up but shut off the pressure when leaving the rig. Maintenance on an RV is much less that owning a stix and brix. IMO.. A week at a beach is better than a year away from one ! Skuh kuh kuh kuh Anyhoo , nice booty from yer visit.
  4. Any day on a beach is a good day in my book. RV issues and the food poisoning sure can put a crunch on enthusiasm though.
  5. Temp in the 40s but the red buds are poppin' on the maples...I'm givin' my 'ol body a weekend off...( broken down and falling apart , probably cursed) Aye it's a really nice place here , gettin' awful crowded on the coast fer me taste though....and it's not just in the summah anymoah let me tell ya Chummy ! I hear 'em say we been "gentrified" , guess that means "took over" . Lots of no trespassing signs where once there were none... Might have to move to the hills an get a flow thru? Passin' I've seen Aquachig's vids uptah camp . He does go Downeast ,WAY up th' coast ! I like his little jetboat arrrrrr ,,,,,,and ain't no doubt , that boy must have a BIG barn the amount of stuff he brings home.
  6. 350 THAT is exactly why I picked that mossy spot under the tree to detect first ! There's an abandoned road with a stone wall about 10 feet behind the tree that will be checked . It all was also on a hill overlooking the field. The property was once part of the old farm across the road that one of the kids put a mobile home on back in the 70-80s judging by the design of the interior , so the junk pile will wait a while... The piece of wire said "cows" to me . I really want to get to across the road areas soon too , big barn falling in on itself plus much more fields. Tendonitis trashed elbows reminding me of old far worse pains so scoops on the beach twice for every shovel day on the farm is what I going with this summah . Maybe some relic hunting on colonial sites for good measure in there too , me 'ol Cap is gonna be here researching his Mayflower grampy's old place. (Yup , I think I got 'im hooked on detecting .......) Yo 'oh !
  7. Passin' I found the site in the fall so readin' up didn't cut intah my fishin' or detectin' time too much and shovelin' the white stuff was low on MY priority list way behind monitoring the correct amount of heat from my buddy heater !!! Still not even close to bein' able to say "I Read It All" either.... everybody just KEEPS POSTING !!! Skuh kuh kuh kuh Cap sez hope ya find the perfect new detector and mind the coil like you just set a pot. Oh Ayuh.
  8. Fine looking pieces of metal right there.
  9. And I thought they just sold chicks at the feed + farm......🤠
  10. Already planned. yup yup. The stone walls will get their own turn under the coil. I haven't even really started on the field yet , No crops these days but want to beat the hay for easier swings. The guy that lives there found a clad quarter right at the entrance to the field from the woods. There will be more from this spot..........an old dump in those woods between the field and the house too. (plus another hundred acres across the road on the old farm that this property was once a part of.) Stay Tuned... Digging through the roots trash my elbows , so need some easy(er) Son's Of The Beach time first !!!!
  11. Today's hunt was in an old field inland about 5 miles . Short session. Did a grid on a section with lots of moss under a tree. Swept it with the 15x12 ,marked targets and switched to 6" to pinpoint. (9v dead in the 35) Would have switched to the small one anyway , still aching from yesterday....... Half a rivet , an old nail and a 3" piece of barbed wire.
  12. Well kinda (but that's another story) 1 clad dime and 3 memorial pennies , a fishing sinker , an unfired 22 pellet rifle round . 2 1/2 pull tabs and a bunch of tinfoil balls one of which looked like it was turning back to aluminum ore! ( or maybe it was just BBQ sauce ?) and a few odd pieces of iron I haven't washed off yet????? About 3 hours in park1 sens 22 , f2=0 disc = off., the 6" coil on the fully updated 800 Swinging in an old campground (it was root city) I watched being built 60 years ago when I was a little kid 200 yards across the cove through mom's binoculars cuz I was too young to row that far ......somewhere in the wilderness that is the southern Maine coast..I was surrounded by old growth white pine that were protected by the King of England for ship's masts for exclusive use of the Royal Navy....My fave site 30' straight up a cliff from the water ,,,and only covered 1/10th of it. , (It's overlooking "my rock" , where I've been fishing for striped bass since I was 2. It was low tide 2 clam diggahs on the flats , one arrived by boat.........) It was sunny On shore S. <5kts 62* No pics.. I am unworthy. UH AYUH yup yup
  13. Welcome aboard Matey ! Ya already made the find of what yuz be lookin' fer,,,,this forum is the mother lode. And I 'ave no doubt ya'll fit in here jus finest kind ! You bin doin' very well with that little "ol Bounty Hunter so farrrrrr ...and ya seem ta 'ave some most excellent areas ta be swingin' 'er ovaaaar ! I'd say keep using th' weapon ya already 'ave fer a while longarrr and hangin' out here fer a few more weeks will probably get ya to which new rig might be suitin' yer needs best. Lots of 'em be equipped with those tones of which ye spoke. Ask any questions ya have as ya go along and the crew will have ya on a true course to the treasarrrrrrrrrr in no time arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
  14. So , stringy chicken. You'll need a pinpointer when you clean them out though. But if you mesquite smoke it ! You might forget about gold ,,,well , for a minute or two anyway.
  15. Me too , I'd been a tron since a 12yo but he sure filled in any gaps I had .
  16. One question...... Is that the best you can do ? Skuh kuh kuh kuh My old master (electrician) used to ask me that when I did everything perfect !
  17. Welcome aboard the treasure train Robilard ! Allll aboooaaaaaaaaard ! skuh kuh kuh kuh Good to fill in all the holes,,,,,,,,,in yer knowledge ! ( and the ones you dig too) Good luck out there in N.Cali ! Good country to be prospectin' in.
  18. F350P If they do , hope there's a porto-san nearby ! skuh kuh kuh kuh kuh
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