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  1. Deteknix copied three Tek and Fisher machines. Only one sort of made it to market, the Pro. They tried to take some of the best featured parts of numerous detectors and put it into one product. Everyone was copying T2 software in China. Deteknix enhanced the software and added features not found in the T2. Original sales market was Africa and then Europe. Not much First Texas could do to stop it. Until Deteknix opened up shop in the USA. That's the basic story.
  2. Yeah, they may have shown their hands and now Nokta/Makro knows what it needs to compete and beat them............might just be worth the wait..........................
  3. Especially when it comes to Tesoros, they are like Timex watches, they just keep on ticking. If it works, use it. No reason to mess with a Tesoro unless you really need to.
  4. I am one of the moderators at the Forum portion. Couldn't escape the job. Admin has been an absentee landlord. Who put his heart and sole into the forum. Which never really took off. Over the past year or so, as mod, I had very limited powers. It was being infiltrated by spammers etc., many we weeded out. Then the forum format code got screwed up and the forum was not displaying right. For the past several years, basically a ghost town. Admin was not fixing the issues. He did hang on with the hopes, the site would someday become popular. Sad to see the forum end this way, sad to hear Joe had a medical emergency. Hope he fully recovers, could be a long road for him. Wish him the best!!!
  5. Top left of my webpage Paul's collection https://www.treasurelinx.com/compass.html
  6. By nature I like to improve things for the better. I took a real liking to the Bliss V5 but, it needed something. Decided to replace the scratchy GB pots. Fine adjust pot is bad between 3 and 7, worn carbon wiper inside. Replacing with RV6 precision mini pots. I was going to use a 10 turn for Coarse pot. That idea was shelved as they don't make them in the 500R ohm range. Both pots will be single turn. What I clued in on awhile back and then saw some one mention on a forum regarding the Gain pot. For the most part you don't need to set it higher than 2. And would like the 0-2 or 3 range spread out further. That was my thought as well. So I will be replacing the linear pot with an audio taper pot. It spreads out the range over half the pot rotation, super fine tunes the lower numbers. I will be measuring out the spread between the linear and audio pots to see the exact spread. The V5 is now open and taken apart. Will have it ready this weekend. Will also see if there are any other improvements that can be made.... I did make a very positive s-handle mod. The angle of the handle was a bit too steep, it would tend to bother my bad wrist after awhile. Not enough so I could not keep detecting. The most comfortable s-handle I found was the White's Space Saver (What they call it). Which I have used for all my Pi builds. With a bit of muscle power, bent the Blisstool s-handle to match. This little mod, that didn't cost a penny made a huge difference. Search coil 7x9", balances just about perfect, and now has a wonderful feel about it. =============================================================================================== Update Made the Coarse and Fine GB pot changes to precision pots. Big difference. The usual cheap carbon pots used like most detectors had poor resolution as you turn the control. I watched on the voltmeter, when you rotate the Blisstool pot, a slight movement jumps the settings about 10 points, you you will never get precise GB setting. That's why trying to GB is very touchy. With the new precision pots a slight rotational movement of 1 point increase in settings can be made. This should definitely help out manually ground balancing, getting a spot on GB. Second change was the Gain control. I switched the Blisstool cheap pot with another basic carbon Alpha brand pot (Tesoro, etc. used them). Instead of replacing it with an identical "Linear' taper pot, it was replaced with an "Audio" taper pot. Since most will run around 2 or 3 on the dial. The rest of the rotation is wasteful. With the new pot orig Gain setting from 0-3 is now spread across 0-6. You can now dial in more precise Gain where you need it. Then ramps up closer to the orig. pot. Also shows a bit more added Gain at 10(max). Thinking some of the other controls might benefit from switching to a precision pot or an Audio Taper pot. For those that have a Bliss in the closet gathering dust, some easy modes might just make the Bliss owner a more happy user. Hoping to get out with the V5 Sunday afternoon for a test run
  7. You are using the large stock coil. Update 2.77? Probably EMI. Shift Frequency, run less sensitivity, try a different hunt mode, manually ground balance. Notch out first and or second and last segments. Simplex 100% better operation when using the new smaller coils.
  8. While living in Dallas, Ga, we took a drive up Snote Jones Rd., off Carterville Rd. Dirt sand road at the top was a quarry, off to the side was a cemetery dating into the 1800's, can't remember if there was a foundation or not. Didn't look into the history of this out of the way place. Moved back north, never got back there. Just to the side was a body of water Black Lake. No access at the time gated off. Might be someplace some one may want to check out Attached are google screenshots. Just did some quick checking on line, some info: This is the family cemetery of Wiley and Nancy Jones from the 1800's. The Cemetery contains mostly the immediate children and the some grand children of Wiley Jones Jr. and his wife Jane. Found a picture
  9. Sounds like then you probably have a bad coil.
  10. Forgive me, I thought you were talking about the Simplex and the stock 11" coil. Just rereading your post. The large DD coils will not pinpoint dead center it will usually be several inches in front when using the pinpoint button or at the tip or heel of the coil when not. You will find the more times you center the target and press the PP button the detector will detune the target and the pinpoint area moves closer to coils center from the coil tip. I find the coils edge helps locate a target. The large coil may be a bit chattery, so you may not be able to run full gain. You may have to drop threshold setting as well. Is it possible your trying to run the Kruzer to hot and sparky?
