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Arizona Outback And Finders Forums Gone?

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Finders was a complete sh*t -show. Glad its gone..... Chris's forum was excellent though :sad:

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5 hours ago, Clay Diggins said:

AZO forum died quite a while ago.

I posted on AZO for several years as that is where I bought my 5000 and met you at an outing Clay.  Then the forum was gone a few years ago and then it came back with less content, but it still had the thread where I found my big nugget.

I just went to the AZO site and tried to go to the link but as Steve and you both said it is gone.  It didn't seem to be something he wanted to make time for.

I wish you could get the content and put it up with some of your other old saves.

How does the Wayback Machine work on forums like this about content?

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You mean there are other forums people go to, well ain't that just nice to know.

I'm happy right here with all the good people that belong here, and with all the knowledge that is stored on this forum.

Well I say to any of you that goes to the other places good luck if you ever need some real information.

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Finders was the oldest forum in Australia. It has fallen foul of sabotage from a most undesirable forum.

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