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    Well......what a day, I started off this morning at 5 am to head off to a Civil war site. I found the usual relics, lead, percussion caps, but, got tired of not digging and high conductive targets. The first picture is from the Civil war site. I decided to call it a day around noon and headed home to get some things done around the house. As I drove thru town I saw a front end loader and a pile of asphalt at the old zoo. I quickly did a u-turn and drove back to see what was happening, what a beautiful site, 75% of the parking lot had been striped of the asphalt. I was informed that the parking lot was paved back in 1984 and had been a dirt parking lot going back to when the guy was a kid and he assumed before that. The timing was perfect, just as I was ready to begin hunting the guys called it a day, gotta love city workers I started my hunt around 2:00 and hunted until 8:00 pm. I began finding coins within seconds of turning my machine on and hunted until I ran out of light and gas. They didn't cut all the asphalt out completely, so, I had to use my prospectors pick to chisel thru a layer of asphalt and gravel. And of course halfway thru the hunt, my pick decided to crap out on me, so I had to skip all but solid hits until I could get my pick repaired. I'll go back tomorrow after work and chase all the stuff I left behind today and there was a bunch of it 🙂 I'm a firm believer in the depth ability of Nox after today, I have never dug great sounding targets at theses depths until today. I was getting CTX like depths with positive ID's and strong repeatable tones and only running sensitivity at 18. Most of the silver and copper was 6-10" deep and I had no doubt I was digging either copper or silver coins. The 2 nickles hit at 25-27 VDI , which was a good thing, otherwise I wouldn't have gone after them. The only thing I can attribute the depth to today was the fact I was running my recovery speed at 4 instead of 6 like I normally do. My settings were as follows: Park 1 Ground balance 0 Iron bias 0 Recovery speed 4 Sens 18 Tone break -9 to +16, just because of the urgency of the hunt and the digging conditions, I'll drop it down to -9 to + 10 tomorrow No disc 2 tones I found a nice variety of coins and some I have not identified yet due to the crust on most of them. I ended up with: 6- Mercs 1-Barber 1- Washington 1-Walker 1-Rosie 1-Mexcian dime 2-Silver war nickles 2-tokens..1-trade...1 Tax 1-WW2 Eagle coat button I'm not sure how many Wheats, or what all was dug yet, cleaning in process. I'll post a pic after I get everything as clean as possible. It was by far my best silver day so far, I'm sure there is as many left as I took out still waiting to be rescued! Thanks for looking.
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    Ganes Creek ran for ten years as a pay-to-mine operation - there are several more Ganes Creek stories on the website about the place. Over 1000 ounces of gold nuggets and specimens found by visitors in that ten years including several nuggets weighing over a pound! Our visit got the ball rolling and so was the start rather than the end. The scale of Ganes Creek commercial operations made the pay-to-mine pale by comparison. The last thing they were worried about was visitors finding too much gold. Just the opposite - when it got down to where people were having to work too hard for “too little gold” then the place got shut down. I don’t expect it will reopen to the public though commercial operations continue to this day. Between Ganes Creek and my own Moore Creek operation a “golden age” of nugget detecting was possible for visitors to Alaska. Opportunities still exist but nothing even close to what those two operations produced.
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    Hey everyone.... Here is an interesting dig. This weekend at my favorite lot site I picked up a signal bouncing between TID's 23 to 28. Never hit a 29 or 30. It was not screaming at me like the Kennedy Half I got there recently. Since I pull a lot of rusted nails from this site, I thought this would be another nail or possibly a clad quarter. Low and behold, a 1945 Walker Half on edge 4-5" under a pine tree root. I slightly nicked the rim with my Lesche....bummer. I never would have ignored a signal like this but it sure fooled me. Settings: Park 1, 50 tones, 0 IB, 3 rec, 22 sens
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    Found this magician coin back in the fall of 2018, and wanted to share. Has a merc dime on one side and a wheat penny on the other. Still learning the MX Sport. Found it near a baseball field so I'm guessing some kid lost his dads coin. Would this qualify as my first silver or half silver?