  11. Could be a faulty coil. Was the detector new sporting the old style coil, which some have a problem? Contact Dilek at Nokta with the serial number of the coil.
  12. Did you do the latest update to 2.77? If so have you tried re-installing the update?
  13. Not a feature on the Simplex. Only Fixed tone breaks. But, the tone breaks are somewhat different between Park 1 and Park 2 modes.
  14. All because some idiot couldn't get it thru his head shovels in local parks is a no-no. Signs recently went up.
  15. Unfortunately, not sure Blisstool is even building any more detectors. So warranty issues could be a problem, don't know. They are keeping the UK forum website, and company website online as a courtesy as they are chock full of good info. The Blisstool owner a number of years back went down another path, more lucrative one than detectors. Was kind of curious what Ahmed Merchev the owner was doing these days. https://alienohypercars.com/ Ahmed Merchev founded ALIENO in 2015 at the age of 31, with a mission to create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present. To this end, he develops the basic technologies of the ALIENO hypercars and provides the initial funding for their creation, investing in ALIENO his own money that he has made in his other successful businesses in the field of robotics and electronics. Ahmed Merchev discovered in his early childhood his passion for electronics, robotics, cybernetics, design and automobiles. At that time, he mastered the basics of electronics on his own and designed his first devices. Subsequently, developing professionally in these fields, he made his first inventions ranging from hobby metal detectors to full-size humanoid robots.
  16. Think there is only a few V6's that made it over. From the Blisstool website: LTC64X v6 is better than v5, with that this LTC64X v6 is: - with improved work at highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, beach search (on the coast, moist soil, dry sand, wet sand, mineralized sands); - with mode ORE, optimized for work at highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, terrains dotted with hot rocks and stones, highly contaminated with iron terrains, beach search in highly mineralized sands; - with mode SOIL, optimized for work at low and medium mineralized terrains, terrains dotted with stones and rocks, beach search in low and medium mineralized sands; - with higher detection speed and higher recovery speed in mode ORE; - with improved depth of detection and improved comfort when working on any type of terrain; - with automatic stabilizer with a very high degree of stabilization.
  17. Just keep finding clad. Charged up the Blisstool V5 last night for a morning hunt before the heat set in with a blazing hot sun starts baking me. Since most areas are pretty dry, not wanting to ruin any grass areas. Went back to a well hit spot where the ground would just damp enough to make for some easy digging and the ground would not dry out. The place is a good choice because the sprinkler system keeps the grass nice and green. This morning. True to form, the sprinklers came on, the grass at my spot was still wet. The rising sun and warming heat soon dried the grass. Made for a clean hunt. Ground balanced the V5 to perfection. Ran smooth with a nice stable threshold all morning. Used the 7x9 search coil again, which is just going to stay on this detector. Since I haven't used the V5 in several weeks, as I was testing out the new Simplex coils, it did take about 1 hour to get back in the swing of things. So a lot of trash was dug, just to get a feel of the audio responses between trash and good trash ( Canadian clad coins). Made for some good education today. There are a couple things I can say about the V5, it loves deeper Canadian clad coins. Pretty much already cleaned the place of surface to 5" deep coins. Finding there sure is a lot more at the 6-8" range than I thought. The V5 just sees them loud and clear, quite surprised how many are dug at the 7" range. Noted all those pesky dimes came from that depth. The only coin that came from a shallow depth of 4" was the Toonie. It sounded like a large surface target. Have to remember that for next time. Hunted from 6:30am to 11:15am, at that point it was too hot to continue, packed it in and drove home, guzzling a bottle of warm water. Yeah it heated up a bit in the cars trunk. This was only my second hunt, the more I use the V5, the more I like it.
  18. Sad to hear, he had some input when the Mirage Pi was original circuit was being designed.
  19. I am sure Dilek at Nokta would be interested in this issue.
  20. Haven't used a MK in a few years. What I noticed with the Simplex. When in Park 1 because of the tone breaks, my gold wedding band sound the same as canslaw. In Park 2 the gold ring and canslaw tone report is different, due to the tone breaks. Just guessing, the tone breaks are as such to make it easier to determine canslaw from other targets in trashy areas.
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