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New Teaser - XP Deus 2

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Deus 2 on the box and it looks like a multi frequency I can see MF on the corner of the box.

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Oh boy! Things are getting exciting. 

This has clearly been in the works for a while.... they're good at keeping secrets.

While I'm absolutely not a fan of a cordless coil I may have to jump in on this one.

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What would FMF mean? Full multi frequency?

Certainly an XP Deus II though.  I enhanced the image a bit to make it more readable.


You can also see the two charging points on the coil below the red light.


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I wonder what they plan to price this machine at? Hopefully not a couple grand. I can possibly see it pushing $1500 to put it above the Deus. But it could also replace the Deus. And it will most likely be priced above the ORX.

Then you also have to consider the competition, mainly Minelab! The Equinox is submersible, the Deus 2 likely will not be submersible but may be weatherproof. So maybe it will be priced closer to the 800. I'd be happy to see a price around $1000

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F-MF ..... Fast multifrequency,,,

I already have a fast multifrequency with several new detectors ... but let's be surprised by Deus II ..

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Is there a workaround for underwater wireless? Someone in the YouTube comments mentioned an infrared signal. I notice a flashing red laser light in the teaser. Otherwise, a corded solution remains the best for underwater, and that’s obviously not where Deus II is headed. Still, I was about to add Deus back to my arsenal. Might as well wait and see what this does to pricing etc. I just hope we don’t have long to wait. I hate waiting once my mind is made up haha. 

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  • Similar Content

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I have owned two Deus detectors, and have almost bought an ORX a half dozen times in the last year. I like the XPs a lot, but they were always just a hair shy of getting me permanently on board.
      The Deus 2 puts it over the goal post, at least on paper, as adding waterproof adds a whole new dimension. Sorry, no, I was never impressed by the original Deus as regards that. But Deus 2 to 60 feet easily adds comfort that Equinox owners now lack based on three years history. And multi of course.
      Still, I was hanging back, in no rush to pull the trigger, as winter is setting in, and frankly, there are other options also appearing at this time. It seemed wise to wait and let the dust settle. But I knew deep down a Deus 2 was probably in my future.
      I want to credit forum member and dealer Kickindirt for nudging me across the line, with an offer of a good deal that I would be silly to refuse. He cast it as an appreciation of thanks for the forum, and that as much as the deal gave me a nice warm fuzzy this morning. So thanks Joel, a very kind gesture on your part, and appreciated.
      It's not like I'm pushing for first in line, more like last, whenever Joel takes care of his other folks. But I do have a Deus 2 with 9" coil on order, along with a set of the underwater bone phones. I've always had issues with regular audio phones underwater, and have always wanted to try bone conduction headphones, as they are used by professional and military divers in many applications. Another unique option from XP, and one I look forward to reporting on someday.

