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3 pair heavy drawers ... haha

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Aw, you beat me to it, Phrunt! The old boys must've hauled in barrels full of boot tacks to the gold fields.

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I would upgrade some supply amounts.

100 lbs of coffee (without this amount I would get a little angry)

2 coffee mills and boilers (just in case of a failure) That would be bad!!!

Soap!!!! who in the hell needs soap????

4 tents (I'm not bunking with 4 dirty miners in one tent)

1 Gun ???  Gonna need one for each hip, a shotgun and a shit load of ammo!!!!

Brandy??? who in gods name drinks brandy???  WHISKEY it shall be, and 50 gals.

Beans, Beans and more Beans. Good for your heart the more you eat the more you fart.

30 lbs of salt??? That will give you high blood pressure!!!!!

4 pair mackinaw blankets (not fond of the cold)

As for the heavy drawers I'm not sure what that means, Sounds warm though, I'm all in

What in the hell would you use a silk Handkerchief for??? Anyone know???

Nails, we need more nails!!! A lot of stuff needs fixed here!!!!

Last but not least is a GPZ 7000 or an 1860's equivalent.

OH and if you want to model the heavy drawers for us here at DP, I'm sure we would all entertain that train wreck Ha Ha Ha 








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1 hour ago, dogodog said:

What in the hell would you use a silk Handkerchief for??? Anyone know???

In this Covid-19 era you have to ask that?  (OK, maybe cotton would be better for them and us.)  Heck, just walking down the street of those shanty-towns was a risk to the lungs of a healthy 20 year-old.



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Compared to those Argonauts of times past, we modern-day gold-seekers are just a bunch of puny wimps. Myself included. 

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8 hours ago, Sourdough Scott said:

Wondering what did we leave off the list?


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How the hell does does 400 lbs of bacon keep for 6 months??   😳

And how do they fit all of that in 1 wagon?  

Quite the preparation.   

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      Anyone who is into metal detecting knows what its like to pack your vehicle for a day in the field or at the beach. This is what my SUV looked like...and that was on a very organized day!

      Two detectors, a shovel, a sand scoop, equipment bag and cooler
      Not much room left for Miss Mary's suitcase or art equipment when she goes along. Not much usable space for anything else really except for a small area behind the passenger seat. I'm sure everyone has their own version of this load plan but you know the deal.
      There had to be a better way. I experimented with different ideas that worked to some level of success but none that fit the primary Cavalry Principle of KISS. I wanted a system that was portable, i.e. easily and quickly installed in and removed from my SUV. It had to be solid and stable with some heft so my detectors could ride safe and sound without tipping over or sliding around back there. Secure vertical stacking seemed to be the solution for me. The question was how to do it.
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      Did the Install just prior to the lockdown, ( cannot travel to Vic or WA) so have not used it yet.

      If you have a 4x4 and detect with a fem or if your Campervan is not fitted out with an inside shower/loo this item may be worth thinking about.

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      Which size and type of backpacks do you all use to hike in for panning?
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      I know the sun is probably just coming up in the States, but it's nearly set in most of Oz. 
      What prospecting gear did you receive this year?  Anything else that was interesting?  Was it what you wanted?  
      Me?  Got a few small items but none of it for detecting.  Best thing was a torch holder that locks onto the bottom of a barrel via a magnet.  Top little addition to the fox hunting arsenal.  May have purchased it myself and popped it under the tree   
      Interested to see what others got. 
      Merry Christmas. 
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