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New Nokta Makro Simultaneous Multi Frequency And Endless Possibilities For The Future

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38 minutes ago, palzynski said:

I have also done more testing with the Apex the last weeks as the fields are plowed over here. I will provide more details in a post in the Garrett forum but I could compare it with a Deus HF and a Vanquish 540 . Up to now I have been detecting around 30 hours with the Apex . It is a good machine , not as good as a Deus , but faster and more reactive than a Vanquish , at least in my European conditions ( mild soil , high iron trash ). It is also lighter than a Vanquish. 

The most annoying for me with the Apex is some lack of reliability . I had to send a bad Viper coil to the Garrett after service - I know I am not the only one - and sometimes I have to disconnect/reconnect the coil connector due to erratic signals. I hope that Garrett will definitely solve these issues .

I agree with that , SMF is not necessarily the best solution , at least in my European conditions  . During my last comparative tests between a Deus , an Apex and a Vanquish 540 in a plowed field , ultra high iron trash , the Deus was the best machine   , then the Apex silver medal , and the Vanquish bronze medal. I will add more details in an other post of the MD ADVICE and COMPARISONS forum.

So far both of the Apex I have tested have been reliable, comfortable to swing and enjoyable to use. I have no complaints about build quality at all. My main complaints are lack of target ID accuracy on any targets which aren’t shallow,, lack of overall depth and fairly slow recovery speed which results in target masking. All of those complaints just reinforce the fact that the Apex is an entry level detector that happens to have SMF. I believe it would be an excellent saltwater beach detector and a solid choice for a USA made entry level detector. I could get by with it in a bed of nails and for areas where good targets are not very deep. Non-ferrous targets are being completely masked sometimes in my testing. It scored a 7 with an Indian head penny in position 1 and a 5 with the same IHP in position 2 using Monte’s ’Nail Board test so total score was 12. My Simplex scored 14 and my Deus scored 15 with 16 being a perfect score.

 I believe that SMF is great technology. However some SMFs like the Vanquish and most of the earlier Minelab and Whites have very good target ID at the expense of speed and they are not good in dense iron trash. 

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4 hours ago, palzynski said:

I agree with that , SMF is not necessarily the best solution ,

I would agree with that too if we were to add the important caveat “not always.” My only point is it seems not a good reason not to also have a multifrequency option. I would hold the equinox up as a better example than vanquish for reactivity, and as an example of how you can have your cake and eat it too, but I think if reactivity is the most important factor for you, Deus is still the gold standard. This seems to also be true even when we are talking about dedicated single frequency units. But then, equinox out paces most of them too, which shows that you can walk and chew gum at the same time. I’m not convinced that an all in one like equinox couldn’t be created that could do as well as Deus in a single frequency mode. Maybe Nokta Makro will pull an upset and be the ones to do it first. It’s pretty close even now. We are talking almost splitting hairs at this stage, so I think it can be done, and I think you can have it all as things evolve. 

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44 minutes ago, ☠ Cipher said:

I would hold the equinox up as a better example than vanquish for reactivity, and as an example of how you can have your cake and eat it too, but I think if reactivity is the most important factor for you, Deus is still the gold standard.


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  • 2 weeks later...

On the Anfibio Multi, 3DI at >90 Gain is fast reacting to the point of clipping the audio. I'm not sure how this compares to the Deus or Equinox but NM can do fast. 99DI is almost continuous in it's reporting of targets. The new SMF surely will build on some aspects that are already proven on past models. Now if they can just get the Gen D mode woken up like it should be, and with some decent target ID depth!

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On 7/1/2021 at 4:33 PM, Chase Goldman said:

In fact, everything from NM since Impact has been evolutionary not revolutionary.  Decent machines, but are they taking a bite out of ML and its Equinox juggernaut? (Answer: not really). 


All great analytical dot connecting BUT perhaps one oversight if I may.   At this stage of the game they don't have to be better then ML, just FTP and Garrett.  The bar's not high at this point IMHO.  