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    if one was a beer connoisseur, which obviously no one is on here, one would know that XXXX is only to be consumed at 1-3 degrees C. Any warmer than that and it will taste like all the beer east of Kalgoorlie and south of Clermont.... Nasty, mexican swamp water....🤠
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    You are likely right about the coin Mark. I suspect however, that you are likely wrong about the Impulse AQ being too late. Here’s my thought on that. If it turns out that the statements which LE.JAG and others have made about depth on targets large and small and the quiet operation over all kinds of beaches which they have described is really there, then it will show quickly in the experiences of early users. If that sort of user experience doesn’t materialize, then it will be a problem. If it does however, it will be a case of “I hope you get one before your hunting buddies do”! Mind you - I am talking strictly about gold at the beach. What can be done about PI’s inland in terms of making good on the promise which the TDI never quite delivered on - that’s a whole different kettle of fish.
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    The best Aussie Factual Gold Hunting I ever watched was the last year the GoldHounds shot vid.. Too bad the necessity of needing to be a videographer as well as a juggler was cutting sooo deeply into their daily time with ear's on.. That plus considering as little wide angle terrain as they showed other's were still able to determine approx where they were, although I'm not quite sure how those others planned to gain access while still expecting to live to a ripe old age.. Be that as it may, those gents could find some hunka-chunka chunkies! I could easily digest X 44 minute shows a season of them @ hunt & recovery.. Swamp
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    This was my first PI machine. I was looking for a lightweight, affordable PI, and the TDI SL was high on my list. When I saw the SE model I researched the Miner John's folded mono coil it came with and really liked what I read about it. I contacted Digger Bob (Comstock Metal Detectors in Paradise CA) and met with him twice prior to purchasing. I am really happy with this detector, it is so easy to use that I was detecting within 5 minutes my first time out with it. It sees targets deep enough that I bought a bigger pick lol and it also found me my first detected gold nugget. I'm working in Northern CA, steep and brushy with soil mineralization's all over the place. The weight, maneuverability and the ability to deal with high soil mineralization/hot rocks has made this my "go to" detector.
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    They had it blocked off but they all know me so well, they had no problem with me going in. 😎
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    I bet your good wishes will help....I have been in AZ Stanton Camp (what a place) and found everything but gold. I know one of these days.....attached a picture of my AZ finds and the grandsons of the original owner of the burro shoe....JW you are so right can't beat Joe's coffee and the good chats before we go to sleep in the tent. For me a night in a tent can't be beat by any hotel.
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    Hey JW, I see your giving the X-Coils a go. This is the full range of round X-Coils, 10" and 12" then the 15" and the 17" I have a brand new 10" the latest model I will be giving it a good go very soon. cheers dave
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    Hey I have been meaning to do up some Youtube videos for a while and this last weekend I was talking with Shannon Poe of AMRA at the Portland Oregon GPAA Gold Show and he suggested I video the whole presentation. Well, I had no video stuff with me, but I figured I could do the same presentation on a screen capture at home. In fact I’ve decided to do up all the presentations I give to various prospecting and rock hound clubs as well as the ones I do for the GPAA. I’ve got four done so far but more are coming and as soon as the weather improves I am going to do some live action instructional videos as well on all sorts of prospecting topics. In addition to some other videos I am planning, Bill Southern is going to come up this way to the California gold country this summer and we will do together a series of prospecting videos. Most of them will be on Bill’s channel, but some will be for my channel as well. So if you want to see all of what I have coming, be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell and YouTube will let you know when I publish something. In the mean time as I have 4 new ones for you to take a look at: How To Find Gold – Improving Your Prospecting Skills Nugget Detecting Success How To Stake Your Own Mining Claim Dry Washing For Gold
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    Reminds me of an old joke...looking for love in all the wrong places... Anyway, many of us, especially me, have been there, Phrunt!
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    Ok.. gotta throw mine in too... this is from Steve Herschbach, Jeff Reed and myself. I think this was our first trip in there(?) Maybe you'd remember Steve.
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    Found this next to a fence in a local ball field about 8-10" down. It rang in as silver and has no tarnish so I am guessing it is pretty pure. Back has no maker marks and shows a small pebble finish so it was originally sand cast or delft clay. The symmetry isn't perfect so it was hand made or at least the original pattern was. Anyone have any info they may know on this such as approx. age etc? The jump ring is iron, wild guess is it may had had a leather cord.
