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Who Makes The X-coils? Who Sells Them?

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12 hours ago, Norvic said:

Who cares, if some think we are in X coils pocket as long as our pockets have weight. Really there is no debate, reviews are peoples opinion, some negative some positive. But if a private individual makes a review, respect it, accept it as their opinion with no agenda just the way they see it, it is not a debate, there is no need to attack the private individual for giving his honest appraisal.

Firstly that is not what DP is about, I`ve been here long enough to respect that, this is the one forum that frowns on disrespect, that principle puts it way above most others.

Everyone has an agenda, the agenda can be as simple as sharing your gold finds or more sinister, that is the way of human nature and why most of us have a highly developed BS meter!

Human nature also does not like to hear the negative aspects of things especially if it puts a dampening on something you’ve hung your pride on like a new car, new boat, job, favourite metal detector or even God forbid a new coil (lets not even mention Politics here!!).

Now to keep on topic with this thread I was in contact with the manufacturer a few days ago and asked him a few questions about which coils are proving most popular for his orders here in Australia and his reply to me was interesting. Firstly by far and away the MOST supplied coils are the traditional wound DOD coils and not the Spiral wound ones and secondly most of the larger coils have been fitted with the mod to help prevent the ferrite noise which is a really good thing, thankfully he listened to my feedback on that issue (and obviously the importer took full advantage of that feedback as well!). Tradional wound coils are a LOT lighter than the Spiral wound coils so the impost of the Mod is not too detrimental.

What was most interesting was his comment about the performance feedback coming in from early adopters using these coils, he and I were very surprised by the performance comments because the traditional wound coils are not really any better performance wise than the Minelab coils except for size and shape, so he, and I agree, have put the improvements down to the size options difference. In all my testing the standard type wound coils didn’t seem much different other than the obvious electronic differences in favour of the ML coils (Saturation and touch sensitivity in General/Difficult differences and also not quite balancing out the Ferrite), there is however a very large and obvious difference in the weight which is a God send to users.

I still stand by all the comments I’ve made on this subject as inflamed as it got at times and hope that users can appreciate the negatives without any of use getting our prides too bent out of shape. 🤣



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I just think the X-coils are unlikely to get much if any dealer promotion as they aren't sold through traditional dealers.  They're relying on word of mouth from users.  Success using that method requires users like their coils and tell their friends and peers about them.  That's why I keep saying the more users the better, then a real good number of people can share their experience good or bad.

Minelab's answer to the X-coils maybe to make more coils, then it's a win for everybody.

That's a good post JP, but makes you wonder even more why Minelab never made them, especially when people were under the impression from early Minelab marketing that when they bought a GPZ that it would have a small coil option in the near future.

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“What was most interesting was his comment about the performance feedback coming in from early adopters using these coils, he and I were very surprised by the performance comments because the traditional wound coils are not really any better performance wise than the Minelab coils except for size and shape, so he, and I agree, have put the improvements down to the size options difference.”

^ Are these $1,000 coils? 🤔

Its also human nature to adhere to assumptive scepticism! We are buggers!

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2 hours ago, AussieDigs said:

^ Are these $1,000 coils? 🤔

GPZ coils are expensive, I guess everything GPZ is expensive... 🙂

Here is the price of the 19" Minelab coil



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We do have 'evidence' that some detectorists are finding gold on patches that had stopped producing.  That 'evidence' is compelling us to purchase no matter if the coil is 'proper' or 'improper' in its performance based upon all previous coils.  Surely some of this found gold was 'missed' gold because it was not swung over before but we also have to believe that some of the nuggets are now visible to these new coils and new settings just because it is different.

One just has to think of the doctor who told other doctors about the cure for stomach ulcers for many years before it was generally adopted that the cause was bacterial.  Now the treatments are largely antibiotics rather than antacids!  I also think of the Fosbury Flop when high jumping.  It changed high jumping forever in a way similar to what PI machines did for nugget hunting.  Z technology has taken nugget detecting down a different path also.

The fact that a new detector or a new coil makes nuggets visible in the 'right way' or the 'wrong way' is really a secondary concern to a purist like Norvic and perhaps Dolan Dave.  We just want more nuggets and meteorites and if we can get them from the wrong coil at the right time then we're a buyer.


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Going back in the 80s, I`d just spent a few very successful  days in deep (for that era) ground with a Dtek 14" Concentric on an A2B, anyway that night decided to attend the van parks nightly sit around the camp fire and share my opinion of this coil. Announced that I`d had good success with the newly purchased Dtek coil, was asked by one patronising individual to show or no believe, I just answered I don`t show. Said individual then started talking of his experiences and generally shouted me down. No skin off my nose as the weight in the pocket was real, but first and last time I bothered with such gatherings. 

It is for this reason I asked Steve a few weeks back to consider including coil reviews whether positive or negative in the Detector review database, to just simply allow people to judge quietly and as said before we are all over 12 thus can make our own minds up. I`ve given my opinions on the X coils as a private individual, each one I have once, Steve has removed the nuisance posts from my thread as I requested, because that is what DP is about, I`m happy with that, and will keep on reviewing on DP.

Whoops Jasong has replied, but I`ll send, keen as to see Jasongs review.

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I'm not about to argue with JP, I just ignore his posts

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Jason, what did you do with regards to fashioning a patch lead? 

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Since several people all seem determined to ignore several other people or variously have problems with what others are posting then read this...

