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Yes, This is helpful!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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Nice easy to search menu you came up with Steve!

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I will add things as new information develops. This proved handy in the Equinox forum, and helps new people get started. There are less repeat questions and one handy place to aim people with questions.

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    • By CCadrin
      Ring # 5 with the AQ.   This ring was at least 12" in the packed mud and it has been down there for a very long time. It was barely auditable. The ring did not have any gold markings but tested as 14k. I would NOT have hit this with the NOX.   I was running the machine hot. Settings were: Sensitivity=7, Delay=8, ATS=5, ALL METAL.   I went slower than usual to keep the chatter down for the setting above. The location is where I have found rings in the past

    • By okara gold
      Not to be a "Debbie Downer" but be careful what you wish for. My AQ has been at FT for repair since they received it on January 4th of this year. Almost 2 months now. I would have thought that FT would be more responsive and obligatory to those who got the Limited and needed repair. 
    • By Badger-NH
      If it comes with waterproof headphones, why would I want those?
      I'll probably want to go wireless.
      Even if I did decide to go in the water, why can't I use what I have or choose what I want?
    • By vive equinox
      Can owners of the limited tell us to what extent you intervene on the settings?
      it looks like most of it is all metal. so for example in a standard hunt do you often touch the sensitivity, the ats and delay? when? and why ?
    • By King-Of-Bling
      I met up with a local forum member at 1 of my secret spots he has never been to. Conditions were bad , heavily sanded in. We were down in the wet , no mineralization to speak of , hard sand the first 3" then gravel mixture. The hole filled in fast. Keep in mind , my EDC for 30 years has been a PI. Also I used this for only 15 MINUTES. Here is what I found :
      I buried a small size 4 ladies 14k , 2 gram diamond ring about 12" in the hole and filled it. Myself being tall , the shaft was fully extended. Immediately I knew it was not long enough and it had a bit of a wobble. Did not feel steady because of that. Ergonomics seemed good and the coil felt light , so that was great. Now... the only settings I messed with were changing the modes. I didn't even look or ask what my buddy had those other settings on. I just wanted to get a feel for the machine and see if it had any discrimination. I tried 3 different modes when I swept over the hole : all metal , tone , mute. All 3 picked up the ring loud and clear. Then we threw a small piece of iron and a piece of lobster trap wire on top , which was probably about 4" above the ring. In all metal and tone mode , I could barely noticed the difference between all 3 targets. But I could seperate them from different directions. In the mute mode I couldn't. I thought I would only hear the ring , but I still heard all 3 targets. This really isn't any different than my DF. BUT , I do have a sense that this AQ can go a few more inches deeper. 6-8" ? I doubt it. Overall , it's not a bad machine , definitely needs a few tweaks. But I feel what needs more tweeks would be me...🤣 As accustomed as I am with a PI , I know this would take me MONTHS to get down. Let alone probably a good year or so to master. Kinda my short 15 minute hands on review of the AQ. Anyway...our hunt together was fun , even though we only found a few coins and trash. And I got to meet a great guy.
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