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    Recirculating Sluice Testing a Recirculating Sluice and the April Update on what we have going on . Sneak peek at our next video !!!! Hope you enjoy the video, Jeff
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    jackpot! I'm always keeping my eyes open for stuff like that. Here in California they will fence off some of the areas as soon as they start working on it. strick
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    Me too, I hate to see them go under. Their machines have a superior audio function to say the least. When I had the Vaquero I could actually tell when the detector had found a pencil eraser metal tip. Amazing the clarity of the audio reports on the Tesoro machines.
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    Rumor has it they filed for bankruptcy and if so that could mean they are shaking debt and reorganizing or shutting down. Only ones that really know is the Giffords and would be nice if they just posted something on their site. My hunch might be re-organizing but I'm being hopeful.
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    Fantastic! Keep us posted on your next hunt results at that location.
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    I have checked in on this thread whilst at work today and had time to ponder. It's been a hard day 😉 There is a possibility that all the gold is gone. It was only shallow and the GPX got it all. But based on Steve H, JP, KiwiJW and heaps of others writing over time how the GPZ re-ignited patches that they felt were dead and buried - it seems unlikely that your little patch has flat-lined just yet. This quote intrigues me. These bits are supposed to be the domain of the Z (or an SDC)! These are the same bits that the GPX series supposedly struggle on. So that just brings me back to the feeling that something is not right with the settings or some part of the set-up. If heading back to this same spot I would use: Ground Mode - Normal (as long as it is usable). Gold Mode - High Yield. Threshold - 27 ish. Sensitivity - only take it to a point where it is just starting to get unstable and then go back 1 setting. I do understand that running hotter can also be advantageous and Steve H has outlined his insanely hot settings and Kiwi gets away with them too (and I've used these to clean out patches of tiny bits). But just to start, this is where I would go and allow myself to listen for the tiniest change to that flat line threshold - rather than trying to listen for the 1 dollar coin in a tumble dryer full of 5 cent pieces 🤣 Volume - about 8. Volume Limit - about 10. Audio Smoothing - Off. Ground Balance - Semi - auto. I know you also mentioned here and in your email that you tried Extra Deep. From the GPZ manual - Extra Deep This setting is specifically designed for searching for deeply buried nuggets. Large, deep nuggets (typically ≥ 50 grams) produce complex and subtle audio responses, so this setting should only be used by skilled operators. Shallow targets may be missed with this setting when compared to the ‘High Yield’ or ‘General’ settings. This setting is not recommended for general use. The bold bits make me think 3 things. You mentioned that you reckon the run of gold is shallow. So maybe not the best mode. A good mode for nuggets bigger than 50 grams (wouldn't that be sweet!). Has this patch produced anything near that range or bigger? Complex and subtle audio responses - may be getting masked by the hot settings background noise? Lastly, I would take the SP01 out of the equation for a bit. This is in no way a slight at Pat or Nenad. Regardless of brand I would suggest the same thing. It is a matter of eliminating possibilities where something might be falling down. Maybe the filter choice is not right, maybe the SP01 is faulty, maybe the WM12 is faulty, maybe there are battery issues, connections, etc. I would just go back to the basic set-up and see what happens. Boosters can be great but the basic Z and WM12 combo works pretty well too. Most importantly, don't give up on the GPZ yet. It may be an ergonomic nightmare, have limited coil choice and be the price of a small car but it is an awesome gold finding machine and if I knew I had the time and the disposable cash I would have mine back in a heartbeat 😊 I hope something in all that dribble helps you to find the yellow stuff 😉
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    Not wrong there SP. My late mate Jim Stewart used to consume vast quantities of VB. They don't call it "Green Death" for nothing - - - Coopers Premium my favourite atm. Sorry Mitch, off topic. I'm easily sidetracked by the mere mention of beer - - :)
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    G'day Simon, I will know soon if it runs better than the 10x9, it has only just arrived and they tell me it runs better, other than that its now round instead of a slight elliptical shape 😉 , and I do know that the 10" is made from slightly thicker plastic and it feels very sturdy, and the skid plate is also a bit thicker so it will last a lot longer. 👌 cheers dave
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    Or not think at all.... Procrastination is the thief of time. Hesitate....& you have lost. etc....etc.... Good luck out there JW
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    I don't use my ORX as a gold detector. It will find coins if you run your coil over them. Did not buy it for use as a gold machine. There isn't much of anything out there showing how it does on American Coins, that I agree with. Call me stupid but mine is going to be used as a general purpose unit. So far been happy with it, although I've not found a lot of good things with it yet. That's due to my horrible places to hunt. Will work on getting more areas until then I'm still in learning mode. Only have around 6 hrs time with it. It does have its advantages. In my hard hunted yard that has seen numerous detectors over the years I still managed to pull out some coins (clads). Still that is an accomplishment. It has also shown that it will find coins in iron or around garbage. It's a bit chatty and you will feel as if you're in a machine gun testing field but the ORX can and does pull good from bad if you understand it. The ground condition bars are also nice as it tells the story about how much the ground varies, no more guessing if your soil is bad or not. In time will learn even more about it as my schedule permits. I DO miss a depth meter. Just some kind of idea on depth would be nice. Pinpointing with the ORX is a bit odd but once you use it a few times it begins making sense. The feature where you can narrow it down during pinpointing is useful but a bit awkward. Would be nice if XP put some kind of update out to make things a bit more friendly.