Now if they're going for the juggler with a stretch goal to take out the Equinox, which has been alluded to, great, but the battle's already won if they release a better SMF then FTP and Garrett have in their lineup IMHO.  If their SMF is as good as or better then the Equinox, then it's game on and it will be very interesting to see Minelab scramble to release an Equinox Pro with more features and capabilities then their Nokta competitive counterpart. 

This will certainly be interesting!

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On 7/8/2021 at 6:09 AM, Jacza said:

I don't expect too much from this multifrequency machine. With the Kruzer and Anfibio series (I own a Multi Kruzer) NM has even not managed to implement a simple noise filter, so 3 tone mode with 14 kHz is working good, but all other modes suffer from chattering (also 5 and 19 kHz) on normal conditions. It's so bad that you won't use these modes in the long run. And in 3 tone you can only work above gain 90 because below there is an hidden "ultra fast" mode which has less depth.

If you look to the Racer series, the Impact, the Kruzer, Anfibio and Simplex, it looks like they wrap up the same technology and sell it again and again as a new machine but in the core it's always the same without real improvement. I was so shocked when one year after I buyed the Multi Kruzer the similar Anfibio with some more features came out. Until today I don't understand it, because the Kruzer has an online update feature (which was highly promoted) and I have not seen a new update for a long time. In other words it's one of these useless features you pay for, but from which you have expected more. I don't want to complain, the Multi Kruzer has a good choice of coils and makes good finds, but only this one 3 tone mode (with gain above 90) is really usable and maybe I would have also been happy with an only 14 kHz Racer.

I have been a NM consumer since the Red Racer and that machine made a huge impression on me.  Prior to that I was a hard core F75 user, and found that frequently my hunting friend would out do the F75 relic hunting with his Exp2.  That changed when i started using the NM machines, hunted out sites were productive again, and I could keep up or surpass the Exp2 at relic sites 🙂  That said, although I get the gist of what you're saying as far as new machines from NM, I would disagree that "they wrap up the same technology and sell it again and again as a new machine but in the core it's always the same without real improvement. "    No none of them went significantly deeper, they hit the same debth wall everyone else has reached in the VLF arena, BUT each successive model had refinements and enhancements, and in my experience that equated to more finds.   The MMK is sparky in 4-tone mode, but 4-tone @19kHz is my go to mode.  I can hunt through the noise, which in my experience is generally not bad, and I've used it in the city before with good success.  The 3-Tone mode is brilliant, yes you get less depth with their hyper-speed mode, but it's really for hunting in sea of nail iron environments where unmasking is more important then depth, but it also works great at EMI infested sites.  I had a particular intercity demo in a historic area with EMI so bad it was unhuntable in 4-Tone, but 3-Tone @ 89 sens worked perfectly and finds were made.

All said, I actually have high hopes on the NM SSF detector, I suspect it'll exceed expectations and push ML to make their EQX-Pro even more competitive.  We shall see.

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On 9/4/2021 at 1:14 AM, Jeff McClendon said:

It [Apex ] scored a 7 with an Indian head penny in position 1 and a 5 with the same IHP in position 2 using Monte’s ’Nail Board test so total score was 12. My Simplex scored 14 and my Deus scored 15 with 16 being a perfect score.

Impressive that the Simplex is scored almost as well as the Deus 👍  These are the kind of findings which place such high expectations on their new SMF machine.  They'll figure it out. 

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NM's Simplex detector with its single frequency has made a lot of sales. NM is a very successful company and true to their word. some would say they can not accomplish the goals that they have clearly stated but are still rooting for them. NM says they will succeed

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20 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

The thing about Nokta/Makro is they are always moving. In fact moving so much that people were complaining about too many new models too fast! Like, when does that happen in metal detector land? Sure, some were just variations on a theme, but they have never lacked for trying new stuff that nobody else does. Things like the vibrate mode may seem a joke to some, but not to the number of hearing challenged detectorists out there. Yes, there are totally deaf people who metal detect. I think it’s awesome somebody thought about them, even if they are few in number.