      Using ordinary waterproof headphones underwater, the ear fills with water and hearing is often lessened. BH-01 sits in front of the ears on the cheekbone and transmits sound to the inner ear directly through vibrations applied to the bones, without straining the eardrums. Your ears are therefore free.
      You can also use these headphones on land with the freedom of being able to hear your surroundings or, conversely, to isolate yourself from noisy surroundings with ear plugs.
      BH-01 also allows the hearing impaired to feel the vibrations generated by the targets towards the cochlea, or simply the vibrations depending on the type of alteration of the hearing system. Adjusting the audio frequencies downwards (100 to 300 kHz) could further improve perception depending on the disorder.
      IP68 certified: waterproof up to 20m deep Multi terrain: underwater and for windy and noisy environments Designed to last, 5 Year warranty Made in France
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab gets a bad rap at times over their marketing practices. But everyone does it. Take the Deus 2 claim of being able to choose between 49 frequencies (see upper right in picture below - click or double click for larger version). The reality I am willing to bet a dime on, is that it is actually a choice between 7 frequencies. 4 kHz, 7 kHz, 15 kHz, 21 kHz, 28 kHz, 35 kHz, and 45 kHz. The other 42 frequencies are almost certainly just the tiny offsets included for EMI canceling purposes, 6 offsets for each of the 7 primary frequencies. They did the same thing with the original Deus, counting these small offsets as separate frequencies for marketing purposes (X35 coils for 35 frequencies).
      Anyway, I'm not posting this as a criticism per se, since again, everyone does this stuff. Just for newbies or people unfamiliar with multifrequency detectors, don't think this will give you a true 49 frequency range to choose from. 4 to 45 in single frequency steps would not even add up to that many, and frankly, that would be too much for no real purpose. Frequency differences only matter if there is enough spread. The difference between 10 kHz and 11 kHz would be perceptible to nobody. From a control perspective even, it would be silly to scroll through 49 frequencies, and you will not. The Deus 2 will let you choose from 7 single frequencies, and the others will only happen in a separate Frequency Shift menu, three positive, and three negative offsets. So 14.7, 14.8, 14.9, 15 kHz, 15.1, 15.2, 15.3 for the 15 kHz setting. That's seven versions of 15 kHz, do the same with the other 6 primary frequencies, and bingo, you get 49 frequencies. But not really - it's seven folks.
      Also, just like Equinox with it's six frequencies, don't think all seven frequencies are going to be running at once in the multi modes. People assume that, and then get angry when they find out different. But it will never be stated explicitly by XP that this is what is going on, because it is not. Generally all you need is three frequencies for an optimum solution, and adding more takes more processing power while adding nothing real as far as capability. All that matters is the mix you use depending on the goal. Gold prospecting will be "weighted" to high frequency, silver coins will be "weighted" to lower frequencies. No matter what, we still do not have one multi mode that does everything. Saltwater modes must ignore signals you really want while gold prospecting, otherwise you detect the salt.
      I repeat, I'm not trying to ding XP with this post. Just saying that with Deus 2 you will get a machine with several multi modes customized for several situations, none of which are using all seven frequencies - certainly not 49!!. And you will have the option of choosing between seven different single frequencies. Know the realities of the tech, and be realistic to avoid disappointment.
      I have to admit I really like what I see with the Deus 2. If I had to pick one VLF to buy right now, this would be it.

    • By Kickindirt
      Well don't know about you guys. Ive been a big fan of the deus from day one. SO im convinced take my money!!
      XP Deus II the perfect balance
    • By Steve Herschbach
      XP Deus II at $1599
      Nokta/Makro Legend at $635
      Is Deus II worth over double the price? And how do both match up against Multi-IQ? Only head to head field tests will tell, but this looks like a real grudge match if I ever saw one!

    • By ☠ Cipher
      Reasons to Hold on to Your Equinox 
      Proven performance with frequency selection, and frequency weighting solutions proven in the field. 4,5,10,15,20, and 40khz cover the range of detecting scenarios. There are diminishing returns for frequencies over 20khz so that the difference between 40 and 45 is quite a bit more negligible than one would think, and effectiveness will boil down to other factors having to do with proper tuning; gain for example, as we have seen before. Minelab has done for multifrequency what XP has done for (digital) performance in iron infested and commingled sites. When one steps into the wheelhouse of the other we would be right to take a wait and see approach. Equinox came closer to, but did not match or eclipse Deus’ strengths in single frequency modes and I’m sure they tried. We should not assume Deus 2 will eclipse an Equinoxes strengths quite yet. In fact it’s a bit early to even assume Deus 2 will retain all of Deus 1 strengths. There’s a tightrope to be walked and compromises to be made trying to be all things to all people in every detecting scenario. 
      Deus 2 underwater solution remains dodgy. The main advance comes in the form of the waterproof remote. Despite the repetition of “no cords” during the underwater promo, use of an antenna is still necessary, and we can debate about whether an antenna of this nature constitutes a “cord.” The lack of forthrightness here knocked my trust down a couple notches as it was perfectly clear the company intentionally created a buzz implying they had made a breakthrough here they actually had not. The fact however remains that a robust and secured cord remains the best solution for submersion underwater. Wireless solutions still do not exist and has not in fact been achieved for underwater metal detecting.
      Coil selection. Although Equinox coil selection is not what it could be if opened up to more 3rd party players, the coil selection at present is sufficient to cover a wider range of scenarios with 6” round, 5”x10, 11” round, 9”x14”, 12”x15” and 15” round selections. If the Deus 1 is any indication the wider selection here will always be the case. 
      Save $650. Not an insignificant amount of money that could be spent on other detecting items (even an ORX).
      Honestly, I couldn’t come up with very much and reason 2 is a bit like throwing stones in a glass house. XP Deus 2 looks pretty good, and so it just remains to be seen if it truly is all it claims to be. What reasons can you think of to hold onto your equinox 800?
    • By NCtoad
      I just posted in the nokta forum what I’d be willing to pay for a new detector.  My absolute limit is $2000. What’s yours?
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