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    Well rumour has it they put the XXXX factory on the Brisbane River so they could use the river water for making it to avoid paying the council water usage charges for the city water supply, could explain the taste :)
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    Once you pair with wireless phones, or plug in headphones, the speaker is disabled.
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    Extreme enjoyment. This might not seem like much but this small school (built in the late 30’s) has been hunted for over 10 years. With machines like the: Tesoro Tejon Garrett AT Pro White’s DFX, V3i Fisher F75 and LTD Minelab Etrac, and CTX 3030 And now the Equinox 800 Countless hours hunting from three guys including myself. Now I will say we’ve found some nice stuff from this site over the past 10 years and we all thought it was cleaned out but surprise, it’s not, yea I know they never are. But I was not expecting this many nickels and some over 6” deep. Then the silver nickel at maybe 5” and tilted to maybe a 45 degree angle. I will say this machine has a very good audio response but one has to listen and learn. I did the usual noise cancel and started off with park 1. I wasn’t really happy so I tried each of the park/field programs and ended back with park 1 with one change, I set the iron bias to 0. It didn’t take long and I knew this was the settings for the day. Numerous times I tried park 2 and the two field programs but it seemed like park 1 was the very best at both a good audio and stable ID on located buried targets. After a while I started wondering why these targets had been missed. Taking my time, I stared rotating around each target and I was quite amazed at how stable the audio/ID was. These were absolutely dig, dig signals, no doubts about it, with the exception of the silver nickel. If the silver had not given a double beep I might have walked away but I’m glad I didn’t. Well, toward the end of the hunt I purposely moved to the trashy area of the school and wow this machine, even with the 11” coil separates very well. I might add, the old Minelab wiggle I used with the Etac and explorer works with the Equinox too. Found a somewhat nice signal that I thought might be a nickel. Did the wiggle and marked the spot. Called my buddy over to check the spot. He gave no indication it could be a good target but at 5” comes another nickel (gave a solid ID of 13) and surrounded by heavy trash. Well, we had to leave and to be honest I felt sorry for him because he had not dug anything but trash. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I should buy the 6” coil and hit the trash again. Extremely satisfied user
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    This. The nox just seems to home in with the wiggle if you catch that good tone on your regular swing. I don't how many times I hear just a bit of a high tone and then go back to investigate while wiggling the coil and after a few seconds that signal gets clearer and clearer and I just know to dig.
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    A fair bit of the Tesoro website including the manuals can be accessed here http://tesoro.com/info/ But if you're really wanting to see the old site again you can view it all here https://web.archive.org/web/20180402132924/http://tesoro.com/
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    Where did you get that picture? It's supposed to be secret.
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    I'm in luck! I still have warranty until May! I have sent the unit in for repair. Minelab customer service is Awesome!!! They have helped me so much over the years and all I have ever paid is shipping. Minelabber for life.
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    Now that would make the 'ol ticker skip a few beats! What an incredible find!
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    Reg W, Phrunt and Steve; I am certainly very real.