When I reviewed the Nokta FORS Gold in 2014, almost nobody had ever heard of this company. Yet anyone reading that review will see they immediately won me over, and I predicted big things for them. The main thing was they were responsive, and fixed things that I mentioned needed fixing immediately. I was used to U.S. manufacturers just putting a new machine to bed, and any issues always were “too late now”. Not these folks. They would stop the production line and implement changes immediately, on the fly, in a way I’ve never seen before or since. Sometimes a model gets released too early, like the Simplex, but they don’t just give it a pass. They take any feedback, make improvements, and make good on any genuine customer complaints that arise due to any oversights on their part.

They are not perfect, no, but who is? The thing is they try and just keep on swinging. From a company nobody heard of in 2014, to a major contender now, nipping at the heels of the top dogs. If they get a good multi and a good PI to market in the next couple years, they will finally pull up neck and neck with First Texas and Garrett. Garrett only just got a multi to market, and while it’s a start, nobody is being blown away. The ATX is decent, but too heavy by a couple pounds at least. First Texas has a 25 year old multi, and is fumbling their PI intro, so neither of these old line companies have a lot to brag about in the multi and PI department. Nokta/Makro has a good shot at pulling up even or even exceeding both these old line companies.

Minelab has a massive head start in both multi and PI, and due to various patents I don’t think it is very realistic that NM will outperform them per se. But they do not have to. They simply have to get in the ballpark, and with PI in particular, at a much lower price than the sky-high Minelabs. Not everyone loves Minelab, and many would buy something else just to buy something else, as long as it is decent. Minelab may be top dog right now, but it’s anyone’s bet who is going to be in second place in 2-3 years. I’m sure not counting this scrappy little company from Turkey out. They are hungry, and in business, that’s half the battle.

Ok. Now you got me all jacked up again !

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      This site I'm linking to has been known to bend the facts a bit, so as to be first with something to post. That way people like me will link to it.  So take this all with a grain of salt. However, I did hear a rumor that the Sept issue of Western & Eastern Treasure magazine has a teaser ad for the new NM multi detector, so this may be on target... or not. 
      Link removed as information proven as bogus, including the Lightning name
      Anyway, with Detectival right around the corner (Sept 11, 12) we may have an unveiling very soon. Fingers crossed! Anyone who gets their hands on a W&ET magazine, do look at the Nokta/Makro ad, and see what it says. EDIT - HERE IT IS!

