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What To Do With Wallet, Keys, Etc. While Out Detecting In The Water?

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I use one of those plastic coated wire twisting things you get at Home Depot for securing wire cables and hang my keys somewhere under the car or someplace out of sight, can even put them up in a near-by tree above eye level.

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When I am water hunting wallet stays home. Drivers license in glove box. Key goes with me in the water. The only issue I have had is on vacation using a rental car. The have keys sometimes that have an integrated module with battery that opens and locks doors, etc. If you take those in salt water it will kill the electronics. Which I did because trying to hide keys on a vehicle in a busy tourist location - yeah, I worry somebody will see where I place them.

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I leave my windows down and keys in the ignition. Wallet in my glovebox. I live in northern Michigan and don't worry about it.

Maybe I should protect it more.

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how about if you put a sticker on the car that says anybody stealing from this vehicle will be cursed and some sort of nastiness will follow them the rest of their life? No doubt some bad apples will think twice as hard before breaking in and attribute any bad things happening to them afterwards  to that sticker..

I didn't know about water ruining key Fobs? I had  mine in the Wabash river in Indiana and it was ok afterwards but I was told dealers charge like $175 for a new key fob,OUCH...

I am looking for a water proof cell phone and I see the new Apple SE for April 24,2020 release date, at only $399  is waterproof to 3 feet  for 30 minutes? I tend to leave my phone in a shirt pocket and of course when one leans over, out it comes and down below it goes. And if you were leaning over to look at a spot in the creek, UH OH !!


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After dropping my phone in a creek once when using my GM1000 I invested in one of these 🙂



Waterproof to 15ft

They also do a model just for keys and cards and so on, but they fit in the phone one with my phone



I'm sure a similar product would exist in the US of A.

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My wallet stays in my pocket while detecting.  In almost 60 years of having a wallet, I've yet to lose it. 

As for keys, I carry two sets in my pockets and one elsewhere that is accessible.

In the water, wallet stays dry in vehicle most of the time.

And I always place a  visibly empty box of cartridges on the dash. 

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I approach dry land detecting and diving the same, probably a force or habit from the latter. Key fob stays in the truck with normal keys, I keep the actual key to the truck with me. I usually leave wallet at home and have a small waterproof wallet/sleeve that I throw my ID and a credit, debit, and $20 cash in. 

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Keys on top of one of the tires and wallet in the console.  20 yrs water hunting and no problem so far.  My problem is getting in and out of the wet suit that I have to wear due to swimmers itch in public. LOL

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I leave my wallet in the car.  I place my key fob in a thick zip lock bag and then put the bag in a waterproof dry box that I carry with me.  

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It is good though to carry valuable thing while you are going for beach hunting. First remember why we want to  carry  these thing. If answer is that its security then we should keep it right place like locker or other secured place that we can recovery in well manager 

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