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Gerry in Idaho

Your 3 Favorite Finds Of 2019. Here's Mine

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On 12/31/2019 at 3:26 PM, Gerry in Idaho said:

1st favorite find of 2019 is a really rare Barber Quarter.  In fact IT IS THE RAREST of Barber Quarters minted.  I have not had it professionally clean and right now it looks like crap, but of all the coins I have dug up in 40+ years of metal detecting, this is by far the rarest (40,000 minted).  It is a 1913-S.  it was found with a Minelab EQ-800.



Impressive finds, all, Gerry.  I really like the quarter.  Metal detecting for old coins is a kind of stepping back in time.  Although coin collecting comes in many forms, possibly the most popular (and certainly most affordabe!) is searching through pocket change and bank rolls.  Thus I ask "when was the last time someone found a 1913-S Barber Quarter in circulation?"

Realistically it was difficult to find them ever given their low mintage (~40,000 as you point out).  Coin collecting took off after WWII.  Barbers were no longer in cirulation when I started collecting in 1959 (or at least I never saw one).  So the answer to my question is prior to 1960, and even by then it was very unlikely with ~1950 being a more realistic cutoff.  Metal detecting has allowed you to step back in time by at least 60 years.


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My favorites that I snagged for 2019.


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16 minutes ago, kac said:

My favorites that I snagged for 2019.


Kac,  Those finds are really nice.  I like the patina on the 2 bigger green MX coins.  The small white coin is it from Philippines.  Is the ring Tungsten? Thanks for sharing?

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GB,  Since you have been collecting for so long, you realize the rarity of the 13-S Barber.  It is by fare the rarest coin I have found including my many trips detecting in England.  Not sure if you know, but how would you go about getting it professionally cleaned and then graded?  I realize PCSG will mention it has been cleaned, when they slab it, but as is, most folks would not take a 2nd look.  Heck I even thought about getting all 3 cleaned and displaying them together as they all came from the same hole. I realize your input is only advice, but since I am not a serious coin collector, thought I'd ask since it is more of your profession.  Once I figure out how to get the video to upload to Steve's site, I'll be able to share it.  I tried, but it says it is not formatted correctly.  There again, not my specialty.

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    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Amazing what a week of the wrong direction winds can do. Keeping tides very high and pushing sand in...Not Good. But luck was with me the last two hunts and I was able to get into a small section out in the middle of no where and dig some treasures. Four Gold rings and eight silvers.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Most of you do not know the history of metal detecting and my family.  We go back to the early 1970's, my dad, uncle, 1 cousin and I all were pretty avid TH'ers back then.  In the 80's and 90's we took it to a new level and started concentrating more on older sites and doing research.  Our old coin finds were better with a few Barbers and Seated Liberty silvers.  The gold coin had still eluded us for all those yrs.  We knew it was just a matter of time.  Anyway about 20 yrs ago, my little brother started getting serious with detectors and making some nice finds.  It was about 20 years ago when the McMullen clan broke the gold coin barrier (it was me) with an 1852 $2.50 piece found in OR.  Then about 10 years ago on 4th of July I was greedy and hit another (my 2nd) GC of the clan.  My relatives and family started getting a little jealous and well deserving.  Especially my little brother who happened to be on that trip with me when I hit #2, It was a 1902 $5 found here in Idaho.
      Well last week I was with my brother in OR and his Equinox put a smile on his face in more ways than 1.
      Not only did he find a gold coin, but also a Barber and Seated Liberty Half.  Me, I managed to find a clad dime, which is the 1st modern coin that I know of to come from this site.  He does not do much with forums, but did say I could mention them and share the pics.  I wanted to let him have his glory and then after a few days I'd share.
      Here is his 1839 $5, 1907 Barber Half and 1877 Seated Half.  And you know what?  I honestly was a little jealous for about a minute and then I realize his tears were real.  I then became the proud big brother of another gold coin find for the McMullen clan.  I'm so proud of this guy for continuing to go and just keeps on swinging.  Now that I think back, it was meant to be and I was able to be there and share the precious moment with him.

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      Got these Fri. yard hunting.

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      Today I finally had a chance to get out of the house for some much needed detecting. I decided to go to an old church just down the road that has been around since 1859.
      Seems that nobody has been there before as I found almost $3.78 in new coins. I had dug almost a pound of trash before finding anything before 1975.
      I then tried closer to the foundation where there was a ton of roofing nails and then I had a solid 34 tone that was down deep. I'm not talking 6 inches but it was almost 11 inches down when I found it.
      There at the bottom of the hole was a beautiful silver quarter, not just any quarter but a 1926 and it looks just fine to me even with the wear on it.
      After going a little further down the wall and another hundred nails, I found a very nice Indian Head penny in great condition. This IH is in better shape than the 1889 that I had found in my back yard several months ago and is the older brother of it as it is a 1877.
      For the 2 and a half hours I was out there I think that I had done enough for the day as I was getting to cold because of the wind.
      I hope you enjoy the picture of my new coins for my collection.
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      Was pounding sand at the local beach and at the end of my hunt I scored a beautiful Tiffany & Co. PT950 wedding band.
      I’m super happy about this find. Thanks for looking!

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      I just got back from a short 2 hour hunt on a 1830's property and found the usual clad, pull tabs, brass and a wheel weight. BUT I found an odd dime sized  silver coin. It looks like its dated 1885  all inscriptions are unreadable except the date. It has a roman numeral three with a wreath around it and a woman with some kind of armor head plate. This is a coin I've never found before, Any clue???

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