    • By Ridge Runner
      I just got back a email from Dilek and she said she didn’t know where they got Lightning from but that’s not it .
       The winners names will be announced on launch. I guess she’s meaning launch date but didn’t say when that was.
       Dang that’s telling me if I want it I’ll have to put money down to get it.Haha on me .
    • By phrunt
      A friend invested in a Nokta Invenio Pro a few months ago, I refuse to add that Makro bit on the end, it's a mouthful 🙂
      He uploaded a video today showing it's use, I hadn't really seen much on it prior to this, he's always said it's pretty cool and now I see why.
      It shows perhaps where technology is heading, maybe one day we'll be laughing at Target ID's thinking they're old school and have a detector with an image of the target on the screen and this detector seems a first step towards that.
      It's really worth the watch as it's quite interesting, I personally think it's got a long way to go before I'd be interested in one especially for the price of the thing but it's a great start and shows Nokta is starting to really take shape as a leading detector company and likely to leave some others in the dust in the near future.  If they continue developing this technology we have a pretty exciting future for detectors.
      For me if they could incorporate this into the detector not needing the computer/screen unit and making it handle smaller targets like coins and rings better it'd be pretty cool. 
      Perhaps VLF's haven't been taken to the limits yet, manufacturers just need to think outside of the box.
    • By phrunt
      The 24k was relatively short lived by comparison of other US made detectors that seem to hang about on the market for 10 to 25 years, being a US detector it was a bit difficult for me to ever get my hands on one and I guess I was just too slow at making the move on one.  So I'm considering an alternative.  I like my Gold Monster but it is a bit simplified and I prefer more options so I just use it as a pinpointer, at the moment my primary prospecting VLF is the Equinox, I rarely use anything else.  I have a Gold Bug 2 but find it a bit primitive especially with features and I'd prefer a detector with Target ID's and the tiny gold improvement over the Nox I find is very minimal, the Nox has a great range of features and does a pretty good job but I'm wondering If I'd get a bit more out of a dedicated prospecting VLF with a higher frequency.  Am I losing much not using a 24k and sticking with my Equinox?
      The Nokta Gold Kruzer seems a viable choice, it's extremely cheap and sitting in stock at my local dealer, it has Nel coil support which I absolutely think is a major bonus, the Nel snake coil is made for it, and to me this seems the ultimate prospecting coil. I have it for my Fisher Gold Bug Pro but that detector just doesn't cut it for depth on small gold for me as I live in a place with a majority of the gold being very small.   I need a the best VLF for hot rocks possible.
      Why is it that Nokta detectors just aren't as popular, they seem to make a great range.  The Gold Kruzer and Gold Racer are what people have wanted in VLF prospecting detectors, aftermarket coil support, features dripping off them, quality builds and water proof and so on yet you don't see them as detectors people are using.  Why is this?  Steve H had a Gold Kruzer, Gold Monster etc, etc.... yet ended up settling on the 24k instead.  Is the 24k that much better than the Nokta?  What made the 24k the keeper and the Nokta the one to go.
      Would I be better off waiting to see what Garrett come out with, with any luck Nel will make coils for Garrett's version of a 24k.
      I've never owned a Notka, I am a bit puzzled why they make such feature packed and on paper great looking detectors yet people aren't using them. 
    • By kac
      Figured I would post my base settings for anyone that cares. Good stable starting point for the Multi Kruzer and Kruzer. Probably work find on Amphibio series too.
      First off the filtered modes work best with gain no higher than 89 so I use that as a baseline. I also use normalized scaling on the Multi so any tone breaks are the same when changing frequencies. Most of the hunting is done in 3 tone, 2 tone works fine for general relic hunting, Gen is nice in lower trash areas and checking on size of faint targets. 4 tone I use in heavy trash where notch audio keeps much of the noise minimal and any loud targets I investigate. This saves me from constantly screen checking as I can just slow sweep over an area and pick out much of the good stuff ie, gold chains, average gold rings, all USA coins including trimes, half dimes, eagle nickels etc etc. Beach I found the notch audio better so I can tell iron from non iron easier where the stock setting the targets would be choppy in many cases. Last is the Deep Mode which is ok for checking for deep or fringe targets but still tough to follow so I don't generally hunt in that mode. Keeping the iSat on 0 (except Gen Mode) and gains within a reasonable range you can use tracking on ground that varies a lot. If anyone has some better setting be nice to see them.
      Gen Mode:
      Gain 89
      Tone 33
      Threshlold 40
      iSat 6
      2 Tone:
      Gain 79
      Disc 0
      Fe Vol 1
      Tone Break 12
      Tone 15/40
      iSat 0
      3 Tone:
      Gain 89
      Disc 0
      Fe vol 2
      Tone Break 18/66
      Tone 15/32/64
      iSat 0
      4 Tone:
      Gain 79
      Disc 0
      Notch breaks: 0-18, 25-27, 33-37, 45-63, 71-75, 81-85, 93-99
      Fe Vol n1
      Tone Breaks 15/30/66
      Tone 15/33/45/64
      iSat 0
      Gain 89
      Disc 2
      Notch 3-15
      Fe Vol n2
      Tone 15/30
      iSat 0
      Gain 89
      Disc 4
      Notch 5-18
      Fe Vol n1
      Tone Break 10
      Tone 15/45
    • By kac
      The rubber boot cover for the trigger on my Gold Racer fell off somewhere. Are they sold separately?

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