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Do You Have A Four Legged Prospecting Buddy?

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My boy "Major". Sadly lost him to Lymphoma cancer 3 months ago. This picture is a day before we had to say goodbye. Been very lonely and miserable since hes been gone.  Decided we really need a dog in our home so have another one coming on the 12th of August. Not sure what to call him but have been thinking " Miner/Minor" Which sort of resonates with the name 'Major' and my hobby


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Mia, the prospecting Dog. To her detecting is just walkies all day long. Relegated to accompanying me here at home on our property since being tagged by a snake in 2017 then 2 weeks later getting smac

This is Elvis. She was the best mate I ever had. Broke my heart when I had to shoot her after she got bit by a dirty big Mulga snake. Was the hardest bullet I've ever fired.

Billy The Kid, my current prospecting dog, where it is safe to take him.

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On 7/18/2019 at 8:54 PM, rexhavoc said:

This is my prospecting dog Dasha, yesterday. After detecting a good spot she often helps by dropping big yellow nuggets in my pan. Now if I could only adjust her discrimination for sticks and tennis balls....


Hey Jon, How goes the battle? hope you're finding some gold up there on the NSR!


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5 hours ago, strick said:

This is the most spoiled detecting dog there is.

I thought mine was but after viewing the photos, Buddy gets a 10 but please plead with him not to tell my Billy I gave him a ten.

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phrunt I think most of us agree with you. Steve really hit the nail on the head with this post of his. ?

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2 hours ago, phrunt said:

This pooch thread is a doozy, I'd like to put a like on every post but I just don't have them to spare ?  So for everyone that's posted a photo of their little best buddy, even though you may not yet have a like from me, I do like your posts ?

Although to keep the site so it's not adults only I think strick needs to modify his post :laugh:



Yea I'm totally out of likes too.. so heres a smiley face for all the dog lovers :smile: 


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Peety and Milo.  Peety is an American Bulldog (black and white) 108 pounds biggest lap dog we ever had.  Milo is heinz 57 but the best watch dog we ever had.   





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Hi all great topic, you have seen Lola before as a pup she is now 3 years old and a beautiful dog.

Pick was taken yesterday at Nerina Victoria we both got a bit wet but did mangage a point 02 for our trouble.

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On ‎8‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 9:52 AM, Steve Herschbach said:

Catching up, here is my last real prospecting pup. Kirby, another fine Golden. I was making the transition from real photography to the brand new digital at the time, and so my photos of him in the field are mostly grainy little pictures. He was there with me in some miserable weather and took it like the trooper he was.

Kirby with me at Mills Creek, Alaska in October, 1999...


And in all his Golden Retriever glory. Rest in peace buddy!


Hi Steve

 He had a great coat. Would have been great in the snowy conditions keeping him and yourself warm.

A mate of mine had a golden retriever and she was the most obedient and loyal dog I have ever Known.

Over here in Oz in public places we have to keep our dogs on a lead and under control at all times. My mate never had his dog on a lead and the rangers would time and time again would stop him to question him about his dog not on a lead and go to issue him a fine. He would demonstrate complete control and obedience with her and would get off scott free every time.

I recon she could understand English.

She was a very intelligent and loving to everyone

Just a couple of questions Steve

Did you first like the breed of dog because of the word gold in its name ?

Did he retrieve much gold ?

Cheers Ozgold

Edited by ozgold
lost text, Had to write it again
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