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    Ha, yep that would be best I guess it’s just that I was having fun trying 😊 and at least my 12v volt recirculating set-up will work good for what I need I think. Most times I drag a bunch of river stuff out hunting and wind up spending all my time swinging the zed and never do any panning or sluicing, this year I might change things up a little.
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    Gold and mineral dealers like Tony Fraser in Bendigo, Brian Lees in Colorado, Wayne Leicht of Kristalle in California and others who attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show on a regular basis know the market well. If I found a big nugget I would ask them but would also consider an auction. In the US, Heritage Auction would be a good starting point.
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    Seeing I'd need an Excavator to find gold like that I collaborated with Minelab to make the Minelab GPT 8000 It should be on the market before Christmas This is a photo of it being tested on a 20 ounce nugget. Working a treat. 🙂
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    Thanks for taking us along. Such beautiful country over there. Up in the high Sierras we have lots of over burden or duff as we call it. The Pine needles build up. Simon I see you are detecting barefoot...you may have Vanurse Paul beat with his flip flops . It's a shame how nice tin foil sounds some time. Thanks for the story fellas. strick
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    Got out again today with my Equinox 800. Did not find a lot of coins, but did pull 1942s wheat penny and 14k gold ring. Stones in ring tested as diamonds at least according to my diamond tester. I used my usual Park 1, with recovery speed lowered to 4. Ring came in at solid 12 at about 5-6 inches. Excellent day.
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    Nice nugget Bob! Ah, the good old days... from my last visit to Ganes Creek... 36 nuggets and 2.86 ounces total
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    Hi Gerry… I don’t own an Equinox but I think that you’re also asking what sort of items we normally expect to find if we dig signals that target ID generally in the screwcap range. That is to say the target ID range that lies between upper pulltab and zinc penny range. I dig all targets in the screwcap range because there are many unpredictable, interesting or unusual items within that conductive range. That’s not to say that we don’t find our share of trash such as aluminum junk and discarded screwcaps, costume jewelry including cheap plated rings, infrequent broken watches, knives and utensils, all damaged to some extent from years of exposure to ground moisture in concert with various soil chemistries. On the other hand, this target ID range produces commemorative tokens, the large Victoria, Edward VII and George V Canada One Cent coins, and our silver half-dimes. It also produces a variety of generally smaller sterling silver jewelry such as small silver rings, pendants and charms. We occasionally detect larger silver rings that fall into screwcap range because they have become disconnected where originally sized to one’s finger. Of course other valuables such as gold rings do occasionally surface, but these are a far more rare occurrence in that particular target ID range. I’ve doubtless not mentioned many other items that fit into the screwcap range. Thanks for a nifty, interesting thread Gerry.
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    I always thought jewelry gold was a nugget big enough to drill a hole in and put on your finger. I guess now I have to rethink that but Fred has warned me about thinking too much.
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    Be nice if they posted something on their home page on what is going on. They had so many loyal customers they just walked away from. Certainly not how I would do business.
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    Congratulations Simon, good job on the ring return!
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    I think the price drop is because of competition and their price points. $799 for a GM-1000 with 2 coils and $699 for a new 24K with 2 coils certainly is shaking things up a little. The GB-2 will certainly go down in history as one of my all time favorites though. My last 1+ pounder was recovered with a GB-2.
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    Well, the T2 has no ability to save settings, and so it does come on in factory default settings every time you power up. That is not the same as doing a factory reset however, and so while you will not see any settings revert on the T2 when doing a factory reset it is still not a bad idea.
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    Unless you are looking for a new pulse induction beach detector there appears to be little chance of anything else happening this year. From this thread about the new pulse induction detector in the works: ”Yes, there is a new PI in the works, that is no secret. It's not on my bench, rather it's designed by our guy in France, Alexandre. The electronics are done, we're just trying to get a decent (& waterproof) mechanical enclosure designed for it. At FTP, that's not a fast process, but neither is anything else we do. Spring is out; Summer is highly unlikely; Fall, maybe. No promises.” Carl Moreland, First Texas I am interested in one of these myself and hope they make it out the door before December. If not, no worries, there is always next year. There are new coin and gold type detectors in the works and have been for some time, but no hint that they will show before next year. We can always hope they will surprise us though - fingers crossed!
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