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Equinox Solid Skid Plate


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4 hours ago, phrunt said:

I used my Equinox a lot in longer grass

I agree that it is hard to hunt properly in long grass when it is constantly getting caught in the spokes of the coil.

Thanks for the information about the plate.

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Maybe NF will embarrass ML into doing things they should have done a long time ago....  Nah.

Closed coils have their place, particularly in native gold detecting.  I'm surprised no one has come up with a closed cover for the top of open coils.  Mars doesn't make coil covers (AFAIK) for their aftermarket coils, claiming the housings are so tough they don't need them.  But that ignores the problem addressed in this thread -- sweeping over difficult terrain or vegetation.  I made a polycarbonate lower cover plate for my 6"x10" Mars Sniper and then used duct tape to cover the top.  Klugy but it works.

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There should be some type of 'do it yourself' kit that lets you heat the material (without coil) in an oven, wrap it around your object (coil) and then trim it to fit.  An alternate kit could be something that cures due to a chemical reaction and when set it servers our purposes.

Are there such kits for plumbing or roof repairs already?

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Well you could...219336496_images(2).jpeg.63cd571bd0b70083d3512a42f3614fdb.jpeg


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I just silicone on a piece of 1.5mm lexan cut to 5mm larger than the coil size and you wont ever have to replace it.

Lexan or pollycarbonate sheet is way harder wearing than any off the shelf skid plates

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3 hours ago, Gold Hound said:

I just silicone on a piece of 1.5mm lexan...

I'm 0 for 2 with silicone and 0 for 1 with PC-11 epoxy.  Neither has seemed to really stick (long term) to either the injection molded Eqx 6" skid plate or the polycarbonate.  (Note, I'm attaching mine to the skid plate, not the coil itself.)  Also I used half the thickness of polycarb that you did (i.e. 1/32" = 0.8 mm).  Too flexible?  (Pretty sure Steve H. used same thickness as I did.)  I have other epoxies that I can try.  The PC-11 in particular seemed pretty brittle after this came apart (3rd try).  But silicone is just the opposite.

How many hours in the field do you have on your silicone+polycarb setup?

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