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Some Of My First Finds In Northern Canada.

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Nice to be here. Thanks for the warm welcomes.

It's good to hear positive reviews of the Coiltek coils. I've been eyeballing one for awhile.

I was lucky to get my hands on a 600 this summer for a very good price. I stumbled upon the Cabela's Canada website where they were blowing them out at a price of $600.00 CDN (about $450.00 US), with free shipping. There were 2 left in Edmonton, so I grabbed one right away.

I also bought a Garrett Propointer AT from Canadian Treasure Seekers in Ontario for a very good price (with free shipping).

I find the pinpointer to be a very valuable tool. Coins give a distinctly "tight" signal as opposed to the broader signals of the bullet casings and older bottle caps that sometimes appear.

I like the way the 600 signals a coin, with its steady readings as I do a 90 degree sweep over a target.

Between the 600 and the pinpointer, I rarely dig up any junk.

I've locate some historic sites on public land in a small village nearby. I can't wait to explore them this weekend.



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23 hours ago, schoolofhardNox said:

Is that a Master Hunter? I had one of those for a couple of days. Never clicked with it, so it went back to Kellyco.  The Equinox is a good machine. It has a lot of pluses but some minuses as well. But it does work well.

Yup. A 1984 Master Hunter 7 Olympic Limited Edition. It came with the owner's manual, 4 inch coil, and 12 inch coil. It actual works very well, but tends to respond to a bottle caps a lot. Still, it detected a 1918 10 cent piece at 6 inches using the large coil. It's ponderously heavy and it uses several 9 volt batteries, but I like to drag it out now and then for some old-school moments. 🙂

Check out the price in 1984!!




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49 minutes ago, canslawhero said:

you should be able to find silver dimes deeper than 6".

Didn't he say it was "on edge"?  Big difference there, at least with the Equinox.  And then there's the ground mineralization issue which should always taken into consideration.

Welcome, fogrider!  Nice finds, including the 1980's Garrett.  Often batteries get left in those closet queens (for years) and the acid eats away the terminals.  Does that model have self adjusting threshold (SAT)?  I have a late 70's Garrett Groundhog and it has to be retuned every minute or so -- very annoying now that I'm spoiled with modern detetors.  Still deep, though, in all metal mode that is.

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Welcome to the forum and glad your back into the game. I started on an old coinmaster and bailed on the hobby for a while and wish I didn't. I got back into it in my 30's. The 600 is a very capable machine and should cover most of your bases. All I can say is play with the settings once you figure it out, It has a lot of hidden tricks. I do pretty well in 5khz and almost alway's run in single freq. Your finds are awesome and I love that chauffeur badge, please keep them coming and good luck next time out!!!

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