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Yes, This is helpful!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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Nice easy to search menu you came up with Steve!

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I will add things as new information develops. This proved handy in the Equinox forum, and helps new people get started. There are less repeat questions and one handy place to aim people with questions.

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    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Got in 4 hours Tuesday AM, started out with rough water but by 11 am things were calming down. Took me about 30 minutes of messing with the controls before I got it to run stable and under control, then I slowly adjusted the setting as the water calmed. Started out with the settings ....delay 11.5 (15) Sensitivity 6, ATS 8, All metal , volume I ran high the whole time with the threshold just audible.. ( The settings that really seem to calm the AQ in rough water is the delay and ATS ) And by end of day I cut the delay down to 11, sensitivity 4, ATS 6, all metal, volume 9, and threshold 4/5 just audible.  It was purring like a kitten. Dug a lot of nickels, no silver coins, one nickel / silver ring (my first marked that) and one 1.5 gram 10k..
      This spot I have passed thru with the excalibur a few times of late, I've yet to find targets the way the AQ does. Shallow targets here are trash so I keep on walking on those..I only dig faints here...and the ring was maybe 12/14 inch's? The AQ loves the small gold rings.  
      First time out this year with the drysuit, It was 60 degrees with winds early am. I hate being cold...Plus on one of the other forums some one posted about some flesh eat bacteria and I had cuts on me from working in the yard Monday so best to be safe. All worked out good and glad I went that route.
      Video of..........cam has been on the blink of late, I think the problem is moisture inside of the Go Pro. As you can tell by the frosty video. I checked to see if i got the gold ring on video, it did, then I stopped the recording..... then it would not restart. Once home I checked and it started to work again. I just dropped it in a bag of rice to see if that will draw some of the moisture out.

    • By Carolina
      Just a short note on Joe’s “shorty” AQ battery. It fits well under the cuff and balance was not noticeably effected from the lighter than stock battery. Run time for me in “tone mode” was 6 hours 20 minutes. It is my understanding that in all metal it is approximately one hour less. The M12 (CTX) phones connector was a welcomed change and the power cable with a small loop and ninety degree connector also worked well. Get one of his battery set ups and avoid changing batteries in mid hunt, while they are available. I believe he has other set ups with even longer run times. Knocked it out of the park again Joe, thanks.

    • By schoolofhardNox
      Finally I  was able to get to a beach after their season ended. I used the AQ in all metal and mute modes. I could not use the tone mode since I was way too close to the Acela high speed train. Most of the trains that run that rail don't affect my pulse machines too much, but when the Acela hits the rails, it's a no go for any machine. The AQ handled it a bit better than my GPX does. But you still have to hear the interference and at times you just can't hunt. I hunted for 5 1/2 hours with the AQ  (2 3/4 hrs per each battery). The low tide was exceptionally "high" at +0.9. This did not allow me to get much wet sand, so most of the hunt is in dry sand and any wet sand I could find. This is just the first part of the hunt involving the AQ. I hunted another 3 1/2 hours with the GPX not shown here.  I have a lot to learn, so I am digging every target. I am getting better at knowing hair pins, as I could call most of them before I dug them. Bottle caps are a different story, as the only idea they might be bottle caps was the extremely strong and wider signal. But I think a gold ring a 2" would sound the same? I should be able to get out again soon and hit a very good low tide, so I will have better information on how I do in the iron and wet sand. I did manage to get a small silver ring, some bling jewelry and a lot of exercise! Settings were Carolina's settings. Thanks man! I ran at 7.5us most of the time. I still like how the AQ responds and feels generally. Only real drawback is swapping out a battery making sure no sand gets into the connections. For those that have way more experience on the AQ than I do, have you found the depth on dry sand to be equal or less than wet sand?

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Small gold ring from Last Friday using the AQ....Got 2 more gold Saturday but they were at a different beach and the excalibur. I'll post them later this week. Hit a bump in the road Sunday night, had to take a family member to the hospital ..she was in for few days and came home today... Thank God..all went very well. 
      I was out twice last week with the shorty battery and it is now packed up and ready to go a few rounds with my friend Carolina...Give him a week with it and see what he has to say...I want his confirmation on the run time of 5 hours and 30 minutes and see if I need to make any adjustments...before I sell a few. Got rid of the m-8 headphone fitting and the battery is fitted with a M-12 8 pin CTX head phone fitting..(Very Common) and replaced the M-8 4 pin on the battery with a 90 degree molded cable that goes right to the end of the white shaft 4 pin power/headphone plug...So we got it down to One M-8 fitting..which the 90 degree is a Bulgin molded SS fitting..so it does not stick out like the stock...

    • By stateguy
      I was wondering if there any more AQ being made
      i put my name on a list and was wondering where they are in production 
      last I herd they where at 8 i think
      i hope they produce the machine for the people on there list and take care of them
    • By Carolina
      Last four spins with AQ. Mostly tone mode since I am looking for recent drops. All knee to ankle deep. Volume 8, sensitivity 5, ATS 8.5, reject 4. delay 9.  A few targets in all metal were same settings except ATS was 6. Cant stop the bobbie pins. No double ping. Chains are junk. Some junk rings but most gold. Class ring has no name. Good luck everybody. On a side note, I can’t thank Rick and Eva enough for all their help. Top of the line crew they are! I should add, all the coins come in as a iron grunt. I like the anticipation of a 18k 15 gram coming up in my scoop!!! There is very little iron where I am hunting and size and shape tell a lot.

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