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Question To Legend Users!

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Hello all...

As we are working on the next update, please list the items you would like to be added / changed in the Legend (NO NEED TO MENTION IRON BIAS AS THAT IS ALREADY PART OF THE LIST). You can also list any accessory requests.

Once we gather this information, we will focus on those that are requested by the majority of users (not limited to this forum) and will try our best to give them to our valued users.


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Hi Dilek your company is amazing listening to its users, thank-you. I have 1 request, an easy way to reset the detector back to factory defaults without having to reset every user profile. That would be an Awesome Update...I use this on my Nox and normally factory reset before each hunt.

thanks unox


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I hope I explain my request so you understand

I would like the Threshold in all modes to be like it is in the Gold field Mode but still be able to shut the threshold off when i do not want to listen to a mosquito buzz.

the threshold in the Park, and Field mode are strange have not checked in beach mode as I do not hunt beaches, and by strange I mean when you attempt to adjust the level of threshold from low to high it is to low and you can make out nothing and when you try to increase the level it is the same until you hit 12 and then it is to loud, it needs to be a steady increase as you go up and get audibly louder as you increase in level, unless I am misunderstanding how it is supposed to work in those programs, again in gold field mode it seems more correct, and more like I am accustomed to.

If I am miss understanding how the threshold is supposed to be in the park,field and beach modes please feel free to explain the way it is supposed to work in the modes I have mentioned

Thank you Dilek for asking for our input loving my Legend

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As above, especially the Threshold issue. I think that is related to the supplied Bluetooth headphone settings because the Threshold seems to work as intended thru the external speaker.


 Please consider adding a VCO option for the various tone choices, at least for 2 tone.

A mineralization meter, at least displayed while Ground Balancing.

An added mode that mirrors Gold Field but using a lower kHz weighted Multi for Relic hunting.

Mid size (7-8") Concentric coil.

LG 24 coil.

So far The Legend is going great.

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Hi Dilek,


Thanks for all that you do. I think NM nailed it with the Legend. Great build quality, great performance, and a great price.

My wish list consists of:

Make it easier to discern which feature group is selected in the settings menu. Perhaps the selected grouping could be highlighted, or the square filled in with a light gray, so it is easily differentiated from the other boxes (selections). My eyes aren't what they used to be, and it is difficult for me to tell which box has been selected. 

Mineralization meter - displayed while ground balancing would be great.

I like the idea of a VCO option (tones) as well.

Mid-size (7" - 8") concentric coil.

Wireless (bluetooth) lightweight (summer use) headphones or ear plugs. In the case of ear plugs, I'd prefer the kind that hangs over the ear. 

Coils that are already in development (9 inch and 5X9).

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Make the threshold tone in all modes be able to blank/null on targets with IDs that are discriminated out by a preset or custom discrimination pattern. 

Add a mineralization meter either in a timed out window or as a button feature. 

Keep up the great work and thanks for asking for our input. 

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Just the settings icons more visible 

perhaps a low value light that comes on when you push the settings button and goes off when you exit the settings menu would help

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Inline pinpointer as discussed on another Legend thread here.

A closed loop elliptical DD coil.

Ground mineralization meter

One thing that Minelad did was make an updater that was also supposed to be able to be used to create your custom programs as well.  A bug free, more USB friendly updater/program customization application would be terrific!

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Hello Dilek,

No response via email, so I’ll try here.

First off, my Legend has performed very well in the surf/dry sand, and dirt after 2 outings. Three gold pieces thus far (broken ring, earring, pendant). Quarters and dimes very consistent. Ferro check, awesome!!! I cannot think of any new updates at this time.

Main issue I have is with the aluminum middle rod and lever lock. It does not hold well in the surf, slips apart when water rushes by and pulls on the coil. (Hawaii) It’s happens twice now. I’m 6’ tall, so after extending the shaft I’m left with about 2-3” overlap. I think the LONGER MIDDLE ROD you offer would help with this problem, but I cannot locate anyone who sells it in the USA.

Help Please

PS, Also wanted to mention the hollow/open coil spokes get packed with sand making the coil heavy (opposite of lightweight intended design)

Thank You

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