How To Ignore Users On The Forum


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    • By kiwijw
      4 Sundays ago Simon & I headed off to an old haunt.

      Simon with his QED & me with the Zed & 10 x 9 X coil. I had been here once previously with the same set up & had got 8 bits of gold.

      This time the ground was quite moist from frost conditions & thawing out. So I liked my chances of getting some more as I always maintain that these moist conditions improve sensitivity & depth. I was running High Yield/Normal. Full max sensitivity of 20. Going extra slow, rubbing the ground & over areas I had got gold off before. It took a while to get a faint little hit on an old timers throw out pile.

      Down about 4 inches the signal had moved so I was convinced it wasn't going to be a pellet . Gosh...wasn't much bigger than one.

      Got another signal in the same throw out pile just above the first. I had flattened some grasses that were quite weak & folded down easily. Bang. Got a good hit.

      you will see the first dig to the lower left.
      Out popped this.

      Then above that dig I got another hit.


      So three bit in very short succession off this one pile.

      For no reason I flipped over this flat schist slab & bugger me, I got a signal

      A beautiful sweet mellow gold signal.

      And gold it was.
      Then on another old throw out pile I get another sweet little hit.

      Wasn't too deep but for the size of the gold I was stunned.

      Thats Gold Monster size gold.
      It didn't end there. On the same pile. A couple of scrapes.

      Another tiny bit

      On top of some schist bed rock another faint but positive signal.

      Another small bit of gold.


      Prior to this Simon's QED batteries had died. Bugger. Then I remembered that I had the GB2 & the Gold Monster back in my wagon, which wasn't too far away. So off Simon went & came back with the GM 1000. We then had a coffee & lunch break.
      My last bit for the day was down a bit of a gut. Notice Simon at the top waving the GM 1000. He didn't fair too well this day on the gold.

      I was surprised at the depth of this dig & the very good signal. Thinking it was going to be a reasonable piece.

      Wrong. But still gold. no catch & release.

      All up 11 pieces for 1.08 grams.

      Another successful X coil day out there on ground that had given up producing with the standard 14" Zed ML coil.  Loving these coils   Cheers.
      Best of luck out there
      JW 🤠
    • By Steve Herschbach
      It’s very nice that X Coil is getting a ton of free advertising via this forum but it appears I am the one getting the headache.  I have been doing the best I can to keep a lid on the dumpster fire, but now I am getting messages accusing me of somehow being biased simply for hosting the discussion.
      I was approached by the Russians early on but declined as it was easy for me to see it was going to be a can of worms. So I have no pony in this race. I think forum members deserve to hear all the pros and cons and I am not in a position to say who is right or who is wrong. My view is that I just try and keep it moderated as best I can and let forum members decide who and what they want to believe.
      davgold as a dealer obviously has an interest in the coils looking good. JP has brought up some issues but it seems some have problems with him doing that or the way he is doing it. I have a personal friend who has a bricked GPZ due to his attempt to use an X Coil. It’s not the first I have heard of either. You could perhaps say that his fault but really he knows his stuff so I am more inclined to say that there are risks that are real here. I can see pros and cons and am very loathe to shut down any one side.
      I am willing to keep trying my best to keep the ship on an even keel as long as the general forum members are learning anything of value. I am also just as willing to lock all the X Coil threads and ban new ones if people have had enough of it.
      Lest anyone think I am upset that’s not the case. Typical tempest in a teapot with people thinking metal detecting is some kind of life and death thing. But new members joining to pick sides and send me messages trying to shut one or the other side down will not work so give that up. I am only interested in what the longer term members think on this particular issue.
      I would like to here from longer term forum members that are involved in the threads to either give me some direction via this thread or PM me with their thoughts if that seems better. It may be that most people are fine and that would be good to know also. By most forum standards it’s pretty tame stuff but I am protective of the general forum membership and don’t want to assume I know what you all think. Thanks in advance for your help.
    • By Coota
      17 x 12 Spiral, pings tiny .1 gram bits no worries. Pain in the butt digging them but sometimes they lead to bigger and better chunks as was the case for me today. 76 grams at 18 inches, any detector would have heard it, same with the 6 gram bit. 14 gram bit was a different story, 20 inches down and very quite but definitely a dig me signal. With the X running so quiet it was no worries. A bloody pleasure to use, a complete contrast to my stock 14” which is so touch and knock sensitive, it’s had a hard life so maybe just worn out but it never ran as quite as the X.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Interesting. This new Youtube channel popped up recently for somebody calling themselves X Coils
      It appears to be Russian? and they appear to be working on coils for the GPZ. Here is a peek at the 12" x 10". Personally, that's a bit too similar to the stock coil to interest me - I would rather see a 10" x 8". Still, it's interesting that somebody has managed to make some coils that might work on the GPZ without blowing it up. This is one detector that I will have to let others gamble with first on this sort of thing but I knew you would all find it interesting.
      They also are showing a 16" round coil....
    • By Sourdough Scott
      Came across a post on Facebook, about this gentleman testing a few aftermarket coils. This really opened my eyes this morning. I was under the impression that the Minelab coils were chipped and no aftermarket coils could be used. If this was the case? Why did they wait so long? The smaller coil would suit my needs just perfectly.   http://golddetecting.forumotion.net/t26022-gpz-18-coil-test-report

    • By idahogold
      Hubby evens the Score! 😆Enjoy! Ig
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