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Need Advice For Prepping Headphones For Long Term Storage

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My wife's health is going to require me to take a break from treasure hunting for a few years so I'm packing everything up for storage.   What's the best way to prep my headphone muff's for long term storage?

For that matter,  Do I need to do anything special to my detectors other than removing the batteries and a good cleaning?   



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I’m sorry to hear that Mike. No, nothing special, you know the drill. May as well take the opportunity to clean everything. Remove batteries. Any rechargeable devices, review recommended long term storage and charging recommendations in the manual. This can vary with type of battery, but basically do not store when dead, or they may stay that way. Ear muffs, not really an issue, but car cleaning products appropriate for leather or vinyl depending are good, and for the same reasons. Finally, store in a cool, dry location.

Best wishes in dealing with what sounds like a difficult situation.

Steve H

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Sorry to hear that Mike. My prayers are with you and your wife.

I don't know if there is anything you can do for headphone muffs. Store them in a box. For the detectors I would remove the batteries. Put the detectors away where you normally do and I would say that's it.

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Prayers be with you and your wife! Take care!🙏👍👍 

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Sounds like you have the right idea.

Don't worry about the gear , you have more important things to consider.

You can still "detect" here on the forum......



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1 hour ago, Mike_Hillis said:

What's the best way to prep my headphone muff's for long term storage?

If they are leather (or similar natural material) this site may help.  One thing they say there is to never wrap in plastic.  My wife is a quilter (and affecianado of antique quilts) and she says the same thing about natural fabrics.  They can be ruined by plastic.

I sure hope things work out as best as possible for your wife.  I commend you for your commitment to her.

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Make sure where you store them doesn't freeze. Think the rechargables you can store them at 80% not 0 or 100.

Best wishes for you and your wife.

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Mike ....best place to store will be shaded / uv radiation / place in a small temperature fluctuation that is still above freezing-because some of the lead-free solder materials do not like too low temperatures ... ,, with adequate air circulation..to limit the local humidity development which has a negative effect not only on the electronics of the detector but also on various leather and synthetic materials ..

We store detectors and hearing aids without batteries - but I would recommend inserting the batteries again every 1/2 year - to check and test the functionality of detectors, coils ... and headphones. - Such a check can be a good thing.

Mike ... I wish you and your wife an early return to health and well-being ..👍


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So sorry about this Mike, but just as has been said, is all that's needed. Maybe put the headphones in a large zip-lock bag with a small dessicant pouch, in case there is high humidity or an insect that could get to them.

Prayers for your wife and for you.


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Hello Mike. All the Best to your wife and you. Prayers are sent and may she get well soon.

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