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Late 1850's Military Camp Relics And Gold

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That is really great stuff.  I'm glad that you do the research and know what you are finding.

Years ago, when looking for gold in remote places I know I found objects that would be clues for the right people who hunt relics, but they didn't mean anything much to me.  I wonder how often a detectorist stumbles across a site without a real clue what they've found?

Was it a mining camp?  A stagecoach camp?  A calvary camp?  A railroad camp?  Hunting camp?  Trading camp?  When you layer over the top of it all the hunting and farming activity over the top you really need to know your history in order to know what you are finding.  Sometimes we don't have a clue!

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Great research and some hard work at the sites to find everything that you came up with.

Glad to see you make some very nice finds on the coins. I would be very happy to give you triple of their face value and pay for the postage.

Good luck and good hunting, stay safe out there.

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