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At this point would an O ring work in there...... and some teflon tap on those threads?   Doesnt appear to be a standard M8 either.... or id just hack it off an use a 90 degree solder-less one.   I get all excited with a new machine and testing.......that must have been a downer for sure.   Im sure Fisher will have you up quickly.

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OK, my first outing had me ready to get serious. I was quite satisfied with the performance of the Impulse AQ. I found I needed to extend the rod for more reach, and was fortunate enough to have a Fis

Cable or cables on the way, so be back in business soon. Thanks Rick and FT for getting on it same day! 👍🏼

Wow, really sorry to see....And looks like you did everything possible..............but a good indication something may need adjusted. You know something I did was move the battery toward the fro

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4 hours ago, dewcon4414 said:

At this point would an O ring work in there...... and some teflon tap on those threads?   Doesnt appear to be a standard M8 either.... or id just hack it off an use a 90 degree solder-less one.   I get all excited with a new machine and testing.......that must have been a downer for sure.   Im sure Fisher will have you up quickly.

I already have the replacement. I’m not unduly worried over what I am pretty sure was just a fluke. Joe has had no issues. I feel as bad for everyone looking for AQ reports as anything else. I’ve got the machine and am confident in what it can do so for me it’s just getting the time to get out and do it. I don’t bother with weekends at public locations, and have been planning a desert outing for this week, so losing Friday means you guys hear less from me than you might have. But tomorrow is another day, and I will be up bright and early to give the beach another go tomorrow. Maybe again Tuesday... I’ve not yet decided whether to head out to the desert Tuesday or Wednesday. Main job will be trying Impulse and Tarsacci for gold nuggets on a patch of alkali ground out there where I have taken several ounces of gold. Been throughly GPS gridded with the GPZ 7000 but I’m not perfect and miss bits here and there. I’ll take a couple test nuggets also. The ground is modestly mineralized, some hot rocks that trouble the GPZ but they are sparse. But the GPZ really struggled with the alkali conditions and so both the Impulse and a Tarsacci actually have a decent shot at doing well in those conditions. There is actually gold in salt flat areas in Australia where beach detectors might be very effective. Anyway, just me doing weird stuff that few other people would try. I should have a better handle on Tarsacci vs Impulse in a week.

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Life is not cooperating. I've had a messed up day. Drain from kitchen sink and dishwasher plugged hard, and in hard to get spot. Took me all day to get it unplugged just now. Yay! But I have a 2-3 page college paper due today and that put me under the gun. I was planning on Tahoe trip tomorrow before heading out to the desert for some nugget hunting. Decided to cancel trip to Tahoe now as I need the extra time to get ready for the desert trip. Or I may wait until Wednesday for desert trip and head to Tahoe Tuesday once I know I have all my ducks in a row.

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26 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

 I feel as bad for everyone looking for AQ reports

Steve no stress buddy, when it happens it happen's. Once we get a few more of the "AQ"'s out there things will level out.  I've been chilling all week..tides and winds off...  I'm just glad to see, .the "AQ" is finally here.. And Progress is being made.


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Yep, remember this was supposed to be a nice, relaxing, detecting session. We can all wait until it happens. I know for me, if I'm rushed or pressed to do a hunt, it usually ends up stressing me out and greatly affects the outcome. You are under no obligation to get this to us. We appreciate all the videos, pictures and exchange of information from everyone so far, and I'm envisioning this as a group effort. I still feel this is going to be a great adventure figuring this machine out.  The only stress we need to feel is butterflies in our stomach as the gold comes out of our old hunting grounds :laugh:

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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

But I have a 2-3 page college paper due today and that put me under the gun.

Yeh, but I recall you have a couple dogs.  Haven't you ever used that "dog ate my homework" excuse?  (Ask you wife how many times she's heard that!!)  Besides, they might actually believe it coming from a 60+ year old student.  😁

I hope we're not putting too much pressure on you.  Yes, you have one of the few Fisher Impulse AQ's in detectorist's hands right now and you are the kind of person who strongly accepts and respects the responsibility you've been given.  (That responsibility is self-imposed, but again, that's because of the kind of person you are.)  If it takes a few extra days or even a few extra weeks, we'll still be here, and I don't think anyone is going to be delayed in his/her purchases awaiting your reviews.  If they are, that is their choice and the onus is completely on them.

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For Steve.........”with great power comes great responsibility” 😜


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    • By schoolofhardNox
      It's been a while since I had a chance to get out with the AQ. Finally, a semi good low tide at a beach where you can walk out a long ways during a good low tide. I've been itching to try the AQ at this beach. I only had about 2 hours of very low tide to work with in the furthest away section, so I concentrated on the lowest areas. I also had my maiden voyage with my new scoop - the XTREME Surf-Master X3 with the carbon fiber handle. On this beach you either have packed rocks, packed shells or that stagnant, clay like, dark sand (smells good too 😂). The scoop had no issues with any of that. I was very impressed on how it handled and how I could bury the large scoop and pry it out of that clay like silt. I will have no issues with this scoop when I start to do some water hunting. 2 hours passes quickly, so no gold for me this time. Most of the other 3 hours was spent waiting for the low tide, so most of the junk came from that period. I was actually shocked at the lack of targets when the tide dropped. I expected many more deep targets, but it was rather quiet the whole time. I may have dug 20 targets in that 2 hour period. A total lack of coins too! Very unusual for me to hunt 5 hours and only get 4 coins. Settings were: All metal, ATS 3, Sensitivity 4+, Delay 7. Got a little bit of deep lead and 2 shot gun shells that could have been gold, but I'm thinking the gold sinks way lower that I am able to get to. Best find was a Buffalo nickel at around 12". Shotgun shells were about  14 - 15". Also found that, what I'm thinking is slag, sounds deep and quiet and fools you into thinking you have a deep, small target. All in all I had a great time trying my new scoop and trying my best guess at deep settings on the AQ.

