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Gold Price Expected To Rise Significantly Soon

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I agree that the price of gold is manipulated like everything else.  Gold should have reached $5K/oz years ago if it was priced correctly to cover the amount of world debt.

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Market forces always take time...it all depends on when the buying cycle ends for manufacturers and when the various investment entities decide to trade. They could also decide to just buy or trade whats in the vaults and ride it out. Normally a 10% deficit in a commodity creates a ripple effect. But when the 'powers in charge' decide that its a problem and start buying.trading big, is anyone's guess......

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The price of gold is driven by a number of different factors starting with basic supply and demand. Those drivers are more than just production and non-investment consumption, though. Price drivers get more complicated from an investor's perspective as gold is generally priced in US dollars and will move depending on what the dollar is doing relative to other currencies. 

Price is further complicated by the fact the dollar and gold move relative to real interest rates (think a treasury yield minus inflation).  If real rates move up or are at least expected to relative to other currencies than investors will push up the dollar.  A higher dollar would generally be a negative factor for the price of gold. 

Also, if investors can earn a positive real yield than gold is less attractive as it doesn't pay anything.  If real yields are negative, than than gold is more attractive as the dollar is likely losing buying power.

On Russia, the gold it produces and wants to sell will likely leak into the market. Both India and China have been buying Russian crude.



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So much for the so called experts saying the gold price is going to rise! 🤣

Since they announced this, the price has just fallen like a stone to be now under $1700 USD for the first time in over a year! 🙄

Well done "experts", you have mozzed us all!


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