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This thread is a place were I can share and continually update pictures of any of my current gold finds, kind of like a gold diary of sorts. Sometimes I’ll include narrative other times it will be jus

Continuing on with the detecting sessions, yesterday was initially a total failure except for my back up little bits patch on the way home. I spent most of the morning chasing big gold in nasty ground

Been a while since I posted to this thread, this year has been good for me on the gold front with some nice finds. Theses pics are of some of the pieces I found during testing of the NF coil, I’m now

Posted Images

JP , That's how I like threads to go . Far more beneficial to my learning curve than settings ,  coils etc . I hope this is the new trend for all to report . Take care mate an have a great year .



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Solid thread. I like the pics of the area and of the gold found.

Is it possiable to add a pic of the hole or draw on the pic to show the ground type that caught your eye. This thread could replace published books.

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1 hour ago, fredmason said:

Thanks, Jonathan 

nice tiny gold in your areas...are the gold baring areas hot, average  or mild?

Hi Fred generally hot, as an example I have very few areas here where I can use Normal type timings.

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53 minutes ago, Jonathan Porter said:

Hi Fred generally hot, as an example I have very few areas here where I can use Normal type timings.

Great thread, JP. Thanks for setting it up. Are you using HY/difficult in these grounds? How high are you able to go with the gain to still hear deep faint target? Thanks.

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JP, great thread with some interesting observations that you included. I believe that most of what you detailed can be used here in the USA in certain areas.

Hope to learn more and I will keep watching the new threads.

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This is going to be something to follow for sure....a thred where I can actually learn something  about how to find gold..thank you JP.


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That ground looks" hot" and compacted. I'll bet it's a challenge to work in.

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    • By Erik Oostra
      During the last few days I've been having a looksee in new areas on the island away from the old gold diggings.. The geology here is very similar to the areas surrounding the diggings with many quartz veins running through granite outcrops.. where the creek I'm following meets the ocean many igneous intrusions can be seen running through the granite shield that forms the island (which itself is also a massive intrusion).. No gold yet but plenty of snakes! I'm also making the most of the running creeks (they're dry in the dry season) to sluice and pan so I can work out which areas might have some of the yellow stuff.. Despite the existence of 8 old gold mines, so far the island hasn't produced any gold for me.. I was using an equinox before and have recently upped the ante and am now using a GPX 5000.. I'll keep you posted on how I go..  
      This picture is of an igneous intrusion where the creek flows into the ocean..

    • By TTT2866
      Pretty happy with this little nug, it registered like an old button (13-15) and came out in the first shovel. Using gold mode 1, sens 22, 6" coil, tracking. 
      We were originally looking for goldfield relics, just sat down for a break and decided to try for some little bits of gold and got this as my second ever piece. 

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Gold is one of natures most interesting and inspiring metals on this earth.  I've been fortunate to see, handle and or even find my share of unique pieces but this one takes tops honors.
      I know there are some legends of gold hunters on here and would ask your help.  If anyone has ever found one similar, please let us see.  As it stands now, this is a 1 of a kind and I was the lucky one who realized to grab a cell phone and put it on video mode....just in case we found a nice nugget.  But what was actually dug up just blew us away.
      Oh my gosh is all I could manage to stutter from my lips.
      Now we need to name this beauty and we'll all ears.  Please give some suggestions for a name.
    • By Lunk
      What better way to ring in the new year than going nugget shooting in the sunny desert southwest. 😎 In my wanderings through an area heavily worked by the old-time placer miners, I spied an old raked and drywashed nugget patch on a hillside that sloped down to a gravel bench deposit high above the dry creek bed. Back in the VLF gold detector era, the surface rocks were raked away in order to get the detector coil right on the ground, to make up for their limited depth capabilities. Detecting these types of environments with the newer PI and ZVT tech can reveal deeper nuggets that were beyond the reach of VLF detector operators. Slow and methodical coverage of the old patch with the GPZ 7000 yielded two small nuggets for the poke today.


    • By Libertas
      I was able to get out for several hours to an old patch that has been hammered to death, is near power lines and has seen lots of shooting with lead, bullet jackets and fired casings everywhere. Found with the 7000 in Bogene mode. I was concerned about depth in this mode, but one of the pistol cartridge cases was a solid 24" down in sandy soil and was a delicate but obvious signal. My first pieces with the 7000! Total weight of 1.1 grams:

      It is simply amazing to me how sensitive the 7000 is to tiny lead BBs and bullet shards:

    • By beatup
      Condor took my brother and I out for a hunt in what was a new area for us two to detect and let me tell you it was some of the toughest walking I have done in quite awhile , it did put the hurt on myself and Steve my brother not so much but he is part mountain goat anyway. The good part was everyone found some gold Steve got one, i got one and my brother a couple pieces the gold seems to be very spotty in this area and very thin with a quartz matrix also stained with what seems to be manganese . Here are the pieces my brother and I found.All gold was found using GPZ 7000s.

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