    • By tvr
      Did the last few hours of daylight on the day of arrival with the Excal to check the beach, got one of the .50 cal shells a .50 cal point, a quarter, dime and penny; the rest of the week was all AQ. Did pretty well identifying iron. Spent nearly the entire time in all metal mode. On the open wet sand, it is easier to identify iron by walking around it and sweeping from all directions; something that is difficult if not impossible to do in the water. There were a few pieces of iron that fooled me. They are in the one picture towards the bottom, near center. Got a new style wedding band, no markings but probably stainless with either abalone or mother of pearl; not sure which. The ring was deep. It was a five scooper and was not in the side of the hole, was at dead center of where the first scoop was. That is what I have been hoping for with the AQ; now I just need to get the right metal. Got a couple of junk earrings that are fairly well encrusted and, unfortunately, stick to a magnet. Got a junk heart ring that looks to be copper, not extremely deep, Excal or CZ would have had no problem hitting that one.

      I did dig somewhere north of 100 bottle caps, did not count them all and threw them away before coming home. The one day that was "extremely deep bottle cap day" I counted 33 bottle caps.

      In front of some hotels when I'm high in the wet sand, near the dry, I would get interference that changing the frequency setting did not help. ATS at 8 or a little higher helps, dropping sensitivity down to 2 with the higher ATS quiets it down. Tried tone and mute modes and they were a little worse than all metal. As I get further from the offending interference, I can take the sensitivity up again. Some hotels gave no problems, some were chatty until adjustments were made. For the week, mostly hunting with sensitivity at 5 or 6, ATS at 5 and delay at 7.5. Interesting that near and under the pier that for years has made other detectors chirp, the AQ is quiet. Must be different kinds of interfering signals that affect the different detectors.

      Now that I’ve had a chance to spend time over open wet sand areas, coil control is important to keep from sounding at swing ends, it is the up and down motion by being sloppy, not the sided to side sweep, that sounds a little on the wet sand. The ergonomics of the AQ are excellent and help in that respect, particularly when I start to get tired and coil control is not as precise as when I’m fresh. I did a bit of calf deep wave wash area (that is where the Pandora bracelet was found) and found the AQ to be pretty quite (delay 7.5, ATS 5, Sensitivity 5, all metal), The wave wash was not too bad of a drag on the big coil, although it was not fast moving waves ... the conditions were being nice to me.

    • By cjc
      Did a quick hunt the other day and dug only coins.  This has to do with the "training" that Canadian coins have given me.  In a way they are a "median" target--part non-ferrous and part steel.  What this means is that they have characteristics of both.  So with a clean processing pulse like the AQ--you have a narrow signal (imagine a tube carrying the response up) with some wide or maybe irregular characteristics.  Point being that they make good "trainers" teaching you to look for even poor examples of a narrow response.  Then when you hear some clean gold...unmistakable.  Foils and tabs will do the same thing but are still not as good of conductors.   If you are in soft material focussing on deep heavy targets this is a very strong tool for ID'ing responses with the AQ.  Very glad that caps sound wide on this machine.  With a pulse that processes at this level the principle of "carry" (see illustration) is even more important.
      With some VLFs--Hieneken caps are similar to Canadian coins--steel--but with lots of aluminum in there too--right on the border--and for this reason a good teaching tool.

    • By PPP
      Hi guys!
      Finally 2021 arrived and we are still waiting for the AQ.It would be nice if someone could confirm if the release date for the final product is still in April as i heared before?
      I found a link for a pre-order of the final unit at a UK website(Joe Allen) but they have removed it.That was a bit strange.Any report on the 8 coil and even price which Joe do right now would be interesting as well.any comments?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      A reference collection of threads about the Fisher Impulse AQ, grouped into rough categories.
      Fisher Impulse AQ Limited Launch & Buyers Disclosure
      Fisher Impulse AQ Ltd Owner's Manual
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      Fisher Impulse AQ Ltd Data & Reviews
      Fisher Impulse AQ Data & Reviews
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      Genuine Fisher AQ Ltd Spare Battery Part Number & Price
      Fisher Impulse AQ Rod Length Measurements
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    • By CCadrin
      Gold rings number 2 and 3 today with Fisher AQ.
        The smaller ring was down at least 8 inches and the bigger ring was down at least 10 inches. Very faint signals and could have walked right over them. The rings were found in wet sand.
        This was my seventh outing with the new detector.
        Still struggling with some falsing. Any advice would be appreciated. Mostly from a left to right swing. I do take extra precaution to make sure I am not arcing the swing. On a fully charge battery I can run pretty hot and it will be quiet. About an hour into the hunt I need to make adjustment. Today the battery lasted about 2 hour 45 minutes using ALL METAL mode.
        Eventually I was running with a delay of 10 than switched to 11, sensitivity of 8, ATS was either at a 3 or an 8. I also had to lower the threshold to the point of silence. I don't like running it that way but I hit both rings in the position.
        I also hit a couple of deep nickels that were 12 to 14" easily.

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